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ucinc} oar mar* 




Published by the students 



Harrisonburg, Virginia 


7?^ v 

BETTY BROOME Editor-in-Chief 

GENA GANDER Business Manager 



7 his is the nay our campus looks from the planes that go over and (I i ji their nin^s to it girl-friend 
hover above the tennis courts . . . 

Jveu to ike campus 


Library Reed Wilson Maury Home 

Ho use 

B • * \"" 

i A.i 

ffr - • •' : < 

■ • ^ -- «M 






Johnston Sheldon Harrison Harrison 

. Inn ex 

Junior Spotswood Ashby Senior 

roar in our ears over Wilson or 

■* k . Br 

Calls is oar Of una Jnaher- 

( Hi, Alma Mater, to \\\\ name 
We'll ever faithful be, 
I. in learning's torch to brighter Flame, 
Shed 1 Conor's light on thee. 

Where mountain blue meets sunset glow, 
( >ur college stands serene, 
Willi passing years its friendships grow 
In memory ever green, 

Oh, Madison, may wisdom clear 
( iuide us and prosper thee. 
We give thee, Alma Mater dear, 
( >ur love and loyalty, 
< 'in |i n e and loyall \ . 

()Ye ate dedicating this SCHOOLMA'AM 1949 
to our faculty because they are so much a part of 
Madison College. As teachers and as friends, 
they are a part of the classrooms, of the club 
meetings, and of the social affairs. 

As freshmen we met this faculty first at the 
President's reception, and as seniors we talked 
with them together last at the President's garden 
party. In between, we became close friends over 
coffee in the Tea Room and on field trips back 
campus. Every Wednesday we sat with them in 
assembly; and every Sunday we sat with them 
in church. 

We are dedicating this book to the faculty 
because they have done their bit to make us "as 
cornerstones, polished after the similitude of a 
palace." They have taught us and helped us 
and loved us; and this is our small, but sincere 
"thank you." 

W hat would We do without our P. 0.? We pass through here twenty limes a day -On the way to 
store for notebook paper and Lux, and, always, into Box 687, V /]/. or Box 166, JO .... 




Within these pages is registered the 
pulse of Madison College. It is a pulse that 
is taken carefully and lovingly, so as not to 
break it with a touch, by students and fac- 
ulty members alike. It is the same pulse 
that beats in the trembling excitement of a 
new freshman and in the breath-held ex- 
pectation of the P. O. lobby; it is the pulse 
that is felt in the awe of a too-lovely Valley 
sunset and in the tear-filled heart of a 
graduating senior. 

Such is the spirit of Madison which we 
have tried to capture in pictures and write 
into letters — letters not to Bill from Sue, but 
letters to anyone "back home" from anyone 
at Madison who has known the relentless, 
yet satisfying pulse. 

meals from "the tunnel." to the book- 

In this book you will see the people of 

Working Together 

. . . from registration to 
the classrooms 

Living Together 

. . . the boys and girls and 
faculty members 

Joining Together 

... to be with others who like 
the same things we like 

Playing Together 

. . . when students and instructors 
meet in play 

Being Together 

. . . you haven't been to Madison 
unless you have — 


. . . the '49 pin-up personalities 
of Madison 

Wishing Together 

. . . around the Square 

We go from registration to the classrooms, and there we find the 
lifeblood of the college in our instructors. The teaching they do and the 
learning ive do is the primary reason for Madison College . . . 

Reed Hall — where we learn to play, to teach, and to solve the problems 
of the world . . . 

First we learn to play tennis 
indoors . . . 

Those strange sounds come from 
reciting language classes . . . 

Could this be "armchair 

Student teachers go to school and 
teach at the same time! 


Wilson Hall— 

To the casual passer-by it is the center 
of the college — the nucleus — the core of this 
institutional collection of buildings, of 
faculty, of students. This is Wilson Hall, 
our administration building . . . the place 
where the heart, the mainspring, of Madi- 
son College, lies. Here are the answers to 
"Why, and how does, and is Madison?" 
Here are the offices of our president, our 
dean, our treasurer, and our registrar — each 
a vital part of the college itself. 

And to most of the students it is the 
building of classrooms, of English tests and 
art lessons and biology and anatomy and 
psychology; to the dramatics students — the 
auditorium and "All the world's a stage 
. . ." — to the music students — the rich mel- 
low tones of the organ. 

And still it stands, a majestic centerpiece 
on a green table of campus . . . 

— Reprint from The Breeze 

'"Students are to attend Monday 
and Wednesday assemblies . . ." 

We learn about the frog from 
real frogs in the biology lab . . . 


And we learn about footnotes by making 
millions of them in English class . . . 

And. then, some of us learn to 
draw in art class . . . 



Harrison Hall — 

Our own Carnegie Hall 


It e Irani to appreciate our musu 

in music class . . . 

Piano students might call the 
"practice rooms" home . . . 

How many of us hare eaves- 
dropped on a voice lesson? 

Our lore of music spreads to tin 
recording, studio in tt ilson Hall. . . 



Horn? Management House — home to the seniors in home economics, and, 
to the rest of us the place to which we hope to be invited for a meal 


The girls learn to hake — without 
burning bread or fingers . . . 

Home economics majors are known 
by the clothes they make . . . 


Our chemistry experiments don't blow 
up Maury, but there's often smoke . . . 

"Current events" in physics are 
major topics in the lab . . . 


The Library 


source of freshman term papers and senior reading lists 
and budding romances in between . . . 

The library becomes a laboratory for 
students of library science . . . 

Business students learn their business 
in the library basement . . . 

II <■ settle down to study in the 

reserve room . . . 

Hut how easy it is to drift to the 
magazines upstairs . . . 


You will meet here the people of Madison College. They are the boys 
and girls and faculty members among whom we study in class, behind 
whom we stand in the P. O. line, with whom we carry on polite conver- 
sation over teacups . . . 


\\ c went to showers and had our annual pictures taken in Senior Hall, 
and some of us vailed it home . . . 

Moving-Up Day in chapel came, but this time we moved out 
instead of up . . . 


~~ ^Jortif -(yxiners [Jlno LjoaL 

fune, 1949 

Dear Bil 

I guess reminiscing is characteristic of the members of the SENK >R CLASS, 
for suddenly I find the past four years I have spent here at Madison all crowding 
into a few minutes. With a little ache somewhere down deep inside me, I recall 
jaunts down town for supper; bridge parties; feasts after lights out; phone calls 
and boxes from home; Saturday night movies; and even fire drills in the middle 
of the night when we all piled out half asleep with gooey faces and put-up hair. 
Perhaps they are silly little things to remember, Hill, hut 1 guess the little things 
are the most important after all, for they seem to pull at your heart strings and 
tie them very tightly to places and things. 

My first days at Madison are like a dream now. I seem to remember some- 
thing about rain and lines of people. There were lots of both. Gosh, Hill, we were 
mighty green! Hut it wasn't long before we were holding our own with upper- 
classmen, for it was Jane Grant, a freshman, who won the open tennis tourna- 
ment that year. Beauty was also discovered among us in the person of Jackie 
Hodnett, New-Girl Bride. Originality and cleverness were not lacking in our 
Freshman Class either. Proof of this is found in a term paper, entitled "From 
Pantaloons to Scanties," written by a Freshman. Our blackface class night was 
other tangible proof of unique talent, the leading character being a chicken thief. 
Mr. and Mrs. Partlow and Ben proved their "mettle" that year too, for we were 
thoroughly convinced we couldn't have choseri better sponsors fir mascot. 

And then it was June . . . 

We, like all Sophomores, suffered from some sort of a complex — definitely 
not an inferior one, though, for we set out to do big things that year. Much 
credit goes to Marianna Howard, our class president, for the recreation room 
that was set up in Ash by Gym, a project that is now inherited by each successive 
sophomore class. 

Two important things were introduced 
on campus that year, too — men students and 
an honor system. The honor system made 
us a little more aware of our sense of honor 
and the men made us a little more aware of 
our dress and appearance. Early sprint; 
found us in traditional blackface for class 
night at Harlem University. 

And then it was June . . . 

Junior year was ushered in with a flour- 
ish as skirts get longer and longer. Betty 
Weller presided over us that year as we 
entertained at tea for the Westhampton bas- 
ketball team and at luncheon for Madame 
Silvercruz, our class day speaker. Class 
night program was again done in blackface, 
with skits of famous men in history. 

Then a big thrill came to us when we 

nominated and elected major officers. They 

were all such grand girls — our girls — that 

it was hard to choose between them. With 

MYRA FENSTEE.WALD the excitement of elections past, it wasn't 



SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS. First row\ J. Tysinger, secretary; F. Weeks, vice-president; 

M. Fensterwald, president; M. Eggborn, treasurer. 

Second row: Ben Partlow, Jr., mascot; Mrs. Partlow, Mr. Partlow, advisors; X. Carter, 

scrijcant-at-arms ; J. Snowden, reporter; M. Holland, business manager 

long until we found ourselves in the midst of moving-up exercises, soon to be 
Seniors ! 

And then it was June . . . 

September, for some of us Seniors, meant student teaching or Home Manage- 
ment House, but for everyone it meant stacks of books to be read and papers to 
be written. And this year we got not only a new Senior banner, but a new Senior 
president, Biddy Fensterwald. 

Capping and gowning was entered into with great ceremony, but the real 
thrill came when we marched into the auditorium in those academic robes on 
class day. That night we Forty-Niners centered our program around the Gold 

May brought May Day and you remember, Bill, what a lovely May Court 
our girls made, and what a good time we had at the May Day Dance thai night. 
That reminds me, will you he able to come up for graduation dance.'' 1 know this 
is a busy time for you too, but 1 do hope you can slip away. 

Now thai graduation's here, Bill, I'm not so sure I want to leave. I always 
thought it was sort of silly and sentimental to go soft at the sound oi the "Alma 
Mater," but the other day in assembly when we were singing my throat actually 
closed up and I couldn't see a thing. 1 guess I must have the graduation blues 

Now it is June. 







Belt Rett, Goosie, Marianna, and Em . . . 

^Seniors are listed alphabetically, with picture page number, in the Senior Biographies (page 



Ann, Biddy, and Mary 




Teeny. Pete, and Shirl 





June, Charlotte, and Fran . . 



— ^r^— mT- 

Edley, Louie, and Libby . 




Caroline, Mary, and Hazel . 




Helen, Betty, and Hetty 



,lut<\ Little Our, mid Lee Lee 




Fran, (r(iy. and Ritchie 





Popeye, Annie Belle, and Mo . . 






Sarah Babe, Sonny So, He'll o, and Km 






Haxel, Joan. TruUi. and Maggie . 





Jerry, Ethie, and Ann 






7m i\iwvivjffl 


Peggy, Vyonne, ami Inett . . . 



Billic Bets, and Egborn 






Ebie, Chappie, and Danny . . . 


Fran. Roomie, and Hep 





Fuzzy. Fran, and Betsy 




Hoh. Taffy, and (rt'iir . . 



Kiiih Lee, Kackles, mid lieitr . 



K. ./.. Hell,: and Colli 






Dolly. Sadie, Slaughter, ami Mrs. Ty 






hi i iianTw 

r Vi n t i|T' rfllTJ 

Millie, Hiijis. Sutton, and M. ./. 


Frances, Patty, and Mary 



Glenn, Nick, and I). .1. 







Frances, Pat, nud Polly 



Gentry- Kitty, and Carrie . . . 



June, Maggie, and Kitten 




Dot. Morrison, and Michi 



Jane, Maggie, and Edie 



Spike, Hunk, and Nancy . 




Millie Mary Ellen, and Margaret 



Maggie, H. G., ami Shelley . . . 






Frankie, lh>t. Millie, and Carey 




Hetty. Phyllis. Robbie, ami \ancy 


Jessup, Mar, amt Shep . 



Evie, Grant, and Lois . 


Happy, Steele-Baby, and hong 






* • t 

•V* ' .1 

, ;- i s - 1 

Vr -' '» ^^ - ; 

,f & M Hi -i ^ 

Loulie, II Mir, and Mary 



Maggie, Frankie, and Gregory 





Frances. Bvrla. and Jean . . . 




Jerry, Rente, and Mamie 



Clany, Bea, <iml Fayebel . . 


./". Doris Jean, and Cookie 


C% C5 




rrrt *rr% 
► t-t-1 -►(■» 

U aldo, I). II .. and Dick 





Pea, Jackie, ) uki, and Goosey . . . 





Jo, Becky, Hart, and Kitty 


■■■•"•■:'••"••:*■'■'■»+"■: ORB?':; 

' JO ■ 




Martha, Eunice, and \ ivien . . . 





I'hill. Jan, and Chicken 



Elise, Ellul, anil Catherine 


Becky, Pug, and Middy . 


Hetty, B Lou, and Jennie . . 



Hiirmv. Pete, tiiid Frankie 



I irginia, Sue, and Mary 




Katie, Betty, and \ ellie li. . 




Betty Lynn. Jane. <uul George 



Bennie, Frances, Eleanor, <m<l Rente . . 



Tee, .Iciin. Carrie if rate, untl Mary 


■ y ' : .H 

■:*''■ E 


(iln Flo, Bobby, and Cathy 



Jo, Biddy, and Jackie 



Given, Easter bell (>, and Bobbie 





\orma, Mario, and Dill . . . 



"' - -. 












M. Howard, M. Fensterwald, B. W'eller, G. Gander 
Second Row: M. Garber, B. Broome, L. Stine, J. Snowden, M. Rudasil 

G. Neathery 

li. Henshaw, 

(jjlios ( (folio Cjmoncj Jrlcwison S Invents/ 

Dear Bill, 

Who's W'hu lias been announced! 

This year Madison College is honored in the annual of Who's Who Among 
Students in American Universities and Colleges by a representation of thirteen 
seniors. The recognition conferred on the outstanding group is one of the most 
highly prized rewards on campus. 

Who's Who insures commendation for those who have been outstanding 
(hiring their four years at college. These girls have been chosen on the merits of 
high scholarship, leadership, line character, and their contributions to Madison 


The Who's Who award provides an incentive for a goal well worth the 
striving; it is a concrete indication of distinctive scholastic and extra-curricular 
achievement. The bestowal of this recognition commands respect for the student 
all over the world. The annual publication of Who's Who forms an integral 
part of college and professional life of the future. 

We feel that we may he justly proud of these seniors; they richly deserve 
this honor. Proudly, 



Senior Jjioqmpliies 

Mary Sheppard Alberts. Page 56. Business Education. 
Pi Kappa Sigma Sorority, '47, '48, '49, Treasurer, '49; 
Business Club, '46, '47, '48, '49; V W.C. V. '46, '17. '48, 
M"; Pi Omega Pi, '(7. '48, '49, Treasurer, '48; Stand- 
ards < ommittee, '4S. '4''. Chairman, '49; German 
Club, '49 

Mar) Louise Vlbrittain. Page 59. B.S. in Education. 
Theta Sigma Upsilon Sorority, '17 '48, '49, Treasurer, 
'I". Kappa Delta Pi, '47. '48, '4". President, '44; 
Curie Science Club, '48; Newman Club, '46, '47, '48, 
'49, Vice-President, '48; Sigma Phi Lambda, '46, '47. 

Frances [mogene Antrim. Page 81. Liberal Arts. Pi 
Kappa Sigma Sorority, '47, '48, '49; Porpoise Club, 
'4(i. '47; Cotillion Club, '4... '47. '48, '49. Vice-Presi- 
dent, '49; Modern Dance Club, '47. '48, '49; Social 
Committee, '48, '49, Chairman, '49; Sigma Phi Lamb- 
da, '46, '47. 

Bettj I" Armstrong. I'ayc <►) B.S. in Education. Curie 
Science Chili. '46, '47. '48; Y.W.C.A., '40, '47. '48, '49; 
Usher, '46; Frances Sale Club, '47. '48, '49. 

Evelyn Gaj Bain. Page 28. B.S. in Education. Y.W.C. 
A.! '46, '47. '48, '49; A.C.E., '40, '47. '48, '49. 

Ellen Genevieve Baker. Page .17. B.S. in Business. Pi 
Kappa Sigma Sorority, '49; Stratford Dramatic Club, 
'48, '49; L.S.A., '4d, '47, '48, '49; "irchery Club, '46, 
'47. '48, '4<); Business Club, '46 '47; Breeze Staff, '47; 
Mercury Club, ' I/. 

Martha Elizabeth Baker. Page 68. U.S. in Education. 
Alpha Sigma Tau, '47. '48, '4"; Pi Omega Pi, '48, '49; 
Business Club, '4(., '47, '48, '49, Vice-President, '49; 
Madison Garden Club, '47, '48, '49. Treasurer, '48, 
Vice-President, '49 ; YAY.i A. '46, '47. '48, '49. 

Mamie Frances Barton. Page (>2. B.S. in Education. 
Frances Sale Club, '46, '47, '48, '49, Program Chair- 
man, '4.x. '49 ; Curie Science Club, '48, '49; B.S.U., 
'46, '17, '48, '49; Y.W I V, '46, '47, '48, '49; Dormi- 
tory Fireman, '49. 

Elizabeth Li uise Batts. Page 41. B.S in Education. 
Cotillion (Inf. '47. '48, '49; Wi ( lub, '47. '48, '49; 

SCHOOLM \'\M Staff, '47. 

Gloria Faye Bell. Page 63. B.S. Vlpha Sigma Tau, 'is. 
'49; Frances Sal, Club, '46, '17. '48, '49; Grand- 
daughters Club, '46, '17; Vrcherj Club, '47, '48, Sec- 
retary, '48; Y.W.C.A., '46, '17. Ms. '49. 

Frances Clark Bethel. Page ''if U.S. in Education. Al- 
pha Kb., Delta, '46, '47. 'is. 'I'), Treasurer, '49; 
B.S.U., '4(.. '17 'is. '49; Y.W.C.A., '46, '47. '48, '49. 

I \\itil Beville. Page 28. US. in Education. 

( urie Scieno I lub, '46, '17. 'is, '49; Y.W.C. V. '46, 
'17, '48, 'I"; Wes minsti r Fellowship, '46, '47. '48, '19; 
in es Sale Club, ' 19. 

Mar) Frances Bishop. Page 85. B.A. in Education. 
Sigma Phi Lambda, '48; Kappa Delta Pi, '49; Y W 

( \ , 'is, 'I 1 '; Canterburj Club, '48, '49; [.R.I . 'Is. 

lizabeth Black. Page 23. B.S. in Education. 
B.S.I . '17. '48, '49 I a cutive Council, '49; Y.W.I \ 
Cabinet, '4s. '49; Y.W.I \, Treasurer, '49; Sigma 
Phi Lambda, 'Id, '47; Kappa Delta Pi, '47. '48, '49; 
( horal Club, 'Id; Aeolian Club, '46, '47. 

Charles If Bobrick Page 85 B.S in Education. Basket- 
ball, '49. 

Annie McClain Bowen. Page 63. US. in Education. 
Alpha Sigma Tan Sorority, '47. '48, 'I 1 ', i orrespond- 
ing Secretary, '48; I R.I . 17, '48, '49, Treasurer, '48; 
Library ( lub, '48, '49; Y.W.C.A . 'Id, '47, 'Is, '49. 

Barbara Ulen Bowen. Page 82. U.S. in Education. 
Y.W.C.A.. '46, '47. 'is, '49; I.K.C. '48, '49; Y( E., 
'47. '48, '49. 

Easterbelle Bowen Page 82. B.A. in Education. Y.W. 
C. V. '46, '17, '48, '49; I.K.C. '48, '49 

Caroline Jay Bowman. I 'age 47. 

Lois Jane Brackett. Page 57. U.S. in Education. Pi 

Kappa Si^ina Sorority, '47. '48, 'I''; Cotillion ( lul', 
'47, '48, '49; A.C.E., '46, '47, '48, 'I 1 '. Choral Club, 
46, '47. 

Virginia Lee Branch. Page 70. U.S. in Education. Gle< 
Club, '46, '47. '48, '49; \,t Club, '46, '47, '48, '49. 

Elizabeth Gregon Ureen. I'age (ill. U.S. in Education. 
\ .( I.E., '47, '4s;'49; 4-H Alumnae, '46, '47, '48, Presi- 
dent, '48; Ex Libris, '49; Y.W.C.A., '46, '47. 'is. '49. 

Millicent Ann Broglin. Page 4i. B.A. in Liberal Arts. 
Mathematics Club, '49; Westminister Fellowship, '49. 

Phyllis lane Brookfield. Page 7(1. B.A. in Education. 

Spanish Club, '48, '49; Alpha Kim Delta. '48, '49; 
Y.W.C.A.. '4(». '47. '48, '49. 

Doroth} Elizabeth Broome. Page 36. U. A. in Liberal 
Arts. Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority, '47, 'is, '49, 
Chapter Editor, '48; Sigma Phi Lambda, '46, '47. 
Vice-President, '47; Panhellenic Council, '47, '48, '49, 
Treasurer, '49; Honor Council, '48; German Club, 
'4(i. '47. '48, '49; Weslej Foundation Cabinet, '46, '47, 
'48, '49; Nominating Convention, '47, '48, '49; Scrib- 
blers, '47, '48, '49, Breese Staff, '46, '47; Schoolma- 
'\\i Staff, '47, '48, '49, Sophomore Class Editor, '47. 
Assistant Editor, 48, Editor-in-Chief, '49; Who's 
//'/;.> in American Colleges mid Universities. 

Nancy Rose Bryant. Page 55. U.S. in Education. Al- 
pha Sigma Alpha Sorority, '47. '48, '49; Frances Sale 
Club, '46, '47. '48, '49; Granddaughters Club. '46, '47, 
is '49, Treasurer, '47, '48; Sigma Phi Lambda, '46, 
'47; Kappa Helta Pi, 'Is, '4'f Secretary, '49 ; Stand- 
ards Committee, '49. 

lacquelin Marie Burton. I'age (id. B.S. in Liberal VrtS. 

Pi Kappa Sigma Sorority, 17. '48, '49, Reporter, '49; 
Impaneling Board, '47; Freshman Commission, '46; 
German Club, '46, '47. '48, '49, Treasurer, '49; Sm- 
detit-Facult} ( ommittee, '49 

Edith Cabaniss. Page 50. B. S in Education. Alpha 
Sigma Tau Sorority, '47, '48, '49; Orchestra, 'Id. 'I,, 
'is. '49, President, '49; Band, '47, 'is, President, '48; 

Y \\ .C, Y. 'Id, '47. '48, '49; hire Chief, '49. 

Wesley Lynnw I Caracofe Page 85. B.S. in Uusiuess. 

Business Club, 'is. '49; Sigma Helta Kim. '49. 

Nan Cokei Cartel Pag< -id B.S in Education. Sigma 
Sigma Sigma Sorority, '47. '4S, '49, Secretary, '49; 
Sigma l'ln Lambda, 'Id. '47; Kappa Helta I'i, '48, '49; 
Spanish Club, '46; Cotillion Club, '-«>, '47, '48, '49; 
Mathematics Club, '49; Senior (.las- Secretary, '49; 
Y.W.C. \ . '46, '17. 'is, '49. 

Jane Elizabeth Castles. Page 50. B.S. in Education. Al- 
pha Sigma 'I'au Sorority, '47, '48, '49, Vice-President, 
'49; Social Chairman of Freshman Commission, '46; 
Choral Club, '46, '47, Secretary, '17; Frances Sale 
Club, '47. '48, '49; i urie Science Club, '46, '47; Stand- 
ards Committee, '49. 

Margaret Stine Chapman. Page 36. B.S. in Education. 
Transfer, Brenau Junior College, ' I* ; Upha Gamma 
I lelta Sorority; Athletic Association Treasurer, '4''; 
Breeze Staff, Reporter, '48, Sports Editor, '49; Mer- 
cury Club, '48, '49, Reporter, '49; Tennis Club, '4.x, 
'49; Hockej Team, '4.x. '49; German Club, '49; 
[.R.C., '48. ' 

[da Harl Chappell. Page d7. B.S. in Education. Pi 
Kappa Sigma Sorority, '47, '48, '44; German Club, 
'40, '47, '48, '44; Sigma Phi Lambda, '46, '47; Kappa 
Delta Pi, '48, '49; Y.W.< V. '46, '47, '48, '49; 
President Student Government, '44; Honor Council, 
'46; Usher, '17; Standards Committee, '47, '48; Bas- 
ketball Team, '47; Student-Faculty Committee, '46, 
•47, '48. 

Margaret Marion (lark. Page 44. B.S. in Education. 
Breeze Staff, '47, '48, '44; Le Cercle Francais, '47, 
■48, '49, Reporter, '48, Vice-President, '49; l.R.C, '49. 

Jane Mercer Coates. Page 77. B.S. in Education. Theta 
Sigma Upsilon Sorority, '48, '49; Orchestra, '48, '44; 
Tennis Club, '44; Student Council, '44; Transfer, 
Shenandoah College, '48. 

[Catherine Ann Collie. Page 41. B.S. in Business. Al- 
pha Sigma Upha Sorority, '47, '4.x, '49; Sigma Phi 
Lambda, '46, '47; German Club, '46, '47, '48, '49, Sec- 
retary, 49; Pi Omega Pi, '47. '4.X. '49. Nice- President, 
'49; B.S.U., '47; SchooLMa'am Staff, '47; lunior 
Marshall, '48. 

Jean [Catherine Collins. Page 76. B. \. in Liberal Arts. 
Breeze Staff, '47, '48, '49; Le Cercle Francais, '47. 
'4.x, '49, Reporter, '48; Theta Sigma Upsilon Sorority, 
'4.x, '44 ; Schoolma'am Staff, '49, Copy Editor, '49; 
Stratford Dramatic Club, '4.x. '49, Reporter, '49; 
Scribblers, '44; Wesley Foundation Cabinet, '47. '48; 
Y.W.C.A., '4o. '47, '4.x', '49. 

Frances May Connock. Page 54. B.S. in Education. 
Theta Sigma Upsilon Sorority, '48. '49; Kappa Delta 
Pi, '49; Sigma Phi Lambda, '46, '47; Breeze Staff, 
'46, '47. '4.x, '49, Reporter, '46, '47, Circulation Man- 
ager, '4.x, Business Manager, '49; Stratford Drama- 
tic Club, '46, '47. '48, '44. Secretary, '47. Vice-Presi- 
dent, '48; Pi Omega Pi, '4.x, '44; Y.W.C.A., '46, '47, 
'48, '49. 

Gwendolyn Mazie Cook. Page 82 B \ in Education. 
Y.W.C.A., '46, '47. '48, '44; [.R.C., '4.x. '49; El Club 
E spanol, '4.x. 

Ebie Holloway Copley. Page 3(>. U.S. Pi Kappa Sigma 
Sorority, '47. 4.x, '49; German Club, '46, '47. '48, '49, 
Business Manager, '49; Frances Sale (.'Inf. '46, 17. 
'4.x. '44; Vrcherj Club, '48, '49, Reporter, '49; Wes- 
lej Foundation Cabinet, '46, '47. '48; Usher, '46, '47. 
'48, '49, Head Usher, '48, '49. 

Mildred Hobson Cross. Page 35. B. S. in Education. 
Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority, '17. '4.x, '49; Y W.C.A., 
'4o, '47, '4.x, '44; Junior Marshall, '48; Mathematics 
Club, '49. 

Dorothy Eloise Crowell. Page 19 B.S in Education. 
L.S.A., '46, '17; \ ' I ■ . '46, '47, '48, '49; German Club, 

'40. '47, '4X. '49 

Ann Rush ( urtis Page 20 B. \ in Education. Pi Kappa 
Sigma Sorority, '17. '48, '49, Vice-President", '49; 
Cotillion CIud, '46, '47, '48, '49, Secretary. '49; New- 
man Club, '46, '17. '48; \ W.C \ . '46; II I lub Es- 
panol, '48; Kappa Delta Pi, '49 

Alice Joyce Dallas. Page 26. B.S. in Education. Sigma 
Sigma Sigma Sorority, '47, '4.x, '44; Frances Sale 
Club, '47, '48, '49; B.S.I . '46, '47. '4.x, '44, Executive 
Council, '49; YW.< \ . '46 '17. '48, '49. 

Elma Vyonne Davis. Page 34. B.A. in Education. Alpha 
Sigma' Tan Sorority, '49; Kappa Delia Pi. '47. '48, 
'49, Vice-President, 49; Alpha Rho Delta, '46, 17. 
'48, '49, Vice-President, '49; Sigma Phi Lambda, 
'46, '47. 

Mary Katheryn DeHart. Page 67. B.S. in Business. 
Theta Sigma Upsilon Sorority, '47. '48, '49, Presi- 
dent, '44; Panhellenic Council, '49; Pi Omega Pi, 
'47. '4.x, '44; Y.W.C.A., '46, '47, '4.x. '44; German 
Club, '47, '48, '49. 

|o Ann Dent. Page 67. B.S. in Education. Theta Sigma 
Upsilon '48. '44; Westminster 'Fellowship, '48, '49; 

l.R.C, '48, '49; Y.W.C.A.. '48, '49. 

Shirley Ann Dhein. Page 21. B. A. in Liberal Arts. 
Pi Kappa Sigma Sorority, '48, '49; Porpoise Club, 
'48. '49; French Club, '48, '49; Y.W.C.A., '46, '47. 
'48, '49. 

Evelyn Lois Dickson. Page 57. B.S. in Education. Pi 
Kappa Sigma. '47, '48, '49; German Club, '47, '48, 
'44; Athletic Asociation Council, '48, '49; Mercury 
Club, '46, '47. '48, '49, Treasurer, '49; Student Coun- 
cil, '49; Hockey Team. '46, '47 '48, '49; Weslej 
Foundation, '46, '47. '48, '49, Treasurer, '47. 

Dorilas Jacob Driver. Page 45. B.S. in Business Sigma 
Delta Kho, '48, '49, Sergeant-at-Arms, '49; Stratford 
Club, '48, '49, Treasurer, '49. 

Margaret Estelle Dukes. Page 53. B. S. in Education. 

Alpha Sigma Alpha Sorority, '48, '49; Y.W.C.A., 

'40, '47, '48, '49; Clara Barton Club, '40, '47; Curie 
Science Club, '49. 

Mary Pierce Edwards. Page 84. B.S. in Education. 
Theta Sigma Upsilon Sorority, '47, '48, '49, Program 
Chairman, '47, '48, '49; Student Council, '46; Strat- 
ford Dramatic Club, '46, '47, '48, '49, President, '47; 
Y.W.C.A., '46, '47. '48, '49, Program Chairman, '46, 
President, '49; Wesley Foundation Cabinet, '46, '47, 
'48, '49, Treasurer, '47; Who's Who; Miss Madison; 
Kapna Delta Pi, '48, '49. 

Margaret Swan Eggborn. Page 35. B.S. in Business 
Education. Alpha Sigma Alpha Sorority, '48, '14; 
Pi Omega Pi, '48. '44; Business Club, '46, '47. '48. 
'49; Y.W.C.A., '46, '47, '48, '44; Freshman Class 
Secretary, '46; Senior Class Treasurer, '49; Junior 
Marshall, '48; House President, '44 ; Assistant Busi- 
ness Manager of Handbook, '49. 

Dorothy Cassen Elliott. Page 42. B. S. in Liberal Arts. 
Alpha Sigma Tau, '48, '44, President, '44; Panhel- 
lenic Council, '44; \rchcry Club, '47. '48, '49; Curie 
Science Club, '46, '47, '48, President, '48; Clara Bar- 
ton I liil>, '4o, "47; Freshman (lass Basketball Sports 
Leader. '46; Y.W.C.A., '46, '47. '48, '49. 

Nancj Rebecca Ellis. Page 84. U.S. in Education. Alpha 

Sigma Tau. '47, '48, '44, Hist.. nan. '44; Pi Omega 

Pi, '48, '49; Business Club, '46, '47. '48. '49; I.K.C.. 

'48, '49; Derm.u, ( lub, '46, '17. '18, '49; Bre, 

'17. '48; Assistant Recorder of Points. '49; YW.C.A., 

'46, '47. '48, '49. 

Mildred Bushong Estes Page 52 B.S. in Education. 
\lpha Sigma Upha Sorority, '47. '48, '44; Kappa 

Delta Pi. '48. '44; Sci .ma'am Stall '48; V.I I 

'47. '48, '49, President, '49; Sigma Phi Lambda, '46, 


Walter l.ahman Eye. Pagl 85 


D. W. Fawley, \t Page 65. B.S. in Liberal Vrts. Sigma 
] lelta Rho, '48, '49; Stratford Club, 'I". 

Myra Fensterwald Page 20. B \. in Education. Pi 
Kappa Sigma Sorority, '17. '48, '49, Corresponding 
Editor, '49; Sigma Phi Lambda, '47; Kappa Delta 
Pi, '48, '49; Senior Class President, '49; Cotillion 
Club, '46, '-47. '48, '49; Spanish Club, '46, '47, Secre- 
tary, '-17; Student Faculty Committee, '48; Social 
Committee, '46, '17. Wiedding, '46; Wedding, '49; 
Who's Who; Y.W.( .A., '46; Porpoise Club, '46. 

Sarah Mae Ferland. Page 42. B.S. in Education. Sigma 
Sigma Sigma Sorority, '47, '48, '49, Sentinel, '4'); 
German Club, '49; Social Committee, '49; School- 
ma'am Staff, '47. 48, '49. An Editor, '49; Art Club, 
'46, 17, '48, '49. Secretary, '17, '48, President, '49; 
Sigma Phi Lambda, '46. 

Ic.m Harriet Flax. Page 43. B.S. in Education, junior 
Sisterhood, '46, '47, '48, '49. Vice-President, '47; 
Stratford Dramatic Club, '47. '48, '49. 

Gloria Irene Flora. Page 80. B.A. in Liberal Arts. An 
Club, '46, '47. '48, '49, President, '47; Stratford Dra- 
matic Club, '46, '47, '48, '44; Alpha Rho Delta, '47, 
'48, '49; Cotillion Club, '47, '48, '4 l >, Business Man- 
ager, '48, '49. 

Barbara Worth Furr. Page 38. B.S. in Education. 
Hockey Team. '40, '47, '48, '49; Mercury Club, "46, 
'47. '48, '49; Curie Science Club, '46; Lutheran Stu- 
dents, '46; Y.W.C.A., '46, '47. '48, '49. 

Dena Ellen Gander. Page 19. B.S. in Business Educa- 
tion. Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority, '47, '48, '49, 
Recorder of tirades, '49; Sigma Phi Lambda, '4(>, 
'47, Treasurer, '47; Business Club, '46, '47, '48, '49, 
Dr.. main Chairman, '48; Y.W.C.A., '46, '47, '48, '49; 
Pi Omega Pi, '47, '48, '49, Secretary, '48; Junior 
( lass Treasurer, . '48; Schoolma'am Staff, '48, '49, 
Chief typist, '48, Business Manager, '49; Who's Who. 

Marie Virginia Garber. Page 69. B.S. in Education. 
Alpha Sigma Tan. '48, '49, Chaplain, '49; Kappa 
Delta Pi, '48, '49; Who's Who, '49; ('dee Club, '48, 
'49; Wesley Foundation, '48, '49; Y.W.C.A., '48, '49, 
Vice-President, '49; Transfer from Bob Jones Uni- 
versity, '48. 

I i. Louise Garfinkel. Page 38. U.S. in Education. 

Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority, '47. '48, '49; Porpoise 
Club, '46, '47, '48; Mercury Club, '46, '47, '48, '49; 
Hockej learn, '46; A. A. Council, '48, '49; Modern 
Dance Club, '48, '49. 

Peggy Louise Gentry. Page 47. B.S. in Education. 
Y.W.C.A., '46, '47. '48, '49; Archery Club, '46, '47, 
'48; Madison Business Club, '46, '47, '48, '49. 

Virginia Maxine Good. Page 75. U.S. in Education. 

Cary Frances Doodson. I'agc do, B.S. in Education. Pi 
Kappa Sigma Sorority, '47, '48, '49; Panhellenic 
Council, '47, '48, '49; Social < ommittee, '17. '48, '49; 
< Million Club, '47, '48, '49, Secretary, '48, Sergeant- 
at-Arms, '49; \n Club, '47, '48, Treasurer. '48. 

atherine Goodwin, Page 47. B.S. in Business. 
!'i Omega Pi, '48, '49; Madison Business Club, '4(>, 
'17, '48, '49; Dollj Madison Garden Club, '48, '49, 
I ea Miei, '49; Y.W.C. V. '46, '47, '48, '49. 

lane Augusta Grant, Page 57. B.S. in Education. A. A., 
'46, '17. '48, '49, President, '49; Mercury Club, '46, 
'17. '48 '49; Tennis Club, '46, '17, '48, '49, President, 
'48; Varsitj Hockey, '17. '48, '49; Varsitj Basket- 
ball, '46, '47, '48, '49; I lass Treasurer, '46; Pi Kappa 
Sigma Sorority, '17, '48, '49; I otillion Club, '48, '49 

Roberta Tredwaj Gravely. Page 61. B.S. in Education, 
Episcopal Young Peoples Association, '46, '17, '48, 'I"; 
Y.W.I \ . '46, 17. '48, '49; I anterburj Cjub, '47, '48, 
'49, Vice-President, '17. Program Chairman, '48; 
Spanish Club, '48, '49; Breese Staff, '48, '49, Desk 
Editor, '49 

Elizabeth Carolyn Graves. Page 77. B.S. in Education, 
(dee Club, '49; I..S..Y, '49 ; Spanish Club, '49. 

Mary Lea Malm Page 18. U.S. in Education, Mercurj 
( luh, '48, '49; Sesame Club, '48, '49. 



arie Haley. I'age 54. B.S. Frances Sale Club, 
'48, '49; Curie Science, '46, '47, '48, '49; 
1 Dramatic Club, '48. '49, 
( ommittee, '49; Y.W.C \ . '46 

Mildred M 

'46, '47, '48, '49; Curie Science, '46, '47, '48, '49 
Stratford Dramatic Club, '48. '49. Chairman o 
Social Committee, '49; Y.W.C.A., '46, '47, "48, '49 
'46, '47. '48, '49; B.S.U. Greater Council. '46 


Virginia Mae Hall. Page 74. B.S. in Education. Sigma 

Phi Lambda, '46, '47; Westminster Fellowship, '4<>, 
'47, '48, '49; 4-11 Alumnae. '48. '49, Social Chairman. 

'48; Mathematics Club, '49; Kappa Delta Pi, '49. 

Mary Katherine Hamilton. I'age 30. B.S. in Education. 
Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority, '47. '48, '49; Cotillion 
Club, '47. '48. '49; Curie Science (luh, '46, '47; 
Y.W.C.A., '46, '47. '48. '49. 

L. M. lnett Harrington. I'age 34. B.A. in Education. 

Alpha Rho Delta, '47, '48, '49, President, '49; 
Y.W.C. V. '4(i. '47, '48, '49. 

Margaret Joan llartsook. I'age 31. B.S. in Education. 
Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority, '47, '48, '49; Cotillion 
Club, '49; Wesley Foundation, '46, '47. '48, '49; 
Wesley Foundation Cabinet, '48; Business Club, '46, 
'47, '48, '49, 

Araxy Hatchik. I'age 85. B.S. in Education. Y.W.C.A., 
■41,; '47, '48, '49; Aeolian (luh. '46, '47. '48, '49; Band, 
'46; Canterbury Club, '46, '47. '48, '49; (dee Club, 
'4;:. '49. 

Betty Lou Henshaw. I'age 73. B.S. in Education 
Alpha Sigma Alpha Sorority, '47, '48, '49; German 
Club, '48, '49; Honor Council, '48. '49, Secretary, '48, 
Chairman, '4^; Vice-President funior Class. '48; 
Frances Sale Club, '47, '48, '49, Vice-President, '48. 
Executive Council, '48; [.R.C., '47, '48; President, 
loimston Hall, '47; Breese Staff, '47; Y.W.C A. '46, 
'47. '48, '49. 

Mary Ann Heppy. I'age 37. B.A. in Education. Pi 
Kappa. Sigma Sorority, '48. '49; French Club, '47, 
'48, Reporter. '47, Historian. '48; Newman Club, '47, 
'48; Cotillion Club, '48, '49; Y.W.C. A., '47, '48, '49; 
Vice-President of Shenandoah Apts.; Usher Com- 
mittee, '48, '49; Transfer, Averett Junior College, '47. 

Marj FitzRandolph Hodgson, I'age 81. B.S., in Edu- 
cation, Pi Kappa Sigma Sorority, '17. '48, '49, Presi 
dent, '49; Panhellenic Council, '49; \.A. Council, 
'48. '4'). Secretary, '49; Modem Dance Club, '47, '48, 
'4'), President, '48; Mercury Club, '46, '47, '48, '49; 
German Club, '46, '17. '48, '44. 

Margaret Mm Holland. I'age 31. B.A. in Education. 
Theta Sigma Upsilon Sorority. '47. '48, '49; Spanish 
(luh. 'tii. '47, '48, Secretary, '48; Weslej Foundation, 

'46; House I 'resident, '17; Social Committee, '18, '49; 

Cotillion (luh, '49; Senior (lass Business Manager, 
'I'C Y.W.C.A., '4(i. '47, '48, '49. 

Hazel Barbara Holloway. I'age 31. B.A, in Education. 

Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority, '48, '49; ('otillion (luh, 

')')■ Usher, 'I". 


Bernice May Hooker. Page 74. B.S. Frances Sale Club, 
■49; Y.W.I \ . 'is, '4'). 

Man Virginia Horn. Page 79. B.A. in Education. 
Sigma Phi Lambda, '46, '17; Freshman Commission, 
'46; Y.W.C V. '46, '17. '48, '49; Westminster Fellow- 
ship, '46, '47. '48, '49; Westminster Fellowship Coun- 
cil, '49; Le I ercle Francais, '48; Kappa Delta Pi, '49; 
Mathematics Club, '49. 

Bessie Howard. Page 55. U.S. Veolian Club, '46, 
'47. '48, '49; Weslej Foundation Cabinet, '47, '48, '49; 
Curie Science Club, '48, '4". 

Marianna Virginia Howard. Page 19. B.S. in Liberal 
Arts. Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority, '47. '48, '49, 
Social Service Chairman, '49; Freshman Class 
President, '46; Sophomore (lass President, '47; Curie 
Science Club, '46, '47. '48, '49, Sergeant-at-Arms, '47, 
'48, Vice-President, '49; Clara Barton Club, '46, '47; 
Sigma Phi Lambda, '46, '47; Nominating Convention, 
'4d. '47; Standards Committee, '46; Student Govern- 
ment Representative, '48, '49; Y.W.C. A., '46, '47. '48, 
'44; Class Hockey Sports Leader, '49; (lass Baskel 
ball Sports Leader, '48; Breese Staff, '46, '47; 
Schoolma'm Staff, '44, Directory and Statistics 
Editor, '44; Canterbury Club, '48, '49, President, '48, 
Advisory Council, '44; Varsity Hockey Team, '46, 
'47. '48, '49; Vll-State Reserve Hockey Team. '48; 
Who's Who. 

Maggie Hubbard. Page 60. B.S. in Education B.S.U., 
•4d. '47, '48, '49. Third Vice-President, '48, First 
Vice-President, '49; Y.W.C.A. Cabinet, '46, '47, '48, 
'I". \ I I , '17, '48, '49; I. ICC. '47. 

Frances Lee Hughes. Page 78. B.S. in Education. 
Curie Science Club, '46, '47. '48, '4'), Reporter, '48, 
Secretary, '44; Y.W.C.A., '46, '47, '48, '49; 4-H 
Alumnae, '46, '47. '48, '44, Social Chairman, '49, 
President, '49. 

Mice Carolyn Hunter. Page 27. B.S. in Education. 
Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority, '47, '48, '49. President, 
'48, '44; Social Committee, '46; Usher, '46; Cotillion 
Club, '46, '47. '48, '49; Student Faculty Committee, 
'48; Modern Dance Club, '48; Panhellenic Council, 
'47, '48, '49; Student Government Representative, '48; 
Nominating Convention, '47, '48. 

Margaret Benjamin Hurst. Page 78. B.S. in Educa- 
tion. Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority, '47, '48, '49; 
Mathematics Club, '44, President, '49; Glee Club, '46, 
'47. '48, '49, Vice-President, '49; Kappa Helta Pi, '48, 
'49, Reporter, '49; Sigma Phi Lambda, '46, '47; Wes- 
ley Foundation Cabinet, '46, '47, '48, '49, Council, '49; 
Aeolian Club, '47, '48. 

Trula Katherine Hutton. Page 31. B.S. in Education. 
Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority, '47, '48, '49; Cotillion 
Club, '47, '48, '44; V.W C.A., '46, '47, '48, '49; Busi- 
ness i lull, '46, '47. '48; Wesley Foundation, '46 

Margaret Fair Jessup. Page 56 B.S in Education. Pi 
Kappa Sigma Sorority, '47, '48, '49, Corresponding 
Secretary, '49; Kappa Helta Pi, '48, '49, Correspond- 
ing Secretary, '49; Junior i lass Secretary, '48; 
German Club, '46, '47, '48, '44; Frances Sale Club, 
'47. '48, '49; Social Committee, '47. '48; Honor 
Council, '49; Sigma Phi Lambda, '46, '47; Usher, '46 

Mary Catherine Julias. Page 20. 

Bettj Frances fohnson. Page II B.S. in Education 
\ i I . '46, '17; German Club, '46, '47. '48, '49 

Bets) I ee Johnson Pag< 38 B.S in Education. Sigma 
Sigma Sigma Sorority, '47. '48, '44, Magazine Chair- 
man, '49; Newman Club, '46, '47. '48, '44; Spanish 
Chili. '46; Mercury Club, '46, '47. '48, '49; Varsitj 

Basketball 'ream, '47, '48, '44; Varsity Hocki 

'47, '48, '49; Modern Dance Club, '48, 'I". President, 

44; Porpoise Club, '48, '49; V V Council, 'I" 

Betrj loyce Kabler. Page 55 B.S. in Education. Alpha 
Sigma Upha Sororily, 'is, '49; Spanish Club, '47; 
Orchestra, '46, '47, '48, '49, Reporter, '49; Y.W.I \ 
'46, 47, is, '49. 

Willa Mae Kackley. Page 40. Wesley Foundation, '46, 
'47, '48, '44; y. W C \ . '46, 17. '48, '49; A. C. E., 
'46, '47. '48, '44, Vice-President, '14; Granddaughters' 
Club, '47. '48, '49. 

Janet Walton Kayser. Page 81. B. S. in Education. Pi 
Kappa Sigma Sorority '47, '48, '49, Recorder of 
Points, '49; Modern Dance Club, '47. '48, '49; Cotillion 
(lull. '47, '48 '49, Treasurer, '48, '49; Mercury Club 
'47, '48, '49; Y. W. C. A. '46, '47, '48, '49; \ \ 
Dormitory Spurt:; Leader, '44. 

Sarah Catherine Kegley. Page 71. B, S, in Education 
Y. W. C. A.. '46, '47. '48, '44; Lutheran Students 
Vssocia ion, '46, '47, '48, '49, Secretary, '48, President, 
'44; Curie Science Club, '47, '48, '49; Frances Sale 
Club, '48, '49. 

Gladyi Elnora Kemp. Page 58. B. S. in Education. 
Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority, '47 '48, '49; Mercury 
Club, '4i), '47, '48, '49; German Club, '46, '47. 'is. '49; 
Y. W. C. A., '46, '47, '48, '49; Wesley Foundation, .4/,, 
'47; Intramural Basketball, '46, '47, '48; Canterbury 
Club, '48, '49; Junior Marshal, '48; Modern Dance 
Club, '49; A. A. Council, '49; Volleyball Sports 
Leader, '49. 

Margaret Ann Kenny. Page 50. I!. S. in Education, 
Alpha Sigma Tau Sorority, '47, '48, '49, Editor, '49; 
Panhellenic Council, '48, '44, Corresponding Secre- 
tary. '49; Cotillion Club, '46, '47. '4s, '-14; Newman 
Club, '40, '47, '48, '49; Freshman Commission, 'Id; 
Reporter, Breeze Staff, 46, '47, '48, '49, Headline 
Editor, '48, Assistant Editor, '49; Vice-President 
Lincoln House '48; Kappa Delta Pi, '49. 

Frances LeVier Keyser. Page 44. 

Norma Nell Keyser. Page 83. B.S. in Education. A. 
C. F... '46, '47, '48, '49; Y. W". C. A., '46, '47, '48, '49; 
1 R. C. '48, '49. 

[anice Grey Kibler. Page 70. B. S. Y. W. C. A., '46, 
'47. '48. '44; Granddaughters Club, '46, '47, '48, '44; 
Frances Sale Club, '46, '47, '48, '49; L. S. A., '46, '47, 
'48, '49. 

Mary Ann Kidwell. Page 59. B.S. Theta Sitrma Up- 
silon, '47, '48, '49, Assistant Editor, '48; Y. W. C. A., 
'46, '47, '48, '49; Orchestra, "46; Frances Sale Club, 
'47. '48. 

Mary Frances Kiser Page 75. B.S. in Education. 
Mercury Club, '46, '47, '48, '49; Sesame Club, '46, '47. 
'48, '44, Chairman, Social Committee. '47. 

Mary Sue Landis. Page 75. B. S. in Liberal Vrts 
Weslej Foundation Cabinet, '48, '49; ( urie Science. 
'48, '1"; Sesame Club, '17. '48, '1". Social Committee 
Chairman, '48, I 'resident, '49. 

Nellie PK Lantz, Page 76 B S. in Education I. S \. 
'46, '17. '48, '49; Mercury Club, '46; \ C. I . '17. '48, 

'49, Secretary. '17; Harden (Ink '49. 

Marilyn Virginia Lee. Pagi 26 B S in Education. 
Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority, '17. '48, '49, Keeper "i" 
Grades, '48, Treasurer, '49; German Club, '46, '47. '48. 
'49; Pi Omega Pi, '17. '48, 'I". President, '49; Kappa 
Delta Pi, '48, '49; Business Club. '46, '17. '48, '49; 
funior Marshall, '48; Sigma Phi Lambda, "46, '47; 
Y. W. C. V, '4o, '17, '48, 'I" 


Beverley Hope Lewis. Page 30 B. S in I d 
Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority, '47. '48, '4''; Cotillion 
Dub, '47. '48, '4"; Modern Dance Club . '48, '49; 
Mathematics Club, '-W; House President, '49; Y. \Y. 
C. A., '46, '17. '48, '49 

Frances Louise Lille) Pagi 16 B S. in Education, 

Y.W.C.A., '46, '47, '48, '4'); Dolly Madison Garden 

Club, '46, '47, '48, '49, Program I hairman, '49; 
Business Club, '46, '(7. '48, 'I 11 

\\uk\ fane Long. Page 58. B.A. in Education. Theta 
Sigma Upsilon, '47, '48, '49, Editor, '48; Panhellenic 
Council, '17. '48, '49, Recording Secretary, '49; 
Sen ma'am Staff. '48; Y.W.CA., '46, '47, '48, "49. 

Carey Lee Luck. Page 54. 11. S. in Education. Y. W. 
C. A., '4(i, '47. '48, '49; Breeze Staff, '47, '48, '49, 
Headline Editor, '48, '1"; B. S. U., '47, '48, '49; 4-H 
Alumnae, '47; Vice-President Dormitory, '49; Dormi- 
tory Fire Chief. '49. 

Dorothy lane Lucy. Page 29. B. S. in Education. Sigma 
Sigma Sigma Sorority, '47, '48, '49; Y. W. C. A., '46, 
'47. '48, '49; Cotillion Club, '46, '47. '48, '49; Frances 
Sale Club, '46, '47, '48. '49. 

June Lyon. I'age 22. B. S. in Education. Wesley 
Foundation, '46, '47, '48, '49; Wesley Foundation Cabi- 
net, '46, '48, '49; [. R. (.'., '48, '49,' President, '49; Y. 
W. C. A.. '46, '47, '48, 49; Associate Glee Club, '47. 

Beulah Mae Markham. Page 63. B. S. in Education. 
Vlpha Sigma Tau Sorority, '48, '49, Assistant to 
Custodian, '49; A. C E„ '46, '47, '48, '49; Intramural 
Basketball, '48, '49. 

Geraldine Martin. Page 62. B. S. in Home Economics, 
(une Science Club, '47, '48, '49, Sgt.-at-Arms, '49; 
Frances Sale Club, '47, '48, "49; Y. W. C. A., '46. '47, 
'48, '49; Garden Club, '46, '47. 

Mae Odcll McCrorv. Page 83. B. S. in Education. 
Sigma Phi Lambda, '44, '45; A. C. E., '44, '45, '49; 
\\ estminster Fellowship Council, '45. 

Eunice Ann Melton. Page 68. B.A. in Education. I. 
R. C, '48, '49; Le Cercle Francais, '49. 

lean Fults Meredith. Page 61. B.S. in Education. 
Westminster Fellowship, '46, '47, "4X, '49; Clara 
Barton Club, '46; Y.W.CA., '46, '47, '48, '49; Grand- 
daughters Club, '46, '47 '48. 

Elizabeth Cameron Miller. Page 76. B.S. in Liberal 
Arts. Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority, '47, '48, '49; 
Stratford Dramatic Club, '48, '49; Honor Council. 
'49; Y.W.CA. , '46, '47. '48, '49, Program Chairman, 
'49; Aeolian Club. '48; General (bonis. '48; Band, 
'47. '48; Westminster Fellowship, '46, '47, '48, '49, 
Secretary, '47, President, '48; Curie Science Club, 
'47; Clara Barton Club, '46, 

Virginia Lee Miller. Page m. U.S. in Business Edu- 
cation. Theta Sigma Upsilon Sorority, '47, '48, '49; 
Recorder of Points Student Government Association, 
'49; I.R.C, '48, '49; Y.W.CA., '46, '47, '48, '49; 
L.S.A., '46, '47, '48, "49, Treasurer, '47; Business 
Club. '17. '48, '49; German Club, '48, '49; School- 
ma'am Staff, '4X; Granddaughters Club, '46, '17. 'is, 
'I 1 '. Secretary, '47, Vice-President, '48; Breeze Staff, 
'46, '47, '4.X, '49; Student Council, '46, Dormitory 
\ ici President, '46. 

Waldo Glenn Miller. Page 65. B.A. in Liberal Arts. 
Sigma Delta Rho, '48, '19; Stratford Dramatic Chili. 
'48, '49; Men's (dee Club, '49; Varsity Basketball 
team, '48, '49; Transfer from Randolph - Macon 

Frames \nn Minor. Page 74. U.S. in Education. 
Freshman Commission, '46; 4-11 Alumnae, '46, '47, 
'48, '49, Secretary, '47, '48; B.S C. '46; Y A\ I \ . 
'46, '47, '48, '49; Westminster Fellowship, '17. '48. 

Helen Esther Mitchell. Page 25. li.S. in Education. 
Theta Sigma Upsilon Sorority, '17. '48, 'I''. Secre- 
tary, '49; Assistant Recorder of Points, '49; A.C.E., 
'46, 17. '48, '49, Program Chairman, '48, Business 
Manager, '49; Freshman Commission, '46; German 
Club, '46, '47, '48, '49, Sgt.-at-Arms, '49; funior 
Marshal, '48. 

Irene Ann Moffitt. Page 62. B.S. in Education. Fresh- 
man Chorus, '46; Y.W.CA., '46, '47, '48, '49; Curie 
Science Club, '47, '48, '49, Reporter, '49. 

Mary Roberta Mmialiaii. Page 39. U.S. in Education. 

Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority, '47. '48, '49, Reporter, 
'49; Tennis Club, '46. '47, '48, '49, President, '49; 
Porpoise Hub, '48, '49; Mercury Hub. '46, '47, '48, 

'49, Secretary. '49; Breeze Staff, '46, 47; S 

ma'am Staff, '49, Senior Editor. '49; \ A. Council. 
'48, '49; Cotillion Club, '47, '48, '49; Vssociate 
(dee Club, '46; Hockey Team, '49; Stratford Play, 
'40 ; Junior Marshal. '48; Y.W.CA., '46, '47, '48, '49. 

Carrie White Moore. I'age 79. B.S. in Education, 
Alpha Sigma Tau Sorority, '48, '49; Choral Club, 
'47; Wesley Foundation, '47, '48, '49; Wesley 
Foundation Cabinet, '48, '49; Pi Omega Pi, '48, '49; 
Business Club, '48, '49, President, '49; SchoOLMa'am 
Staff, '49; Y.W.CA., '47, '48, '49; Assistant Editor 
Of Handbook, '49. 

Lura June Morrison, Page 48. B.S. in Education. 
I.R.C., '46, '47, '48, '49, Reporter, '48, Vice-Presi- 
dent, '49; Archery Club, '47, '48, '49; Westminster 
Fellowship, '46. '47, '48, '49. 

Mary lean Morrison. I'age 49. 15. S. in Education. 
Archery Club, '46, '47. '48, '49, Secretary '48, '49; 
Clara Barton, '46, '47, Program (.'hairman, '47; 
I.R.C., '48, '49; Y.W.CA., '46, '47, '48, '49; Garden 
Club, '48, '49; Freshman Chorus, '46, '47; West- 
minster Fellowship, '46, '47, '48. 

Betty Catherine Moyer. Page 25. B.S. in Business. 
Theta Sigma Upsilion Sorority, '47, '48, '49; Busi- 
ness Manager of A. A., '49; Assistant Recorder of 
Points, '49; German Club, '49; Business Club, '48, 

'49; Y.W.C \ . 'lo. '47, '48. '49. 

William Nelson Nash. Page 25. 

Geraldine Brooks Neathery. Page 32. B.S. in Educa- 
tion. Alpha Sigma Alpha Sorority, '47, '48, '49; 
Y.W.CA., '46, '47. '48. '49; Clara Barton Club, '46, 
'47; B.S.U., '46. '47, '48, '49; Freshman Chorus. '46; 
Glee Club, '47. '48, '49, Secretary. '49; Kappa Delta 
Pi, '48, '49; Sigma Phi Lambda, '46, '47; Curie 
Science, '47, '48, '49, Treasurer. '48, President, '49; 
Standards Committer, '17, ' 18 ; Who's Who. '49. 

Mary Ellen Nethers. Page 52. B.S. in Education. Alpha 
Sigma Alpha Sorority, '47, '48, '49; Mercury Club, 
'46, '47, '48, '49; Y.W.CA., '46, '47, '48, '49; Varsity 
Basketball, '17. '48, '49; Hockey Team. '48, '48; 
Badminton Sports Leader, '47; Intramural Sports, 
'4o, '47. '48, '49; Tennis Club. '48, '49; \ A. Coun- 
cil, '49; Vice President of House, '49. 

Baylor Erdman Nichols. Page 45. B.S. in Education. 
Sigma Delia Rho, '48. '49, President, '49; Stratford 
I iramatic Cub, '47, '48, '49; Hand. '48, '1" 

Elise Virginia Noil. Page 71 B.S. in Education. 

Y.W.CA., '40, '47, '48, '49; B.S.U., Council, '47, '48, 
'1"; Curie Science Club. '47, '48, '49; Frances Sale 
Club, '48, '49. 


Marie Charlotte Oothoudt. Page 11. B.S. in Education. 
Theta Sigma Upsilon Sorority, '47. '48, '49; Weslej 
Foundation Cabinet, '48, '49; V.C.E., '46, '47, '48, 
'49; Choral Club, '47; Y.W.C.A., '46, '47, '48, '49; 
House President, '49. 

Beulah Hunter Owen, Page 51. B.S. in Education. 
Alpha Sigma Tau Sorority, '48, '49, Custodian, '49; 
Stratford Dramatic Club, '47, '48, '49, Secretary, '49; 
B.S.U., '46, '47, '48, '49; Cotillion Club, '47. '48, '49; 
ACT.., '47, '48, '49; Y.W.C. V. '46, '17, '48, '49. 

Barbara Marie Pamplin. Page 27. B.S. in Liberal Arts. 
Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority, '47, '48, '49, Via 
President, '49; \ V Council, '46, '47, '48; Cotillion 
Club, '46, '47. '48, '49, Treasurer, '48, President, '49; 
Y.W.C.A., '49. 

Marie Eleanor Parrotta. Page 17. B.S. in Education. 
Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority, '47, '48, '49, Corre- 
sponding Secretary, '49; Cotillion Club, '46, '47, '48, 
'49, Reporter, '49; Porpoise Club, '47, '48, '49, Presi- 
dent, '48; Mercury ( lub, '46, '47. '48; Modern Dance 
Club, '48, '19. Secretary-Treasurer, '49; Breeze Staff, 
'46, '47; Newman Club, '46, '47, '48, '4", Secretary, 
18; Intramural Hockej and Basketball, '46, '47, '48, 
'49; \ \ . i ouncil, '48, '49; Class Swimming Leader, 
'46, '47. '48, '49. 

Nicholas Thomas Pascaretti. Page 33. 

Ellen Elizabeth Patterson. Page 46. U.S. in Education. 
Y.W.C.A., '46, '47. '48, '49; Mercury Club, '46, '47, 
'48, '49; 4-11 Alumnae Club, '46, '47, '48, '49, Trea- 
surer, '47. 

Virginia Caroline Peter-. Page 24 B.S. in Education 
Alpha Sigma Alpha Sorority, '47. '48, '49; Pi Omega 
Pi, '48, '49; Business Club, '46, '47. '48, '49; German 
Club, '46, '47 '48, '49; Granddaughters Club, '46, '47. 
'48, '49; Si hooi m h'am Staff, '48. 

Jeanne ('.rev Peterson. Page 21. A.I!, in Liberal Art-. 
Pi Kappa Sigma Sorority, '47, '48, '49, Sergeant-at- 
Vrms, '49; Spanish Club, '46, '47. '48, Treasurer, '48; 
Cotillion, '47. '48, '49; Canterbury Club, '48, '49; 
Y.W.C.A., '47. 

Emily Baird Pierce. Page 19. U.S. in Education. Alpha 
Sigma Alpha Sorori v. '47. '48, '49; Glee Club, '46, 
'47, '48, '49, Librarian, '47; Porpoise Club, '46, '47. 
Secretary, '47; Aeolian Club, '46, '47. '48. '49. Sec- 
retary, '47. Vice-President, '48; Vice-Presidenl of 
Glee Club, '48; Freshman Commission, '46; Y.W.( . \ 
Cabinet, '47, '48. '49; Usher, '48; Canterbury Club, 
'48, '49; Kappa Delta Pi, '49. 

Nancy Carol Powell. Page 66. B.S. in Home Eco- 
nomics. Cotillion Chili, '48, '49; Tennis Club, '48, '49; 
Pi Kappa Sigma Sorority, '48, '49. 

lean Frances Rainev. Page 79, B.S. in Business. Busi- 
ness Club, '46, '47. '48, '49; Sigma Phi Lambda, '46, 
'47; Pi Omega Pi, '48, '49, Treasurer, '49; Grand- 
daughters Club, '49, '47. '48, '49; Westminster 
Fellowship, '49. 47. '48. '(9 ; Westminster Fellow- 
ship Council, '47, '48, '49, Worship Chairman, '4k. 
Vice-President, '49; Schoolma'am Staff, '48, 'I". 
Chief Typist, '49 ; Y.W.C.A., '46, '47. '48, '49; Fresh- 
man Chorus, 'lii 

Martha Cook Ramsey Page M B.S in Hume Eco 
nomics, Theta Sigma Upsilon Sorority, '47, '48, '49; 
Granddaughters Club, '46, '17. '48, 'I"; Frances Sali 
Club, '46, '47. '48. '49, Secretary, '49; Curie Science 
I lub, 'in. '17. '48, 'I". Secretary, '48; Disciples < lub, 

Hetty Carter Ketterer Page 19. B.S. in Education. 
Alpha Sigma Mpha Sorority, '48, '49; Junior Mar- 

shal, '48; (line Science, '46, '17; Y.W.C.A., '46, '47, 

'48, '49, Secretary, '49; Westminster Fellowship, '46, 
'47, '48. '49, Treasurer, '47. 

Irene Huntingdon Reynolds. Page 78. B.S. in Educa- 
catinn. Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority, '47, '48, '49; 
Kappa I Mia Pi, '49; \ \ i .mum M. '48, '49; Sigma 
Phi Lambda, '46, '47; Mercury ( lub, '46, '47, '48, 49; 
Extramural Basketball, '49. 

Phyllis Marquerite Reynolds. Pag< 55. U.S. Curie 

Science Clul., '46; B.S.U., '46, '47. 'is. '49, I ouncil, 

'40, '47, Executiv< Council, '47, '48; France- Sale 
Club, '4o. 

Doris lean Rhodes Page 64. B.S. in Education. 
Sesame Club, '46, '47, '48, '49, Secretary, '47; Sigma 
Phi Lambda, '47; Theta Sigma Upsilon Sorority, '48, 


Laura Elizabeth Rinehart, Page 25. B.S. in Educatii n. 
Theta Sigma Upsilon Sorority, '47. 'is, '19. Editor, 

'49; Breeze Staff. '47, '48. Cartoonist, '48; S ol- 

ma'am Staff. '47, '48, '49; Y. W. C. V Cabinet, '47, 
'48, '49; Art ( lub, '46, '47, '48. '49, Treasurer, '49; 
German Club, '47. '48, '49. 

Mildred Ann Ritchie. Page 28. B. S. in Education. 
Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority, '4/, '48, '49; Kappa 
Delta Pi, '49; Y. W. C. A., '49. 47, '48. '49; Curie 
Science Club, '46, '47; Frances Sale Club, '46, '47. '48. 
'49, President, '49; Wesley Foundation Cabinet, '49, 
'47, '48, '49. Secretary '48. " 

Vivien May (lark Ritenour. Page 68. B. S. in Edu- 
cation. Alpha Sigma Tau Sorority. '47, '48, '49; Pi 
Omega Pi, '48, '49; Business Club, '46, '47, '48, '49, 
Sccic. arc, '49; Garden Club, '46, '48, '49, Secretary, 
18. President, '49; Y.W.C.A., '46. '47, '48, '49. 

Mildred Marie Robertson. Page 83. B. S. in Education. 
\ I K. '46, '47, '48, '49; Y. W. C A., '46, '47, '48, 
'49; I. R. C, '48, '49; Ex Libris Club, '49, Secretary, 

Mozelle Dudley Robertson. Page 29 B S. in Educa- 
tion. Curie Science Club, '47, '48; Y. VV. (..A., 16, 
'47. '48, '49. 

Rebecca Rogers. Page 67. B. A. in Education. Theta 
Sigma Upsilon Sorority, '17, '48, '49; Business Club, 
'46, '47; Spanish Club, '49; Nominating Committee, 
'48, '49; Y.W.C.A., '46, '47, '48, '49; Freshman Chorus, 
'46; Breeze Staff, '46, '47, '48, '49, Reporter, '1". I opj 
Editor, '47, Assistant Editor, '48, Editor-in-Chief, '49. 

Idley Mane Ro az2 
Orchestra, '46; Fi 
Commission, '46 ; Y. 
i \ Cabinet, '49; 

i I 'aye 23. I t.S in Educatii n 
eshman Chorus, '46; Freshrran 

W. C \ . '49. '47. '48, '49; Y. \\ 
8. S. U, '49. '47. '48. '49. 

Mar\ \lpha Kuda-ill. Page 24. B. S. iii Education. 
Upha Sigma Vlpha Sorority, '17. '48, '49, Chaplain. 
'49; Freshman Commission, '46, Vice-President, '49; 
I'.i nU -maid in Old-Girl New-Girl Wedding, '46; 
Standards Committee, '46, 17; Usher, '46; Sigma I'hi 
Lambda, '46, '47; Y. W. C V Cabinet, '46, '17. '48; 
B.S.U., '49. '47. '48. '19. President, '49; Honor 
Council, Secretary, '49; Prances Sale Club, '46, '17. 
'48, '49; ( urie Scii nee I lub, '46, '17; Kappa I lelta Pi, 
'48, 'I"; Bree e Staff, '46, 17; Who's Who, '49 

\Lit\ Eustace Sampson. Page 66. B. S. in Education 
I 'i Kappa Smni, i Sorority, '47. '48, '49; Canterburj 
Club, '48, '49; Business Club, '46; Mercury Club, '17; 
Y. \\ C. A., '46, '47. Is 


1 ugenia Savage Page • ; ' 1 B. S. in Education. Alpha 
Sigma Upha, 17. is, '49; Freshman Commission, '46, 

d< in. '46; Bree e Staff, '46, '47, Reporter, '46, '17; 

I lub, '-ki. '47, 'is. '49; B. S I . '46, '47, '48, '49, 
Second Vice-President, '48, Choir Director; Nomi- 
nating Convention, '46, '48; Mercury Club, '46, '47; 
Secretary Sophomore class, '17; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, 
'47, '48; Student Council, '48; Program Chairman Y. 
\\ C. V. '48. 

Kathleen Savage. I'age 39. 

Elizabeth Gray Scott. Page 53. B. S. in Education. 
Upha Sigma Upha Sorority, '47, '48, '49; Treasurer 
of Sophomore Class, '-47; Secretary-Treasurer of Stu- 
dent Government Association, 'I 1 '; President of 
Dormitory, '46; Student Council, '48; Archery (lull, 
'4(i. '47. '48, '49; Mercurj Club, '46, '47, '48, '49; Ger- 
man ( lull, '49. 

Sarah Barksdale Seay. Page 30. I!. S. in Education. 
Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority, '47, '48, '49; Cotillion 
Club, '46, '47, '48, '49; Spanish Club, '47, '48; Modern 
Dame Club, '48, '49; Usher, '48; Standards Com- 
mittee, '44; Y. W. C v . ' 4< >- ' 4 ~. '48, '+ 9 - Breeze 
Photographer, '49. 

Rebecca Ann Settle. Page 72. li. S. in Education. 
Alpha Sigma Alpha Sorority, '47, '48, '49, Vice-Presi- 
dent, '49; Panhellenic Council, '47. '48, '49, Chairman, 
'49; Wesley Foundation Cabinet, '46, '47, '48, '49, Vice- 
President, '48; I, R. C, '47. '48, '49, President, '48; 
German Club, '46, '47, '48, '49; Y. \Y. C. A., '46, '47. 
'48, '49; A. C. E., '47, '48, '49; Freshman Chorus, '49. 

Johanna Lee Shallcross. Page 69. B. S. in Education. 
Episcopal Club, '46, '47, '48, '49, President, '46; 
Breeze Staff, '46, '47. '48, Typist, '48; Alpha Sigma 
'Pan Sorority, '47, '48, '49, Corresponding Secretary, 
'48, Reci rding Secretary, '49; Pi Omega Pi, '48, '49; 
Y. \V ( A., '46, '47, 'is. '49. 

Polly Kan Shaver. Page 4<>. B. S. in Education. Curie 
Science Club, '46, '47; Y. W. C. A., '40, '47, '48, '19; 
Mathematics Club, '49, Vice-President, '49. 

Barbara Jane Shaw. Page 80. B.S. in Business. Cotil- 
lion ( luh, '47. '48, '49; Pi Kappa Sigma Sorority, '48, 
'49; French Club, '48; Modern Dance Club, '48, '49; 
Y. W. C. V, '48, '49. 

lean Louise Shelley. Page 53. B. S. in Education. 
Alpha Sigma Alpha Sorority, '47, '48, '49; Y. W. C 
\ I abinet, '46, '47, '48, '49; A. A. Council, '47. '48, 
'49; House President, '47; L. S. A., '46, '47. 'Is, '49, 
President, '48; Mercurj Club, '46, '47. '48, '49, Presi 
dent, '49; Impaneling Hoard. '47; Sergeant-at-Arms 
of lunmr Class, '48; Tennis Club, '46, '47, '48, '49; 
Archery Club, '46, '47. '48, '49; Basketball Team, '46, 
'47, '48, '19; Hockey Team, '48, '49. 

Franct - Leth Shiflet. Page 61. 

Ruth Lee Simpson. Page 40. B. S m Education. A. C. 
E., '46, '17, '48, '49; Y. W. C. A., '46, '47, '48, '49; B. 
S. C. '46, '17. '48, '49. 

Helen fean Slaughter Page 42. II, S. in Liberal Arts, 
Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority, '47. '48, '49, Correspond- 
ing Secretary, '48, Triangle I orrespondent, '49; 
i lub, '48, '49; Student Faculty Committi e, 

'48, 'I 1 '. Si ma'am Staff, '48, '19. Copy Editor, '48, 

Faculty Editor, '49; Y, W. C. V. '46, '47. '48, '49. 

Mary Elizabeth Smilej Pagi II B, S Y \\ . C. V, 
'46, '47, '48, '49. 

Bettj han Smith. Page 35. B. V in Liberal Vrts. 
Alpha Sigma Alpha Sorority, '48, 'I''; Editor of 

Handbook, '49. Ihtsmess Manager of Handl k, '48; 

Si i ma'am Staff, I''. Organization Co-Editor, '49; 

Sesame Club, '46, '17. '48, 'I 1 '. Reporter, '17, l' 

'is; French (luh, 'Is. 'I", Secretary, ' is ; [unioi 

Marshal, 'is. 

Gladys Ethelene Smith. Page 32. I'.. A. in Liberal Arts, 
Alpha Sigma Upha Sorority, '47. '4s. '49, Editor, '48; 
Y. W. C. A., '4(>, '47, '48, '49; Freshman Chorus, '46; 

Spanish ( luh. 'IS; S M \'\\t Staff. 'IS. '49, 

Organization Co-Editor, '49; French (luh. 'is. '49, 
Treasurer, '48, Vice-President, '49; Scribblers, '47, '48, 
'49, Chief Scribe, '49; Sigma I 'In Lambda, '46, '17; 
1'.. S. C. '46, '47. 'is, '49; Usher, '49. 

Hazel Gertrude Smith. Page 24. I'.. S in Education 
Alpha Sigma Alpha Sorority, '17. '48, '49; Business 
(lull. '46, '47. '48. '49, Vice-President, '47; B, S, P.. 
'4ii, '47. '48, '49, Secretary, 'I"; V W. C. V. '4t.. '47. 
'4S. '49, Cabinet, '47, '4s, '49; Freshman Chorus, '46, 
Secretary. '46; Pi Omega Pi, '47. '48, 'I 1 '. Historian, 
'48. Secretary, '49; German Club, '49; Empaneling 
Board Chairman, '49. 

IKlen Louise Smith Page ''2. I'.. S. in Education. 
Alpha Sigma Alpha Sorority, '47. '48, '49, Secretary, 
'49; (dee Club, '4(i, '47, '48, '49, Librarian, '48, Busi- 
ness Manager, '49; German Club, '46, '47, '48, '49; A. 
C. P.. '47. '48, '49; Y. W. C. A., '46, '47. '48, '49. 

Frances Pee Sneed. Page 21. I!. S. in Education. Clara 
Barton (.did.. '40; Wesley Foundation, '46, '47. '48, '49, 
President. '49; Breeze Staff. '47. '48, '49, t opy Editor, 
'I"; Stratford Dramatic (lull. '48, '49, M, sires., of 
Wardrobe, '49; Freshman Chorus, '46; Kappa Delta 
I'i. '49; Sigma Phi Lambda, '46, '47; I. R. C, '48, '49; 
Y. W. C. V. '40, '47, '48, '49. 

lennie Meath Snowden. Page 73. 1'.. S. in Education. 
A'pha Sigma Alpha Sorority, '47. '48, '49, President, 
'49; Sigma Phi Lambda, '46, '47, Historian, '17; 
Bree e Staff. '46, '47; Student Faculty Committee, '46; 
Class Reporter, '47. '48; Canterbury Club, '48, '49, 
Pr gram Chairman, '48, President, '49; German Club, 

'48, '49, Reporter. '49; Kappa Delta Pi. "48, '49; Class 

Reporter, '49; Who's Who, '49. 

Anne Marshall Speight. Page 51. B. S. m Education. 
Upha Sigma Tau Sorority, '48, '49, Program Chair- 
man, '48, '49; \. C. P.. 'In. '47. '48. '49; A'. \\ ( \ . 
'46, '47, '48, 'I"; Stratford Dramatic ( lub, '47, '48, '4". 
Recorder of Points, '49; Canterbury Club, '48, '49, 
Secretary, '49; Vice-President of House. '49. 

Lillian Estelle Spivey. I'age 79. 1'.. S. in Education. 
Sterna Phi Lambda, '47; I'i Omega Pi, '48, '49; Kappa 
Delta Pi, '48. '49; I. R. C. '49 ; Business (luh. '17. 
'48, '49; I'.. S. P. '47, '48, '49; Y. \\ C V. '47. '48, 
•49. Sprouse. B. S, in Education. Sigma Phi 

Lambda, '40, '47; Scribblers, '47, '4s. '49; S 

MA'AM Staff, '48; Kappa Delta I'i. '47. '48. '49; V C. 
P.. '49; V, W. C. A., '4o, '47, '48, '49. 

\nne Maria Starling. I'age 29. I',, S. in Education. 
Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority, '47. '48. '49; Frances 
Sale Club, '40. '47. '48, '49; Y. W. C. A.. '40. '47, '48. 

Elaine Estep Starr. Page is B. S in Education. Can- 
terbury (duh. '47. '48, '19; Sigma Phi Lambda. '47; 

Kappa" Delta I'i. 'IS, '49; (dee Club, '48, '49; A. C. E., 

'47, '48, 'I" 


Bettie Marie Steele. Page 58. B. S. in Business. Sigma 
Sigma Sigma Sorority, '49; Pi Omega Pi, '48, 
•4"; Canterburj Club, '48, '49; Y. W. I \. '46, '47, 
'48, '49; Business Club, '46, '47. '48, '44. 

Patricia Lee Stewart, Page 44. B. S. in Education. 
Glee Club, '46, 17. '48, 'I"; Cotillion Club, '46, '47. 
•48, '4"; Y.W.C.A., '46, '47, '48, '49; Westminster 
Fellowship, '46, '47, '48, '49, Council, '49. 

Elenor Lois Stine. Page 72. B.S. in Education. Upha 
Sigma Alpha Sorority, '47, '48, '49, Treasurer, '49; 
Glee Club, '46 '47. '48, '49. President, '49; Breeze 
Stan. '46, '47. '48, '49, Circulation Manager, '47, Busi- 
ness Manager, '48; Sigma Phi Lambda, '46, '17; Kappa 
Ik4ta Pi, '48, '49; German Club, '49, '47, '48, '49; Y. 
W. C. \ . '46, '47. '48, '49; Weslej Foundation, '46, 
'47. '48, '49; Nominating Convention, '48; Mercury 
Club, '46; Who's Who, '49. 

Anna Louise Stoneburner. Page 85. B. S. in Education. 
Garden Club, '48; Y. W. C. A., '48; A. C. K. '48. 

feanne Elizabeth Sutton. Page 4.1 B. \. Choral Club, 
'46, '47; French Club, '46; Stratford Dramatic Club, 

Jean Gibson Swartz. Page 86. 

Shirley Louise Taylor. Page 26. B. S in Education. 
Sigma Sium, i Sigma Sorority, '47, '4K, '49; Cotillion 
Club, '46, '47. '48, '49; Business Club, '47, '48, '49; 
Y. W. C. V. '46, '47. '48, '49. 

Richard Grant Thompson. Page 65. B. S. in Education. 
Vice-Presidenl of Student Government Association 
Summer '48; Sigma Delta Rho, '48, '49. Treasurer, 
'49; Stratford Club, '48, '49; Men's Glee Club, '49. 

Eleanor Glynn Tiller. Page 78. B. S. in Education. 
Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority, '47. '48, '49; Glee Club, 
'4(i. '47, '48, '49; Sigma Phi Lambda, '46, '47; Kappa 
Delta i'i, '48, '49. 

Dorothy Wrigley Tupper. Page 54. B. S. Transfer 
Weretl Junior College. '48. Frances Sale Club, '48, 
'49; Alpha Sigma Alpha, '49; V. \\ , Q V. '48, '49. 

David Harold Turner. Page 33. 

Jean Mims Tysinger. Page 42 B. S in Education. 
Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority, '47, '48, '49; German 
Club, '46. '47, '48, '49. President, '49; A. C. I •:., '46, '47 
'48; Y W. C, \ . '46, '17. '48, '49; Standard- I om 
mittee, '46, '47. '48; Secretary Senior Class, '49. 

George Volchansky. Page 77. B. S. in Education. 

Anna Catherine Walter. Page 80. B. S. in Business. 
Pi Kappa Sigma Sorority, '47, '48, '4". Recording Sec- 
retary, '49; German Club, '46, '47. '48, '49. Vice-Presi- 
dent '49; Y. W. C. A., '46, '47. '48, '49; Pi Omega I'i. 
•48, '49. 

Peggy Dinkel Watkins. Page 34. B. S. in- Education 

Sigma Sigma Sigma Sororitv, '17. '48, '49 ; Glee Iduh 

pianist, '46, '47. '48, '4"; Y. W. C. \. '46, '47 '48 '49; 
Aeolian Club, '47, '48, '49, President, '49. 

Mary Elizabeth Watlington. Page 40. B. \ in Edu- 
cation. Usher, '49; Cotillion Club, '49; I! S U '4.x 
'49; Y. W. C. A.. '48, '49; Transfer Averett funior 
College, '48. 

Frances I ouise Weeks. Page 37 B V in Liberal 
Vrts Pi Kappa Sigma Sorority, '47. '48, '49; Clare 
Barton Qub, '46; Cotillion Club, '46, '47. '4s '49 
President, '48; Y. W C \. '46, '17. '48, '49; Vice- 

Presidenl of Dormitory, '48; Alpha Rho Delta. '48, 
'49; I R. C, '48, '49; Vice-Presidenl of Senior Class, 
'49; Student Assembly Committee; Madonna, '49. 

Frances Weir. Pag< 21. B. S. in Business. Pi Kappa 
Sigma Sorority, '48, '49; Business Club, '46, '47. '48, 
'49; Pi t Imega Pi, '48, '49; Canterburj Club, '48, '49; 
Y. W. C. V, '46, '17, '48, '49. 

Bettj Kathryn Weller. Page 73. B. S in Education. 

Alpha Sigma Alpha Son rity, '17, '48, '49, Rush Chair- 
man. '48, Registrar. '49; President of Dormi ory, '46; 
Sigma Phi Lambda, '46. '47; Y. W. C. A.. '46, '47, '48, 
'49; Honot I ouncil, '17 '48; President of Junior 
( lass, '48; German Club, '48, '49; Nominatin 
vention, '48; I. R. C, '48, '49; Vice-Presidenl ol Stu 
denl Government, '19; Kappa Delta Pi, '49; Who's 
Who, '49. 

Gil nn Sir 

Wells. Pag( IS 

Doris Virginia White. Page 69 B S in Education. 

Alpha Sigma Tau Son ritv, '47. '48, 'I 1 '. Treasurer, '48; 
Y. W. C. A.. '4(i. '47. '48, '49; Garden Club, '46; Busi- 
ness Cluli, '48, '49. 

Mary Jeanette White Cage 43. B. S. in Liberal \rN. 
Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority, '48, '49; Curie Science. 
'46, '47, '48. '49, Secretary, '47; Scribblers, '48, '49; 
Art Club, '49. 

Ethel Mae Whitesell. Cage 71. 
'47, '48, '49. 

S. Y. W. C. \ . '46, 

Margaret Brown Whitney. Page 52. B. V in Educa- 
tion. Theta Sigma (Jpsilon, '47, '48, '49; Standards 
Committee, '46, '47; Orchestra. '46. '47. Assistant 
Stage Manager, '46, '47, Stage Manager. '48, "4''; Y 
W. C. A. Cabinet, '47, '48, '49; Sigma Phi Lambda, 
'46, '47; Kappa Delta Pi, '47. '48, '49, Treasurer, - 49; 
Student Council Summer '48. 

Elizabeth Lael Williams. Page 59. I!. S. in Liberal 

Arts. Canterbury Club, '48, '49; Y. W. C. V. '46, '47. 
'48, '49. 

Nancy Ruth Wilson. Page 51. I'.. S. in Education. 
Upha Sigma Tau Sororitv. '48, '49; House Council. 
'46; German Club, '46, '47, '48, '49; Y. W C. A.. '46, 
'47. '48, '49; \. C. E., '47. '48, '49; Dormitory Coun- 
cil. '47; Stratford Dramatic Club. '47. '48, '49. Presi- 
dent, '49; Canterbury Club, '47, '48. 

Shirley Marguerite Wilson. Page 86. IV M. Garden 

Club. '47, '48; Aeolian Club. '47. '48, '49; Diapason 

Club. '48, '49, Sergeant-at-Arms, '49 

Kh-abeth Ann Yeatts. Page 32 B. S Alpha Sigma 
Alpha Sorority, '47. '48, '49; Frances Sale Club. '46, 
'47. '48, '49; Student Council, '47; Senior Hall Presi- 
dent, '48; Spo:suood Hall President, '46. 

Oscar I' Yost, Page 86. I'.. S. in Education. 

Louie t laudia Zirkle. Page 23. I'.. S. in Education 
I utheran Student Association, '46, '47, 'In. ' i" . Upha 

Rho Delia. '47. '48, '49. 

stick Zirkle Page 56. B S. in Education 
Cotillion Club, '46, '47. '48, 'I"; Pi Kapi 

Sorority. '47. '48, '49; Porpoise Qub, '49; Library 
Science Club, '49. 


Dorm parties. Mrs. Stevens, a short cut to the library — these are the 
things we love about life in Junior . . . 

U NIOR < I. \SS OFFII ERS. .1. Parker, vice-president; G. Hoskinson, treasurer; M Bati 
president; G. Wells, sergeant-at-arms ; D. Herbert, secretary 


A-uydor hits and misses 

May, 1949 

Well, I'.il 

Today the JUNIOR CLASS moved up into the seats of honor, for the 
Juniors took our places in assembly. Suddenly I feel very old. This is always 
a rather sail ceremony to me, but I can appreciate how the Juniors feel, too. It 
is quite a relief to know thai the hurdles of underclass days have been passed, 
and I'm sure the juniors are looking forward with excitement to the days not 
far distant when the responsibilities for campus leadership will be theirs. It's 
a wonderful feeling to know you'll soon be a Senior. 

You know. Bill, the class of 1950 is an important class, for it is a mid-century 
class, and before its members extend the years of a new era, an era of atomic 
development and vast changes in our whole system of life. Bui then, looking back 
at the tine things they've accomplished this year, I'm sure they'll be equal to 
all that. 

It was Marian Hates, their president, who suggested that they have the 
famous liberal, writer, and ex-governor of Georgia, Ellis Arnall, as their speaker 
tor class day in February. His speech was quite an inspiration to the whole 

"America — East and West" was the theme- for their class day, and they con- 
centrated their attention upon the grandeur of our own nation. They may have 
been serious in their purpose, but the I". S. as they presented it in their tour was 
never like that— North, South, East, or West! 

Early in the autumn they elected Nancye Butterworth chairman of the 
College (.amp Committee. As a result, the college camp has been completely 
renovated with the money left them by their "big sister" class of 1948. 

In the spring", politics was their main 
interest. They'll never forget, I'm sure, 
the excitement and pride of nominating 
and electing thrir girls to campus office, 
and grand girls they are. too. 

Nor will the Junior (.'lass forget its 
wonderful sponsors, Mr. ami Mrs. Wil- 
bert Chappell, for they have been real 
friends, sticking with the class through 
three years of work anil play and fun! 
And so the Juniors begin the' year of 
their destiny, 1950. I wish them luck! 

And now 1 must stop reminiscing and 
gel some sleep. 


MARIAN BATES, President 


Dorothy Bland 
Nancy Blanton 
i harlotte Boice 
Man Boone 

Joan Bowman 
Natalie Bowman 
Mary Bradlej 
Rebekah Brooks 




Patricia I taughti 1 1 \ 


Sarah I 'ill 
Virginia I >ixon 
Diana Dobbs 
I .orraini Don ingti m 

Nancy Doughton 
Mary I >oughertj 
Jacqueline Dove! 

1 .aur;i I intma\ anl 

Marjorie I lunthi irne 
Marjorie I >\ er 
Lois Early 
Virginia Eason 

June Eaton 
Basil Eavej 
Lew Kill an I 
Lorraine Foster 

Kathleen Funkhouser 
lean Gaither 
Kent. .n Gambill 

\an< \ i ill.-, m 

lackii I lilbi 1 1 
Mar\ t rilmore 
Louise Gordon 

i .rant 




Patricia Griffith 

Ruth Harris 

Joyce Haydon 

Libby Hite 

Ann Horn 

Nancy 1 iamilton 

Ruth Harshbarger 

Norma Heiber 

Marree Hogan 

Georgia Hoskinson 

Ann Harlin 

Laurence Hatch 

1 torothy Herbert 

Mary Hooker 

Betty Hurdle 

Anne 1 Carman 

Audrey Hawkins 

Anne Hill 

Fae Hoover 

Patricia Ingram 


& ■. i *' r il-.V ' «■ 1 ' 4 ,4 ■« 

Elizabeth Jamerson Susan Kaylor 

Sin- Jennings Carrol Ki-nnette 

Mattie Jett Louise King 

< i< in \ a Karnes Alice Ki\ Ian 

Shirley Kodrich Majorie Lehman 

Jean Lambert Mary Lester 

Geraldine Landman Doralee Levine 

Henrietta Lanier Dorothy Lewis 

{Catherine Lewis 
Beverley Lichliter 
Anne Loonej 
Polly Love 




Carolyn Melton 
Jane Menefi i 
Eh ise Miller 
\r!eta Mitchell 


Nancy IVnti 
Florence Perkinson 
Lucy Peterson 
Elizabeth Phillips 

Shirley Pickrel 
Ann Powell 

Mary Powell 

Elizabeth Preston 

Kan Pugh 
Ciluria l'ur\is 
Shirley Quinn 
Martha Reddoul 

Margaret Reeder 
Melba Reid 
.1 ime Rice 
Carl King 

Alma Roberts 
Peggy \i< 'lsic m 
kc ba Rosenbaum 
Pollyanna Ross 

1 lorothj Knur 
Jam- Schink 
Marj'.rir Scotl 
1 n Seibel 


. ■ 1 1 



[rene Seidman Peggy Shomo Alda Simmons Barbara Slemp Ethel S ) > i- ; i • 1 1 i 1 1 

Doris Sherman Shirley Shorter Ruth Simmons Jean Snedegar Polly Stephens 

Mary Shifley Nellie Shumake Annette Simpson Beryl Snellings Ann Sti nn 

Retha Shirkey \ntn Sibert Norma Siviter Patsy Sours Doris Stover 



Sarah Strader 
Bettj Strickland 
Nadine Swinson 
Martha Thomas 

Elsie Thornhill 
Catherine Travers 
Evelyn Tubbs 
Pollyanna Turner 

\nnc Vance 
Mi son Vehch 
Ellen Waters 
Fern Waters 

Phyllis Weaver 
I inris \\ heelbarger 
Phyllis Wheeler 
Margaret Wiggins 

Ida Willis 
Elizabeth Wilson 
Madeline Wiseman 
William Whol'ford 

1 .11 I i]\ 11 YoW 



/'<// and Hill . 

V ■ \ ,.<*VT i ,-• 



juvenation of Ash by Gym, 
to something very pleasant 

Sopkomore Seance 

March 19, 1949 
Dear Bill, 

1 las e I spent a spooky day ! Thai 
SOPHOMORE CLASS has really got the 

"spirit." They presented the most unique 
program in assembly today, with Mr. 
Thomas Jefferson Hamilton as the speak- 
er. Perhaps you've heard of him. Then, 
quite in keeping with the mood and theme 
of their whole class day, they tried to scare 
us out of our seats at their class night pro- 
gram in the auditorium tonight. Are my 
nerves frayed ! 

Maybe I'm a little prejudiced where my 
esidenl sister class is concerned, but those Sopho- 
mores are real workers, Bill. With the re- 
they have helped turn wintry Sunday afternoons in- 
for dates on campus. You can always find a Sopho- 

SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS. F, Wilkins, reporter; \. Hundley, secretary; 
Colbert, vice-president; M. Mays, president; P. Walker, treasurer; M. Johnson, sergeant-at- 


Johnston Hall has a personality all its own — maybe it's not the 
"sophomore complex" . . . 

more behind the scenes, too, cleaning up after a big dance or instrumental in 
presenting Friday chapel programs and vespers. 

To some of them this year means the end of their college careers, for many 
Sophomores are two-year students and will graduate in June. However, most 
Sophomores will continue struggling through exams and classes for another 
two years — two years thai will go mighty fast, but into which every Sophomore 
will squeeze many happy moments. 

There are several people responsible for the guidance and leadership of the 

Sophomore (.'lass. Among them is that lively Bocskey family which serves in 
the capacity of sponsor. Not to be forgotten, either, is the Sophomore class 
president, Mary Ella Mays, who can be seen scurrying around campus getting last 

minute jobs done. These and others have helped make this year one the Sopho- 
mores w ill ne\ er forget. 

Enough bragging about my sister class. Mill ! 





\nn Vdams 
Ruth A k ' > " > '" 
\ 1 1 n Alexander 
Joan Allebaugh 
Mildred Uley 

Jo Almarodi 
facquelim Vppli i< m 
Martha Irmistead 
Lee Arnold 
D.n-is Atkins 

Jeanne Bailey 
Virginia Baker 
Dorothy Barger 
Mary Barham 
Kan Bear 

Alma Bed well 
Jane Bishop 
Cora Blackmore 
Rena Blanchard 
Mildred Bluett 

Joy Botl 
Lucy Bower 
Anna Bowman 
Betty Bowman 
Doris Bowman 

Martha Bradley 
Elizabeth Brady 
Barbara Brittingham 
Jean Brockman 
Eloise Browder 

Betrj Brown 
Ramona Brown 


Bess Bryant 

Peggy Burnett 
Helen Burruss 
Ronald Burton 
Betty (.illi. i, in 

Thelma Callis 
Colleen Calvert 
Claudenia Carmen 
Glenna Carpenter 
Hazel Carter 

Jam- Chason 
Jeanette Cocke 
Catherine Cockrill 
Shirley Colbert 
Mary Anne Cooke 

Mary COOke 

Ramona ( outer 
Patsy Co,,,, 
Peggy Cosby 
Jean Coverston 

Jo Critzer 
I lorothy < In m der 
Vernelle Dalton 
Martha 1 tame 
Anne Davis 

Doris 1 <a \ i -i 
Dorothy I >eane 
Dollj Dedrick 
Entilie I 'ickie 
Emma Dopfer 

Anne Dovel 

Bettj Dudley 

Ann Dnerson 
Edsel Edwards 
Margaret Elliott 


\nne Ely 

Marjorie E ppi i si m 

Betty Eppling 

Paige Fentress 

Charlotte Fleshman 


Beverly Fowlkes 

fane Funk 


Greta Garber 


\im Garretl 


Margarel 1 !ai u 1 

Christine Gauldin 
Caroline (iciger 


Louise Gibson 
Myrtle Gilpin 

Lynwood ( iood 

Lois Goode 


Sally Goodman 

Bonnie Gordon 


Ji isephine t iordon 

.''• -••» ■ 

Miriam 1 ii ire 


Dean dosney 

Freda Gouldman 
Constance Graves 

fc '*» 

Marjorie Griffin 

| ' . V 

Bessie Griffith 

Barbara Grosei l' ise 

Nell Grove 

Mary Grubb 

Jeanette Haddad 

Kathryn Hale 

Maudleene Hall 

Patricia Ham 

Nancy Hartman 

Dorothy Hawkins 

Dorothy Hinson 


Betty Hippensteele 
Shirlej Hobbs 

Phyllis Hockman 
Burdeane Hodges 
Rebecca Holland 
Betty Holsinger 
Ernesl Hoover 

Peggy Hornsby 
Mildred Hotinger 
Marie House 
Florence Hudgins 
Audrey Humphries 

Anm- Hiinler 
Sylvia Jackson 
\\ anda Jackson 
Rita Jarvis 
Prances Jobson 

Martha Johnson 
Lucy Jones 
Mary Kasej 

Sir- Keffer 
Greta Kellison 

Joyce Kelly 
Edna King 
I lariel Knauss 
Jam- Lambeth 
I touglas 1 .ancaster 

Harriet Layne 
Eulah Layton 
Dorothj Leftwich 
Rosamond Leonard 
Peggy Levister 


■ ^M 


M m 


Nancy Limbrick 
Phyllis Lindamood 
Geraldine Lockharl 
Lois Long 
( hristine I .ucj 

Ruth Lucj 
Edith Luke 
Frances Lyon 
Gertrude McGrew 
Jacqueline McKay 

Peggy Mad sen 
Bei nadine Mai Ei Id 

Martha Main 
Patricia Mann 
Jean Manuel 

Jean Marshall 
Joanne Mathi u - 
( laroline Matthew s 
Charlyne Mattox 
Bonnie May 

Mary Mays 
Mary Mears 
Alice Meredith 
Julia Messick 
Marion Miller 

Wanda Miller 
Joanne Mills 
Martha Moore 
Shirley Morris 
Barbara Moses 

Jane Moyer 
Winifred Munson 


Man Murdock 
Lou Myers 
Bebi Neal 
Guyneth Neal 

Win. \ Nelson 

I lorothy Nickols 
June ( )akham 
Patricia O'Flaherty 
Patricia Overton 
Mice Parker 

Jacquelin Peatross 
Nancj Perkins 
Elizabeth Peters 
Nancy Petrey 
Jeanne Phalen 

Jayne Pierce 
Audrey Pinchbeck 
Ellen Pinching 
Kay Poland 
Margaret Poling 

Mary I \>1 sue 
Tan,- Poole 

Elizabeth Poss 
Mary Poteet 
Marx- Powell 

Geraldine I 'rait 
I ouise Pullin 
( 'olleen Quesenberr 
Ann Ragsdale 
Judith Ramsey 

Margaret Redd 
I lorothj Ki cil 
Carol Iv'.il 
James Rhi id( - 
Mary Rhodes 

I I 


Grover Rhodes 
Frances Robbins 
Brooks Robertson 
\ irginia Ri iller 
Frankie Rolston 

Martha Ross 
Marj Rowland 
Joyce Russell 
Carolyn Sanderson 
Margarel Savage 

fane Schneider 
Jean Shallcross 
Mary Shandelson 
Anne Shirley 
Joann Shomo 

Goldie Shul! 
Evelyn Simmons 
Louise Simpkins 
Phyllis Simpkins 
Mabel Sites 

Judith Smith 
Barbara Spaulding 
Martha Speer 
Mary Speei 
Shirley Spence 

Shirley Stanley 
Betty Stegi i 
Bradley Stickley 
Hazel Stone 
1. •.in Strawdi rman 

\nii Sti h kli i 
I 'an icia Swaffm 
Anne Taylor 
Susan Taylor 
Gill Temple 

11 (i 

Nancy Thompson 
Jean Thrasher 

Eunis Turner 
Virginia Utz 
Gloria Virts 
1 torothy W iinwright 
Pauline Walker 

Marjorie Wallace 
Ollie Vee Walpole 
Kan Walton 
Katherine Ward 
Mary Wareham 

Shirley W atkins 
1 lolores Webb 
Jeanne Wenzel 
Martha Wesson 

Dorothj White 
Uan Whitehouse 

lane Whitlock 

Margaret Whitman 
Helen Whitmore 
Mary Whit ten 

Doris Wiglesworth 
Frances Wilkins 
Josephine Wilkins 
Beth Williams 
Dolores Williams 

Juanita Williams 
Jo Witten 
Dilcie W lson 

Lorraine W lxanl 

Mary Yearv 



Iran Young 
Betty Zollmai 
Bessie Zmilis 

Sheldon Hull Is home i>> many <i sophomort 


I *-.->. 


]\ <• slipped diid slid, hui sights like this were north ii 


Oh, for the life of a 
freshman — nezvly-painted 
rooms, shower baths, and 
phone calls from home, in 

Jackson Hall 

Spotswood Hall 

Ashby Hall 


FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS. G. Utley, reporter; J. Ashburn, treasurer; 

C. Campbell, zrice-president ; M. Holland, president; G. Armistead, secretary; 

F. James, sergeant-at-arms 

On the beqinninq ** 

M \\'< II \ IK il. I. \.\li. President 

April 27, L949 

The FRESHMAN CLASS is about to 
pop with pride tonight, for it has jusl ex- 
perienced a successful class day. The Fresh- 
men have been hurrying around dressed 
in white and feeling very important all 
day, and well they might, for they present- 
ed a very delightful speaker in assembly at 
noon — Mr. John Henry Faulk, the come- 

The first big event for the Freshmen, 
however, was the Old Girl-New Girl Wed- 
ding. They were well represented by Mary 
Wyth Porter as bride. Among other cele- 
brities of the Freshman Class are Mancha 
Holland, an able president, and Mr. and 
Mrs. Warren, wlm were chosen class spons- 

As the year has passed and with Mrs. 
Garber's help, the Freshmen have become 
better oriented to college life, and 1 believe 
they have learned to love Madison just as 
the rest of us do. 



Phyllis Vdams 
Mildred oilman 
Sue \lt 
Greta \>n,\ 
i irace Vrmistead 
Thelma Armstrong 

Judith Ashburn 

I un<- \ I kins 

Elaine Barbii i 
Charlotte Barksdale 
Bettj Barnes 
A irginia Barnes 

Peggj Barnhill 
Katharine Barrett 
Barbara Barton 
Betty Batts 
Kan Baxter 
Beverly Beeler 

loan Bentlej 
Maria Biddlecom 
Phyllis Binion 
\nna Birckhead 
Mary Bishop 
Peggy Bishop 

Patsy Black 
Ruby Black 
Jane Blalock 
Martha Blankenship 
Lucille Blanks 
Joanne Blasser 

Roberta Bolen 
Anne Bossieux 
Virgilia Bosworth 
Martha Bowen 
royce Bowie 
Ann Bowles 

Betty Boyd 
Judith Brice 
Kan Britton 
Ellen Brooking 
Beverl) Brooks 
Billie Brown 





k-an Brown 
Mary Buchanan 
Nancy Buchanan 
Frances Buck 

Shirley Hunch 
Dorothy Buracker 

Mary Burgess 
Barbara Hums 
Hazel Butler 
Mildred Butler 
Ann Callender 
Christine Campbell 

Lois t amper 

Miriam Carpenter 

Cleo Carratt 

Julia Carter 

l)<iris Cassada 
Jean Cauley 

Kathrvn Chauncey 
Emma Clark 
Janet Claxton 
Betty Cleveland 
Nell t line 
Anne Colonna 

Nancy Combs 
Bettj t onrad 
Alice Coon 
Carolyn Copley 
Martha Cosby 
Betty Culpepper 

Hiwana Cupp 

Mary Curtis 

Rebecca Dejarnette 

Anna I laniels 
Janet I>a\i- 
luanita I >a\ is 

Mildred Davis 
Shirley Davis 
Eleanor I leaton 
Nancy I lexter 
Robin 1 linzes 
I line I toll v 

Barbara Donavan 

Jean Douglas 

Suzanne Downs 
Nancy I Iraper 
Betty Duke 
Norma 1 takes 


James 1 

Marion Edmonds 
Sylvia Elder 
Helen Emswiller 
Vugusta Epperson 
Jimmie Fendlej 

C h nl u. I : rgusi 
Shirley Fisher 
Edythe Fitzhugh 
Betty Ford 
lean Forresl 
Rebecca Fox 

X.uh'\ Fravi 1 
Nancj French 
Jacqueline Gallup 
Joyce Garber 
Estelle Gatling 
Elizabeth Gemmill 

Sally George 
Mary Gillen water 
lane Goodall 

Novella ('■ le 

Virginia Gouldin 
Mary Granger 

Anne ' iravely 
Betty Graves 
Lena <ireen 
Shirley I in >h 
Margaret Groseclose 
Laila Grubb 

Lynette Gunnell 
rsabelle Haga 
Louise Hall 
Marcia Hani 
Virginia Hannah; 
Shirley Harlowe 

Mary Harris 
Wanda Harris 
Dorothy Hawkins 
loan Hawkins 
Sarah Heatwole 
foan Helbig 

Rebecca Himelrighl 
Bettj Miner 
Ruth Hines 
Joan Hobson 
Pansy Hoffman 




Betty Holcomb 
Mancha Holland 
Bonn Holliday 
Juanita Hollomar 
{Catherine Muni 
Mary Hoselej 

Ruby Hotinger 
Elizabeth Hunter 
Barbara Hurdle 
Mary Hylton 

Patricia [ves 

Maribess Jackson 

Barbara Janus 
Florence Janus 
Jacqueline James 
Mildred James 
Edna rennings 
Phyllis fohnson 

1 loris fones 
Roberta fones 
Katherine foyce 
Betty Judd 
Arthur Keller 
Patricia Kilduff 

Patricia King 
lean Kirl.y 

Jewell Knighl 
Joyce Knupp 
Jeannette Koch 
Dorothj Koons 

Frances Koontz 
Alice Ladd 
Margaret Lamm 
Carolyn Larsen 

Betty Paw sun 

Jo Liskey 

William Lockard 
Emily Long 
Marie Loy 
I'., ii j Luck 
Mary Mc( leary 
Beth McConchie 


Patricia McGraw 
\ini McKechnii 
June Manuel 
Margaret Marshal 
Marian Marshall 
Florence Massie 

Rose Matacia 
Marj Matthews 
Tolly Matthews 

Miriam Mattox 
Billie Mayo 
Elizabeth Mays 

Alkan Michie 
Bettj Miles 
Barbara Mill 
Betty Millar 
Luciclare Miller 
Marilyn Miller 

Frances Moseley 
Aurelia Moss 
Betty Murray 
Mary Musser 
Margaret Neville 
Lucille Newman 

Mary Newman 
Maxine Ney 
Virginia Noel 
G instance < CLearj 

Jean Oakes 
Ci cile < ircuti 

Betty < >verstreel 
Betty I'arrish 
Wells Pebworth 
Betty Pence 
Sara Perkins 

[o \inn' riiiii|is 

Doris Phillips 
Nam ) I 'billies 
\nn Pinney 
Jacqueline Tool. 
Mary Porter 
Shirley Porter 





Frances Pow< II 
Evelyn Price 
Mary I 'rice 
Mary Pruetl 
Joyce Pugh 
Lorene Purcell 

Alberta Ramej 
Betty Ramsey 
Sue Rathbone 
Nan Rennie 
Reba Reynolds 
Mary Riddlebergei 

Connie Roach 
George Roberts 
Norma Roberts 
Bettj Robinson 
Jean Roe 
Shirley Rotella 

Bess Rouvalis 
Betty Rupard 
Rita Russell 
Louise Sacra 
Kllen Saum 
( Charlotte Saunde 

Elizabeth Savage 
Jean Saville 
Mary Scarborough 
Anne Scherer 
Emily Scotl 
Gloria Shaver 

Janel Shelor 
Margie Shelton 
Nanc> Shower 
Eva Shuler 
June Simpson 
Alice Sisson 

\lma Slothi mbei 
Elizabeth Smith 
feanne Smith 
Marie Smith 
Racial Snead 
Marie Snowden 

Ruth Si irenst n 
Ann Spi egh 
\li- e Speight 

Janel Straw 

Sue Sullenberger 
Janice Swank 


\iin;i Sworl 'I 
\nn Talley 
Gaudia Thomas 
Joyce Thomas 
Betty Thompsi •<• 
1 lorothy Thompi 

1 loi is Tillman 
Lucyle Tingle 
\iiih- Trinkle 
Helen Tsoleas 

I timer 

( viu Tutwibr 

Bettj Umphlette 
Gloria Utlej 
Mary Wade 

Mavis Walk 
Nancy Walker 
Lorraine Warren 

Mary Warren 
feanine Watson 
Sir- Wetldle 
Ella Wells 

Sara Wells 

Joanne Wesl 

Margaret W'evanl 

ludrej Wheelbarge 
Ann Whetzel 
Sherilyn White 
Anna Wilkins 
Marj Wilkins 

Betty \\ ilkinson 
Anne Williams 
Margaret Wilnmth 
Bettj Wilson 
Shirley Wimberley 
( hristine W ithers 

lean Wood 

Lois W I 

Emily Woodford 
Ella Woolfolk 
fosephine Wrighl 
Joye Wrighl 

Mary Zirkli 



Alumnae Hall is freshman headquarters — they register there, 
date there, and meet there . . . 

The berry hushes heroine fairy hushes in ice and swi . . 


CskU Is our 1 resloent 

You remember meeting Dr. Duke, Bill. This is he, our President- -the man 
behind the l>i,L; desk with the deep sense of humor behind liis smile, the smile oi 
a friend. Sue 

'Good morning. Dr. Duke 

Hillcrest — scone of the Presidents freshman 
reception and senior garden party . . . 


-and our JJean of the (^oilexje 

Dear Bill, 

Today I was hurrying down the hall in Wilson when 
I heard, "Don'1 forget to water the violets, Mrs. 
Branch. That little fellow over in the corner needs 
some special attention today. Conic right in, Miss Sue. 
Have you tried out my new green chair cushions yet?" 

It was Dr. Gifford, and I hadn't tried out his new 
green chair cushions; so I stopped in for a "chat." 
We discussed, by turns, the state of his violets and the 
state of the college, while he talked and answered the 
telephone at his elbow and scribbled notes to himself 
all at the same time. 


You know, Billj Dr. Gifford is one of my favorites here. It must be the way 
he mixes advice and a twinkling eye, notes for his philosophy class and . llice- 
in-Wonderland, a heavy schedule and African violets — it must he this mixture 
that makes him Dr. Gilford. 


Dean Gifford advises among his books 
and African violets . . . 

Dr. Gifford teaches in his unique 
classroom . . . 


Dean of Women 

D( )R( >THY S. GARB 
Dean of Freshmen 

1 lease come to my office - 

How many times since I have been at Madison have I heard those winds over 
the phone or found them on a card in my I'. O. box, coming from Miss Vandever 
or from Mrs. Garber? That call comes for so many things, Bill. This linn- 
it may In- that 1 have filled mil a sign-out slip wrong or that one of tin deans 
wants to give me some tips for that coming convention trip or even that the letter 
of permission about my attending your dances next week end has come! 

Miss Vandever and Mrs. Garber do lots of things besides sending out call 
cards, though, believe me. Bill. 

As Dean of Freshmen, Mrs. Garber visits the high schools, telling the pro- 
spective college students about our Madison. In that way many of her twirls get to 
know her before they come here to school, where she takes them under her wing 
for a whole freshman year — a year of orientation classes and dried liars and 
learning-hi iw. 

Then, as the girls become upperclassmen. Miss Vandever takes over and puts 
tin- finishing touches on her "Southern gentlewomen" of whom, incidentally, 
she is very proud. Bill. That reminds me, I really must run to her office im- 
mediately — 


Mrs. Ritchie takes Mrs. Garber*s "Notes to Busy though she is, Miss \ andever can he 

Freshmen" for orientation class . . . found "at home" in Alumnae . . . 



Business Manager 


School Physician 

Profe. of Art 

Associate Professor of Art 


Assistant Librarian 

of Art 


, / iatt Profi 

of BH 

of Biology 

t/ ( Prafessot 
of Bio 


ami is M. SHOW VLT] R 


Assistant Professoi 

of Biology 



Prof, I Bui m ti 

I du< ation 


Assistant Professor of 

Business Education 


Professor of 

Business Education 


Assistant Professoi of 

Business Education 


Assistant Professor of 

Business I dvcation 

- hemistry 



Associate Professor 

Of I 'hemisti v 

RA'i Mi in n D. COOL 
Profcs tor of I hemistry 


Professor of Education 
Dean of the < oil ge 

Professor of ! 

e» *~ 




Professor of Education 

Virci tor of Elementary 

Training Schools 

. IssOi iate Professor 

■ t Edut atiOn 


,te Prof, 
of Education 

,te Professor 
of I lucation 

c I \ DE P. SHORT 
Professor oj 

, of I nglish 


Professot of Edut ation 

Director of Secondary 

Training Schools 

of English 



'■aff =^ 

; u 




tant Professoi 
of English 



7 .';■. . .. 


A iaJe Professoi 

of English 


.-(.*■,,„,„/,■ Professoi 
of English 



Professoi of French 


Professor of I atin 

and German 

Prof, r 0/ I 


Professor of Physical 

Professor of I 'h | pii ni 

/ ,1 u, tilitm 


i|;i > i in L. SAVAGE 
Associate Profe i 


Associate Profess t 

Physical Education 

Assistant Prof, 
Physical Education 

JOHN \. 


Professor of Histoi 

nn<l Social Sciem . 



I Education 

History and 



Professoi of Histor; 

and Social Scienc, 


/ ssociate Prof, 
History and Sot ial 
Si icn, e 

Assi ttan 
History and 

Econ, ■ 


iate Professor 
. nomu s 

AssOt iate Professoi 
of Home Economi s 

M \k\ s LOCKARD 
Assistant Professor 
of Home Economics 


Associate Professo 


A i roi ji;f.- Professor 
of Home Economii i 


Librarian and Professor 

of Library Science 

Assistant Librarian; 
Assistant Professoi 
of Library Scient t 

M \i; I ll A I BOAZ 

: . (// / ibl ai Jim 

Assistant Professoi 
of Library Science 

w ii n \ COMEK 
Assistant I ibrarian; 
Assistant Professoi 
of Librai v ' > ■ ' i 


of Library JctVnci 




Profi mi ' "/ Mathematics 


tit PrOJ I 

of \iathemati i 

fate Professor 

0) Music 

i of Musi, 



. tssoi iate Professor 

,4 Music 


Associate Professor 

Assistant Professor 

of Music 


Assistant Professoi 

of Musii 


of Music 

Assistant Professor 



S Wi.KK 
Instructor of Wvsit 


Assistant Professot 

of Musi, 

Professor of Physics 

.mux C. WELLS 

. I iate Professoi 

of Physi, I 

Assistant Pro) 



Professor of Spanish 


Superintendent of 

( ity St hoois 


Superv / 

Second Gra le 


Supervisor of 

First Grad* 

Supervisot of 
Fourth Gradt 


Supervise, o) 

Fifth I It 


Supervisor of 
Junior High School 

Supervisor of 
High School 

Supervisor of 
High School 


Supervisor of 
Junior High Si hool 


Supervisor of 

Hume Economics 

Home l conom i 




Supervisor of 

Home Economics 


Supervisor of 
Business Education 





Physical /'./in ation 


Supervisor of 

Junior High School 

ELSIE II. Willi. KY 
Super! i 


Professor of Guidon: t 

Director of Student 
Guidance and P 


So, ial Director of 

Jackson Hall 


Social Director of 

Sheldon Hall 


Soi ial Director of 

Spotsw / Hall 

So, ial Dire, tor of 


Social Director of 

Junior Hall 

\\ III I 'I I E K. 

*»i ~ 




Social Director 

Socio/ Directot 

Secretary to 
the President 


Social Directoi of 

Senior Halt 


Assistant Set retary to 

the President 

ttant t" the 
Business Manager 

Secretary to the 


Secretory to the 

Dean of the ( ollegt 

1. 1 1/ NKK'I II l< 
nt to the 
Business Manager 

Assistant to the 
Business Manager 



Secretary to the 

Dean of Ft eshtnen 

Assistant tt> the 
Business Manager 

to the Registrai 


Assistant Secretary 

to the Registrar 

Assistant Dietitiai 




IK i\\ \i;n Rl ILSTON 

Stationery Store Manage* 





'• V. ^ B 


fe Zf/^'NH 



^B v - 


i p 






W i-it ^ 



^L .a^^Hi 

r j 

^r m+^^Ek^^mr^ 



• Hi 

7 W 

' ^ 

1 ^oinincj 


_ _ mrtl 1 



\\ e join to (lane*', to write, to be w itli others who like the same tiling 
we like; or maybe we join just because everyone else is joining. What- 
ever the reason behind it. the union is good. . . 


Wilson at night, alive with its myriad lights, means the click of high heels 
and excited voices of those hurrying to another of our lyceum programs. Or 
perhaps it means Strafford Club play practice and the smell of grease paint. Ami 
there arc meetings and meetings and the time-tattered phrase, "Will the meeting 

plcasi i in iinlt-r?" 


President: Mrs. Virginia Harvey Boyd, 
Roanoke, Virginia 

Vice-President: Mrs. Mary .!/,-. \Vi7 Willis. 
Ctllpeper, Virginia 

Secretary: Mrs. Dorothj Spooner Garber, 
Harrisonburg, Virginia 

Treasurer: Miss Katherine Manor, 

I'.rmisu ick, Maryland 

— we 11 ever fallkful be — 

Alumnae Secretary 

Dear Sue, 

I am writing you in regard to the establishment of an Alumnae Chapter 
in your home town. When you go home after graduation, it would be a fine 
tiling it you could stir up some interest among our alumnae there. Most of them 
are interested, I'm sure, but it just takes someone with a little initiative to get the 
ball rolling. Your friend Mary is faithfully attending the chapter in Charleston, 
West Virginia, and so are Jane and Ida in Portsmouth. 

As you know the purposes of the ALUMNAE ASS< OATION are the pro- 
motion of the welfare of Madison College; the establishment of a mutually bene- 
ficial relationship between Madison College and its alumnae, including over 6000 
graduates; and the stimulation of the individual Alumnae Chapters. 

An Alumnae Secretary is maintained at the college whose duties are keeping 
lists of names and addresses of the graduates of the college, organizing local 
chapters, speaking at Alumnae meetings, and planning and organizing the annual 
Homecoming week end. Faculty, personnel officers, and students combine ef- 
forts to make Homecoming memorable for all alumnae who return for their 
annual visit to Alma Mater. 

The real function of the Alumnae Chapter, in a nutshell, is to make personal 
contacts and to keep alive the sentimental interest of the college. Many of the 
clubs sponsor scholarships for their local high school graduates, and these clubs 
are very active also in civic affairs. 

So, Sue. if you can do something towards the fostering of a local chapter, you 
will be contributing not only to the life of Madison, but to the community life 
of your own home town. Please don't hesitate to call on me for help. 


Alumnae Secretary 
P. S. For a list of chapters, see page 276. 




these rlakts 

November 17, 1948 

I lea 

After four long years in college, I have decided that, honestly, Madison with 
out a STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION' would be just like Paul 
Revere without a horse! All this year the Student Government Council members 
have been busy as beavers doing the millions of things necessary to make college 
life tun and worthwhile tor everyone- front the most timid freshman to the 
mo>i popular senior. 

At the beginning of the year they gol tin- freshmen off to tin- right start 
liv helping with registration and handbook classes. Then came the traditional 
I >ld Girl-New Girl Wedding, the symbolic ceremony that joins the freshman class 
with the upper-classmen in love and friendship. 

And to day was the day for Student Government, for it had charge of as- 
sembly. The officers, resplendent in their official robes, sat on the stage and were 
duly presented by Student Government president, Ida Hart Chappell, who also 
gave the traditional talk 0:1 the value of the organization. All the members of 

COUNl [L. First row: V. Miller, recorder-of- points; P.. Weller, vice-president; H. 

< happell, president; I'. Scott, secretary-treasurer ; I'.. Smith, editor of Handbook 

Second row. E. Thornhill, N. Cline, S. Wimberley, N. Penn, I-'. Perkinson, V Hunter, B. 

Moses, M. Howard, J. Williams, 1-1. Dickson, ( '. Roach, J. Witten 


the Council, in white skirls and sweaters, 
occupied the place of honor on the front 
rows of the auditorium. 

1 am really looking forward to Student 
Government's big project along the recrea- 
tional line. 1 am referring, of course, to 
the opening of the new recreation rooms in 
Ashby and Spotswood Halls. Now, when = 
you come up again, we won't be forced in- 
to our usual habit of just strolling around 
campus. You and all the other students' 
dates should be just as grateful as we tor 
the Student Government's work on behalf 
of our leisure. 



The Council has also secured new records to add to the music allium librar- 
ies in Junior and Senior dating centers as well as new chairs and card tables. 

Remember the wonderful Cosmopolitan Ball with Johnny Satterheld and his 
orchestra that you came to at the first of the year? Yes, that, too, was the 
work of the Student Government Association. See what I mean when I say 
.Madison College could not do without a Student Government? 

Student Government makes itself known constantly from the Monday morn- 
ing announcements of Hetty W'eller, the vice-president, to the regular monthly 

< if course. Student Government could not have done without the help of its 
advisors, .Miss Seeger, Miss Gladin, Miss Vandever, Mrs. Garber, and Mr. 
Partlow, faculty members who are co-operating in making this year such a success- 
ful one. 

Being a member of Student Government Council is no 
small job because, besides the pleasant tasks, they also have 
the duty of seeing that all is well on Madison campus. Because 
of their work, we students can proudly say that we are com- 
petent enough to govern ourselves. Naturally, everyone is a 
member of Student Government, and we all work toward its 
success in everything it undertakes. 

So. Hill, now you can understand win I could rave on tor 
hours over the glories and deeds of Madison's Student ( lo\ em- 
inent Association; hut my watch tells me that 1 must hurry 
to the library if 1 expect to duck out a hook before it closes. 
So. 'hye for now ! 

I.o\ e. 



— Ofnv to side with truth 
is noble — 

r Bill, 

Your last letter in which you told me 
about your honor system at the University 
was of special interest to me. You see, our 
yours, is comparatively new; in fact, it was 
started just three years ago. I had a grand 
time comparing data. Perhaps you would 
ike to hear a little about our honor system 
which is surely one of my pel subjects. 

Through our honor system on Madi- 
son campus, we have tried to instill in the 
students high ideals of honor: that is, a nice sense of what is right, just, and true. 
However, it is onlv through the co-operation of the student body and the help 
and advice of our faculty that this can be done. 

Chosen by the student body, the Honor Council represents the executive 
branch of our honor system. Those who serve on the council are selected 
because of our trust in them and the ideals which they represent. In turn, they 
are expected to take the initiative in developing a feeling for the Honor Code 
in all Madison students and to uphold the code by their own example and in 
their council work. 

We were fortunate in having our chairman, Betty Lou Henshaw, attend 
the Southern Intercollegiate Association of Student Governments Convention 

in Tallahassee, Florida, last year. Information and ideas about other honor 
systems gained there were used for the betterment of our own local organization. 

Honor Code classes were held by Council members at the be- 
ginning oi the year to inform incoming freshmen and transfers of 
the constitution and its functions. When each new girl felt that she 
understood and appreciated the ideals and responsibilities of our honor 
system, she pledged herself to it by signing the honor pledge. 

Our advisors, Dr. Armentrout, Mr. Eagle, and Dr. Warren. 
have offered us the assistance and encouragemenl so essential to 
this organization. We are proud of our Honor Code, and we are 
strn ing to live up to our pledge : 


HONOR < "l NCIL. First row: L. Seibel, M. Jessup, I!. Henshaw, chairman; M. Km la- 
sill, secretary; M, Matthews 
Second row: M. Jett, P. Walker, K. Miller, 0. Walpole, V Rennie, M. Thomas, K. Hale 

"I understand the privileges and responsibilities ni self -government in group 
living, and I realize that 1 am pledging my full co-operation in maintaining our 
Honor System. 1 promise that, by personal actions and attitudes, I will uphold 
the principles of the Honor Code of Madison College." 

Well, Bill, I could go on like this forever, because, as you have gathered, 
I am among the most enthusiastic boosters of our honor organization, but I 
suppose I must bring my letter to a rinse and get to bed. 





retaineth L 

qracious woman 


1 1« 


M AR\ 


( 'hair man 

Ycm can't imagine how proud I was 
when you wrote me Jim's comment alter 
his first visit to Madison! Of course, all 
of us like in think that we arc responsible 
for making Madison a "gracious, friendly 
place," but much of the credit, I must con- 
fess, goes id our STANDARDS C< >M- 
MITTEE. Did I ever tell you about it? 

Standards Committee does such things 
as posting standards in dormitory rooms, 
selecting costumes for the Old Girl-New 
Girl Wedding, and calming the flustered 
bride and her attendants. Tin- committee 
was also responsible for the orderly serv- 
ing of refreshments at our opening dance. 
You remember that, Bill ! 

Standards Committee works behind the scenes, too. All year its members 
have studied plans and suggestions for the improvement of standards on campus, 
always keeping in mind that it is their responsibility to uphold Madison's ideals 
of conduct and to help her students become more poised and gracious individuals. 

So you see, Bill, Standards Committee is our inspiration here at Madison 
for happy, gracious living. Many thanks, though, to |im for the nice compliment. 


STANDARDS COMMITTEE. First row: E. Poss, J. Castles, G. Arthur, X. Bryant, 

I. Smith, I!. Spaulding, I.. Myers. 

Second row: I B< llenot, S. Seay, M. Clarke, P. Mann 

Third Row: I Witten, \. Trinkle, X. Penn, I. knurs, M Bradley, S Colbert, B. Hurdle, 

I. Blair, M. fett, F. fames, P. Weaver 




6n A 

te socia 

L whirl ~~ 

November 12. 1948 


a dance like the 

line we had 

I was so glad to hear that you enjoyed 
our opening dance. We can always count 
on the SOCIAL COMMITTEE to make a 
success of any social function — be it the 
Freshman reception at Hillcrest or gradua- 
tion dance. 

Yuu know, Bill, that committee deserves 
a lot of credit for steering us through all 
the many social affairs of the year. \\ hen 
1 look over a list of their important activi- 
ties that includes such things as Freshman 
teas, Old Girl-New Girl Wedding, and May 
Day dance, I realize what a really big job 
■theirs is; and then I appreciate even more 
st Saturday night. We did have fun, Bill ! 

■ 1- First rou : .1 I raig, B < (wens, S. Hobbs 
Second rou I I hapman, V. Utz, C. Goodson, secretary; M. Holland 
Third row, J. Cocke, M Wilkins, G. Hoskinson, \l. Moore, L. Peterson, treasurer; 

D. Herbert 


C^ke Jlotise of Ushers 

March, 1949 

Dear Bill, 

The "good-looking girls" . vul1 referred in 
in your letter who showed you to your seat 
the other night in the auditorium are mem- 
bers of our USHERS CLUB. Since you 
show such an avid interest, perhaps I'd 
better tell you a little bit about them. 

The ushers have just this year organized 
into a club, which is composed of approxi- 
\ I mately twenty members. Girls are selected 

from each incoming freshman class to serve 
for four years. Of course, the main func- 
tion of the organization is to furnish ushers 
for all lyceum programs. What it really 
does, however, is to eliminate much of the 
confusion that is otherwise present at the seating of a large lyceum audience. 

My tale is told, Bill. If it's telephone numbers you're after, I simplv refuse! 


Head Usher 

USHERS. First row: B. Watlington, E. Savage, A. Owens, A. Davis, R. Poland, D 

Herbert, S. Rathlmne 
Second row. G. Arthur, 1!. Groseclose, NT. Butterworth, N. Thompson, M. Curtis, E. Smi 
Third row: M. Epperson, J. Marshall, M. Elliott, E. King, P. Black, M. Heppy 


Jvinlil mis waif — 

Hi. Bill, 

Can you imagine my little sister Jane as 
a representative of law and order? She- 
lias just been chosen by the funior Class 
officers to serve with the JUNIOR MAR- 
SHALS. A committee of fourteen under the 
direction of the faculty secretary, it is made 
up nf two members from each sorority, two 
non-sorority members, and two day stu- 
dents. Florence Perkinson has been elected 
chairman this year. 

Duties of Junior Marshals are to keep 
order during assemblies, check attendance 
cards, and direct ushering at special as- 
semblies. FL( )RENCE PERKINS( >N 

... ,,.., , .... . ,,,.,... Head Marshal 

< >h, l.ill, the lights out hell is ringing, 

and with my new responsibility to Jane, 1 mustn't break a rule, — so good-night. 



JUNIOR MARSH M.S. First row: P. Stephens, L. Dorrington, P. Burns, D. Dobbi 

P, \\ ea> rr, I Bowman 

Second row: \. 11;. rim. L. Early, P, Ingram, K. Moorefield, M Jett, I Blaii 



— an 

a still the Jjreeze bL 


March 2. I'M 1 ' 

Dear I'.il 

Today was Breeze da)-. (Till: BREEZE is our 
college paper, you know.) The staff got the most 
wonderful speaker for assembly, Mr. Thomas Jeffer- 
son Hamilton of the New York Tunes. Of course, 
with my interest in journalism, I jusl sat and ate up 
every word he said. 

By the way, Bill, this is the Breeze's twenty-sixth 
year on campus. Did you know that last year we got 
two first-class honor ratings for our prized paper? 
The standards of The Breeze haven't been lowered this 
year either. If anything, it's bigger and better than 
ever. More emphasis has been placed on editorials 
and letters to the editor, and an effort was made to afford our editor and business 
manager experience anil contacts by sending them to the ACP Convention in 
Columbus this fall. Both Becky and Frankie came back with new enthusiasm 
and ideas. 

Last spring the staff had the misfortune of losing their advisor, Mr. Conrad 
Logan, who had served so well in that capacity for many years. Dr. Glenn 

OFFICERS. T. Munson, news editor; O. Walpole, 

make-up editor; M. Kenny, assistant editor; K. Rogers, 

editor-in-chief; C. Luck, headline editor; F. Connock, 

business manager 

BUSINESS STAFF. C. Carmen, L. Woodyard, 

F. Connock, I. Critzer, K. Chauncey, R. Harris, 

T. Shallcross 


Smith was then appointed advisor, Dr. 
Smith has fulfilled his duties most satis- 
factorily, for ii seems thai he has added 
more laughs to their Tuesday night sessions 
and more food to the stomachs of hungry 

More news has often made six-page 
Breezes necessary this year, It has also 
made the Breeze staff resolve to do all it 
can to get the campus fee raised so that next 
year's Breeze can he even Wetter. 



The Breeze helped to instigate a mock election on campus this year. Then, 
one Friday night it was the hearer of the proud news: "Dewey Wins In Moils 
Election." We were as wrong as the polls, hut it was a nice gesture on the part 
of The Breeze anyway. 

Enough Breeze talk for now. Bill. Tomorrow is another long day; so I'd 
better "turn in." 


EDITORAL STAFF. First row. F. Sneed, M. Chapman, R. Leonard, P. Ingram. V. 

Miller, R. Gravely, M. Critzer, I. Sliallcross 

Second /ere: I). Levine, L. Purcell, G. Armistead, \. Collins, D. Webb, P Rogers, M. 

Elliott, F. Wilkins, E. Tubbs, B. Hurdle, M. Clark 


C^lie l^ife of a UJammij 


ttcameoul today! THESCH( >< >LMA'AM, 
Bill. Now I can hardly wait for you and 
the folks to see it. The staff has been going 
around saying "Sh-h" for months; the cover 
and a lot of what's inside our annual is a 
big secret every year, you know. Now it's 
all out- the original cover design by Sarah 
Ferland, the new informal senior shots, 
the "different" copy, and all tin- other 
big and little things that are our I'M 1 ' 
Si iioolma'am. 

One of the biggest things about this year's 
annual was the staff that published it ! That 
staff was big in both quantity and quality; 
in fact, it grew to such numbers that chairs 
and two new tables were added to "the 
room" in Reed basement. The 1949 crew 
certainly proved its quality, too, by its re- 
lentless devotion to the ScHOOLMA'AM and 
to their editor. 

Tradition has it that a Schoolma'am just wouldn't be possible without the 
Lemon Tree, and appropriate pomp and circumstance attended the annual re- 
installation of the Tree in the room as inspiration for the rough going ahead. 
In fact, there was almost as much inspiration as there was yellow copy paper 
for this year's annual. New life to the room came in the form of "Deadline," the 
stuffed dachshund, newly-adopted and ugliest staff mascot; Gladys, the bright 
red-and-white wolf paperweight created by admirers from a neighboring school; 
and Oscar, the human half-skull, guaranteed to hold unlimited pencils, paper 
clip'-, and thumbtacks. Curtains draped and pictures hung by the new house 
committee made the old story of eating and sleeping in the Schoolma'am room 
the week of deadline not so sad a tale as usual. 

Every time you turn around this week, you see another Schoolma'am pin 
on a proud staff member. Staff pins are new this year, and it's nice to be able to 
tell just who did earn them. Congratulations are in order, too, for the faculty 
members who, as advisors, answered those millions of staff questions: Mis- 
Hoffman, editorial; Miss Walker, art; Dr. Pittman, photography; and Mr. 


i ill [I I RS. G. Gander, business manager; J. Rainey,, 

(liirf typist; R. Broome, editor; R, Shirkey, assistant 

editor; J. Collins, copy editor 

EDITORIAL STAFF. First row. M. Howard, J. 

Collins, E. Smith 

Sc-onil row. R. Smith, M. I'nirtt. ('. Roach, M. Scott, 

\V. Jackson, E. King, R. Hodges, I). Sherman, F. 

Jobson, A. Humphries, P. Ingram 



Critzer, M. 

out, J. 

In ( )ctober the Imsi- 
Press Convention in 

row. I!. Wilkinson, G. Gander, 
Shallcross, J. Rainey, E. Wilson 
Second row. B. Graves, W. Pebworth, M. Wiseman, N. Shumake, N. Knurl, N. 
X. I Kikes, ( '.. Copley 

( ribbons, business. 

Ideas for this Schoolma'am flew in from everywhere, 
ness manager and the assistant editor attended the National 
Columbus, ( >hio, and brought back glowing tales of annuals and "the city." Later, 
Blacksburg called the staff, and two girls went t<i Vl'I for the state convention — 
for the convention, that is!. 

Yes, The Schoolma'am is out, Bill, and 1 guess nobody really knows what 
that means except the staff who put it out. I guess only a staff knows the ex- 
citement of selling an ad, the satisfaction of meeting a deadline, the heartbreak 
of a wrong identification, the thrill of seeing its "baby" and of watching the other 
Students as they look at it. The stuck door of the Schoolma'am room continues 
to balk under the editor's key. and the pipes continue to rattle overhead; hill 
the Schoolma'am goes on forever, with successive staffs smudged with that 
eternal printer's ink that won't wash off. 

'Sense me. Bill, a crowd of girls just came in to sign my Schoolma'am. . . 



HOTOGRAPHY STAFF J. Critzer, C. Blackmore, S. Dill, 
C Boice, X. Peed, B. Hurdle, K. Travel-. M. Whitman 

ART ST \IT. M. Spe< r, X. Rennie, .1. W 1 


<f y"~Qyiu,t 


C.A. Candlelight Service, 
one of the loveliest pro- 
grams of the \ ear. I he 
quadrangle was lighted onlj 
1>\ the candles we held. I'm 
sure all of us felt a renewed 
strength as we sang "Fol- 
low the < llram." 

Y.W. is an importanl organization here at Madison as you have told me Y.M. 
is cm your campus. When I first came to Madison, I was welcomed by a friendly 
Y.W. girl. Then came the Hit; Sister- Little Sister parly. Each upperclassman 
took her little sister, and everyone had fun licking lollipops, singing, and laughing 
as >he made new friends. 

"Y" leaders and Mr. and Mrs. Partlow, advisors, went <mt to the college 
camp one week end in the fall l" make plans for the year. During that meeting, 

« " *X ' I'll 


« VBINET. First row. P. Fentress, B. Retterer, secretary, E. Black, treasurer; M. Garber, 

vice-president; E. Miller, M. Main. M. Thomas 

Second row: Dr. Gifford, Mr. Partlow, Mrs. Partlow, advisors; Marj Edwards, president 

Mrs. Hicks, Mr. Hicks, advisors 

Third row: E. [amerson, G. Temple, M. Shirley, M. Reid, F. Perkinson, E. Pierce, 

II. Smith, I). Boyer, .1. Shelley, E. Rosazza, M. Hubbard 

Fourth row : D. Wainwright, I. Munson, I-'. Wilkins, I. Buckmaster, I. Snedegar, 

M. Whitney, M. I larwood 


Mary Edwards, our president, gave sug- 
gestions she had received al the "Y" Presi- 
dents' School last summer in New York. 

The World Student Service Fund, spon- 
sored by Y.W.C.A., makes us conscious of 
the difficulties of students in other parts 
of the world and makes us eager to aid 
these students. Now we are looking for- 
ward i" the Halloween party, and-oh, 
yres, the "Kid Party," when gifts for 
the children of Harrisonburg will be 
placed under Christmas trees in each dining 
hall. I wish that you could come to see our 
Christmas pageant, "Why the Chimes 
Rang." I'd you think you could? 

Dr. J. J. Rives is to be presented dur- 
ing Religious Emphasis Week in Febru- 
ary, lie will bring us practical sugges- 
tions and try to give us the answer for 
living a fuller Christian life. Other ac- 
tivities of Y.W. include Friday chapel, with 
lovely stage effects, and Sunday vespers, 
with quiel moments for meditation. 

^ es, Y.W.C.A. is a powerful influence on th 
It brings to us a new awareness of the meanin 

MARY EDWARDS, President 

lives of us here at Madison, 
w the ( rleam." 


FRESHMAN COMMISSION. First row. B. Ramsey, president; B. Hiner, vice-president 

Second roii.'-. M. Rodgers, entertainment chairman; R. Reynolds, secretary-treasurer; 
B. Collie, program chairman; M. Cosby, publicity chairman. 

"V", * 


Dear Bill, 

1 just got back from a FRESHMAN COMMISSION' merlin". My room- 
mate is giving the commission officers a little guidance, and 1 went along with 
her tonighl out of curiosity. But, Bill, I'm really glad I went because those 
girls an- certainly "on the beam." They had a discussion on boy-girl relationships, 
and they responded with such good common sense that, instead of listening jusl 
passively, 1 sat up and took- notice. 

Ot course, you know that this commission is our "Baby Y" on camous. It 
is the training ground for freshmen interested in the hit; Y.W.C.A. Membership 
is open to any freshman. I should think they'd all want to join, too, for you 
should hear the list of programs they have planned political, social, and religious 
discussions, hymn studies, Bible quizzes, and lots more I can't remember. Tin) 
also Inlp with the planning of Friday chapel programs and Sunday vespers. I 
am told that they are planning now for a Little Sister-Big Sister parly in the 
spring. They have so much vim and enthusiasm, Bill, 1 almost wish I were 
a freshman again. 




the ah 


Dear Bill, 

Tonight I want to talk to you about the wonderful spirit of fellowship that 
i-. found among students of the various faiths on Madison campus. Each group 
has its own organization to bring the members in close contact with one another 
and with their 'church. Such a group is WESTMINSTER FELLOWSHIP, the 
Presbyterian organization. To the girls who find an inner peace within the church, 
Westminster Fellowship lias a special meaning. 

Under their Religious Education Director, Mrs. Evelyn Shrum, the West- 
minster Fellowship members have combined their talents to teach Sunday School 
and lead discussion groups. All year they have faithfully pooled their pennies to 
provide milk for "Johnny." their own contribution to child welfare. For fun and 
relaxation there are the Sunday night suppers and parties. 

And then there were the annual retreat for the officers at Massanetta and the 
state conference in November at Rosylyn, Virginia. Not to he forgotten is the 
"Gleam," the Presbyterian publication which records all these activities from 
month to month. Such activities combine to give us students a fuller, richer 
college life, and we profit from having had them, Bill. 

More next time about our other organizations! 

Fate-fully yours, 

WESTMINSTER FELLOWSHIP. First row. II. Cupp, M. Miller, E. Wilson, rcforier; 
\. Bailey, secretary; W. Darby, treasurer; 1. Rainey, vice-president; E. Miller, 
president; E. Woolfolk, S. Downs 
E. MilUr. I'. Newton, F. Beville, M. Hall, I'.. Retterer, A. Powell, I'. Lewis, 

I). Phillips, B. Thompson, M. Riddlebergei 
1. Poole, M. House, N. Clendening, I.. Dorrington, I'. Cleaver, I. Pierce, \l. 

Moore, I .. Carpenter, I. Meredith, 1. Hosely, 1.. Pullin 
R. Poland, M. Elliott, \. Harman, M. Horn, B. Beeler, K. Horn, J. Gaither, 
J. Ramsey, C Sanderson, I.. Miller. J. Douglas, II. Bishop 
M. Epperson, M. Reddout, 1'. Knauss, X. Rennie, E. Scott, 1'. Lawson, \\ 
Morrison, I'.. Hurdle, .1. Haddad, A. I allendei 


Second ro* 
Third row 
Fourth rov 
Fifth row. 

(jJeslei/ O/ 



Dear Bill, 

Tonight my roommate took me to a meeting of the WKSI.KY FOUNDA- 
TION and, just as you said I would, I really enjoyed it. I don't believe ['ve 
ever seen a college group inure closely knit and yet so eager to welcome visitors 
and new members. Right away I felt like one of them. 

( >ne thing really struck me, Bill. All the time I was there I could feel the 
spiritual fellowship permeating the group, and I know it must be felt in 
all the fireside chats, parties, Sunday night suppers, and conferences 
they have. Maybe that's the reason why the group is so successful. Did you 
know that this group had the largest delegation at tin- Vl'l conference and also 
at the stale conference? I think that speaks well for Frances Sneed, the president, 
and Mrs. Gibbons, the sponsor. 

1 heard them say they were looking forward to another joint meeting with 
your V. \ a. group, Bill. Il-mm, it might be nice to he a member of Wesley 



Y FOUNDATION COUNCIL. First row: ',. Temple, K. Travers, R. Harris 
(,. Karnes, vice-president; .1. Lyon, M. Johnson, K. Moorefield, M. Gilpin, C. Moore, X. 

Butterworth, corresponding secretary; A. Humphries, .1. Russell, I'. Stmpkins 

Second row. I'. Ross, I'.. Broome, M. Thomas, C. Boice, M Hurst, E. Jamerson, I. Blair. 

recording secretary; C. Oothoudt, M. Edwards, I-'. Wilkins, P. Turner, N. Hamilton, 

S. Landis, J. ( ocke 


NEWMAN CLUB. First row: R. Kernan, J. Smith, S. Goodman 
Second row. M. Mears, president; Mrs. Sloan O'Donnell, advisor; 

E. Bellenot, secretary-treasurer 
Third row: P. Kilduff, I. Olivieri, M. Furnal, H. Lanier, B. Johnson 

J^eaa, Jxlndlij l^lcjlit 

Hello, Bill, 

1 have just been talking to Margaret Mears, president of Madison's Catholic 
organization, the NEWMAN CLUB. She has gotten me quite enthusiastic about 
the close co-operation in work and play among its members. Margaret said that 
the club was entertained at the beginning of the year by the Ladies' Sodality of 
the Blessed Sacrament Church. This did much to make the new club members 
feel that college wouldn't be so bad after all. 

Later in the year the club formed discussion groups, and soon lively debates 
were taking place in the parish hall. The climax of the year's activities of New- 
man Club will be the annual communion breakfast in Max. 

According to Margaret, much of the success of the club goes to the efforts 
of Father Hoffher and the parish members who do so much to make the students 
feel at home. Don't you agree. Bill, that Newman Club, as the other religious 
organizations, forms a vital part of college life? 

There are some other such clubs that 1 want to tell you about, but now 1 
must close as I am late fur one of those very meetings! 



LUTHERAN STUDENT ASSOCIATION. First row: J. Kibler, .1. Young, C. Blakemore, 

secretary; B. Graves, reporter; P. Hockman, vice-president; D. Bowman 
Second row. J. Ridings, C. Campbell, R. McNamara, B. Hiner, B. Slemr), A. NcfT, F. Hoover 

beacjiie of ±Dtitiier 

Wednesday (Rain Day) 
Dear Bill, 

It literally poured rain today! I got so blue in the suite all by myself that 
I went looking for someone to talk to. Across the hall I found Catherine Kegley. 
She's president of the LUTHERAN STUDENT ASSOCIATION, you know. 
I just sat and listened with my moulh open as she told me all the things they 

r. and 
; that 
n and 

To start things off right they retreat each fall to Massanetta Springs 
they do their planning for the coming year. This year, their sponsors, M 
Mrs. Kenner, went along. To welcome new members they have a hayride 
sounds like fun, doesn't it? On Sunday evenings they meet for inspiratio 
worship under student leadership. 

This \ear the group has added several new things: one is church m 
and another is Saturday afternoon coffee-hours. 
girls in the dorms each week. I've found that tin 
lot to college life. 

Also, Mrs. Fenner visi 
>e little extra things can 

ts the 

There goes the hell for dinner, Bill; s< 

I'd better say 'bye for now- 


-9n ike fentple 

Dear Bill, 

For such a small group, JUNIOR SISTERHOOD, our Jewish group on 
campus, makes its presence felt in countless little ways ;m<l is an integral pari 
hi* life here. I'm proud that we have such an organization. 

Mrs. Mintzer, the beloved sponsor of this group, has really kept the girls 
working this year, but they seem to love it. Sponsoring the annual cancer drive 
on campus is oik- of their major activities; they derive a great deal of satisfaction 
from this project, for they realize just how many people benefit from the funds 
collected. Many current questions are debated at their meetings, and the mem- 
bers have found out that it is possible to argue and have fun at the same time. 

Never let it lie said, though, that their social life is neglected. Invitations 
to join in religious programs at other schools are often accepted, and lighter 
moments are sandwiched in between more serious ones. 

By the way, Bill, Jean is coming to the conference over there next week end. 
Be sure to look her up. 

As ever, 


It NIOR SISTERHOOD. Ftrst row. II. Vbrams, treasurer; S. Menache, E. Lipsky, 

M. Ney 

Second row: R, Dinzes, C, Abrams, M. Krassner, I). Levine, vice-president; I. Seidman, 

i: i retary ; \f. i ohen, president 


(jantewunj (^aies 

Dear I '.ill. 

January 21, 1949 

I m,|.l\ I attended an excellenl chapel program conducted by CANTERBURY 
CLUB, the Episcopal Church group cm campus. They used as their theme "The 
World Church," and 1 was very much impressed. Mr. Le Moine, their minister, 
gave a shorl talk, and then one of the Inns in die group gave a report on a 
conference he Had attended in Kansas over the Christmas holidays. It seems 
that at this conference there was talk of fusion of some of the protestant faiths 
or, where thai was not possible, closer co-operation among certain church groups. 
They really gave us something to think about, proving what a wide-awake organiza- 
tion Canterbury itself is. 

This year they began planning their year's work with a retreat at Massanetta 
Springs, and tlmse plans have begun to materialize under the leadership of Mrs. 
Elliott Reeke, Mr. Le Moine, and Jennie Snowden, president. Monthly supper 
meetings, speakers, parties, and debates have all been high spots in a year well- 
spent — a year which has brought the members of that group a little closer to their 
church and happiness. Wouldn't it be grand, Bill, if churches could learn to 
CO-Operate and work together like that? 


I VNTERBUm i l.i i: I 

president ; E. Remick, 

• id rnic: 

I hird row : 

Fourth row. 

Fifth ro 

Ident, 1'. S( 

-in s 

M. CI 


retory; Mrs. 


eke, ad 


•'.. Pierce, It. 



rst row: .1. Snowden, f 
treasurer; A, Speight, s 
\l. Howard, M. Bishop, 
I.. King. I). Woodson, A. Hatchik, (i. Kemp 
X. Heiber, I. Bruce, E. Starr, X. Wilson 
v: E. Waters, .1. Bishop, I'. Daughtertj 


COUNCIL. First row: P. Fentress, H. Smith, secretary; M. Main, V. Eason, I!. Savage 
Second row: D. Bethel, treasurer; M. Hubbard, vice-president; M. Rudasill, president; 

D. Bowyer, E. Black, M. Garwood 
Third row. R. Brooks, P. Carter, M. Reid, G. Arthur, E. Rosazza, G. Savage, P. Reynolds 

'CJte Oues ana Oars of Jj.S. L{. 

Dear Bill, 

This afternoon I visited the Student Center of the BAPTIST STUDENT 
UNION. The center lias just been remodeled and really looks good. Mary 
Rudasill, the president of B.S.U., was there, and before I knew it she was 
telling me all the things they've been doing tins year. 

Among tin- list of activities, she included a pre-school retreat, an "open 
house," daily "pauses for prayer," a party with church mothers, a Christmas 
party and caroling, a community missions project, dorm circle meetings, a week- 
end conference here at Madison, and, finally, a state conference at Ridgecrest, 
which was the dream <>i a year come true for all BSU-ers. 

Just from a lisl such as that, Bill, you can see what a busy organization 
B.S.U. is. This also ^ne^ evidence of the important pari a church i^t" m[> can 
play in the life of any college student, doesn't it? 



-C/Lve ana flfhj scholars 
baked In a 1 1 


oh. I'.il 



KDP "tapped" in assembly today! 
Thirty-six future teachers received those 
precious letters of invitation from Loulie's 
hand. My roommate Anne was among ilu- 
select thirty-six, and 1 am quite proud of 

KAPPA DELTA PI is our honor fraternity for upperclassmen, you know. Its 
purpose is "to encourage high professional, intellectual, and personal standards, 
and to recognize outstanding contributions to education. It shall endeavor to 
maintain a high degree of professional fellowship among its members, and to 
quicken professional growth by honoring achievement in educational work." I 
guess I sound like a hoard of education, Bill, but I get quite excited about KDP, foi 
it is recognized all over campus for iis achievements in the educational field. As 
I've told you before, it's quite an honor to be asked to join. 

KDP members have a lot to remember about this year. I have heard that 
their initiations are impressive and beautiful, and I know the thirty-six new mem- 
bers will be a proud and happy lot. After the initiation ceremony. Miss Trent, a 
supervisor from the high school, will give some help- 
ful hints on teaching, and, from what I hear, they 
have a treal in store. As at all initiations, there will 
be plenty to eat, and then the group will be entertained 
by Marie Garber, who, incidentally, has a beautiful 
voice. Kappa Delta Pi has talent as well as brains! 

Another big moment in the \ ear is the annual 
Christmas party. Those teachers don'l let all work 
and no play make dull "Jills" of them. 

Don'l let me make- you believe thai Kappa Delta 

I'i is all fun and no work, though, Hill. ft, like 


K \1TA DELTA PI. First row; A. Curtis, M. Cohen, S. Kaylor, I!. Welier, G. Neathery, 
E. Pierce, E, Starr, M. Estes, E. Spivey 

Second row: J. Haydon, M. Hurst, reporter; N. Bryant, recording secretary; M. jessup, 

corresponding secretary; I.. Albrittain, president; V. I )a\ is. vice-president; M. Whitney, 

treasurer; J. Snowden, historian; M. Fensterwald 

r«rd row: P. Griffith, L. Rerger, M. Hall, N. Hamilton, M. Bishop, H. Chappell, M. 

Boone, I). Bowyer, P. Ingram, B. Banish, J. Lumsden, M. Edwards, I". Connock, M. 

Kenny, M. Garber, K. Blakemore, I. Seidman, M. Ritchie 

Fourth role: I.. Slim-, M. Rudasill, M. Hum, E. Morris, A. Harman, 1'". Sneed, E. Jamer- 
son, J, Sncdegar, M. Thomas, K. Harshbarger 

every other organization on campus, has its .serious moments. These hoys and 
girls are the future teachers of America, and, realizing this fact, they really put 
their noses to the grindstone. The}' have lectures and discussions on educational 
subjects, inform themselves about the new trends in teaching, and keep in touch 
with the different hoards of education in Virginia and surrounding slates, there 
by finding out any changes that may he made in the requirements for teachers. 
They also work with the faculty in providing valuable information to other 
students interested in positions in education. I'd say they accomplish quite a 
lot, wouldn't you? 

What a volume this has turned out to he! Maybe I'd do well to get to my 
hooks so Anne can he proud of me. The hookworm turns 



3 love to teack- 

20, 1949 

Dear Bill, 

A letter Erom you today mentioned some- 
thing about thai cute sister of yours being 

an A. C. E. now. You sound baffled 
about it all and. as long as your sister is 
"one of those things," as you put it, it's 
time you knew the story! So lend an ear - 

HOOD EDUCATION has a chapter at 
Madison, too, Bill. Let me tell you some- 
thing about what they do here. As Midge 
may have told you, the organization is tor 
students preparing to teach in the element- 
ary grades. All the A. C. E.'s here seem 
to find something special in their discussion 
groups and movies about children and their direct wink with children. 

Extra A. C. E. activities for '48-'49 have included their Christmas party for 
some underprivileged children in town and a picnic this month. Honestly, Bill, 
watching our A.C.E.'s with their sponsors, Miss Anthony and Miss Seeger, almost 
makes me wish 1 were going to be teaching in the elementary held. Midge is 
smart ! 


AW l'( (WELL, President 

ASSOCIATION OF ( IIILDHOOD EDUCATION. First row. N. Keyser, 0. McCrory, 

E, Starr, R. Leonard, R. L. Beahm, X. Morrison, M. Rowland 

Second row. M. < obb, M. Robertson, M. Estes, Mis^ Anthony, advisor; II. Mitchell, 

J, Bruce, treasurer; II. Bowen, R, Settle 

'J hird row. I'. Cleaver, M. Hall. V Stoneburner, \\ . M. Kackley, vice-president; R, 

Simpson, M. Polsue, reporter; V Harman, I Oothoudt, I. Buckmaster, R, Simmons, G, 

Main, \l Hubbard, M. Edwards, Ik Smith 



Of all tar, a aoLLar- 

Dear Bill, 

I was mi pleased t<> hear thai you had made the 
honor roll. You know, the students up here have an 
incentive to study hard ami make good grades, ton. 
What freshman doesn't want to become a member of 
SIGMA I'll I LAMBDA, our honor society for fresh- 
men and sophomores? 

Each fall the society has a tea for all freshmen 

who had A or I! average in high school. In March, 

if these boys and girls have kept up their good work 

in college, they are invited to join Sigma Phi Lambda. 

Of course, the activities of the club are varied. 

the members Sponsored a wonderful assembly program, and in Febru- 

a huge time at the college camp. The group, well sponsored by Miss 

done much on campus to foster high standards of scholarship. 

stop now and study for my history exam, so that I can keep up with 

Studiously yours, Sue 

SIGMA I'lll LAMBDA. First row: W. Munson, vice-president; .1. Bailey, secretary; 
K. King, president; Miss Lanier, advisor; D, Levine, treasurer; I'. |nl>~i>n, historian; 

Second row: I 1 . Woodson, 1. Brockman, 11. Groseclose, I. Shallcross, \\ . fackson, S i 

man, B, Gordon, M. Rowland, M. Rhodes 
Third row: E. Turner, \l. Mears, I'. Calhoon, R. Leonard, E. Luke, A. Dovel, A. Humphries, 

\. Ragsdale, M. Hall. B. Holsinger, M. Garw 1 

Fourth ' '.. I' Burnett, E, Peters, li. McGrew, M Gilpin, D. Crowder, M. Irmistead, 

R. Lucy, X. Grove, K Cooter, I-'. Wilkins, M. K;im\ 

Fifth row; M. Wills, J. Cocke, .1. Ramsey, S. Hobbs, R. Agnor, M. Moore, I'. Rogers, 

B. Reynolds, M. Bradley, E, Ryman, M. Elliott 




re, mi — 

May. 1949 

GLEECLUB girls are remark- 
lon't see how they '1" it. They 
practice regularly three times a week and 
oftener when in preparation for a program. 
Their efforts, however, have 1 1< -i gone un- 
rewarded, for last fall they took a trip to 
Washington and sang at the National ■•'.pis- 
copal Cathedral in a joint program with 
the chorus from VMI. Again in December 
the two groups were featured jointly in 
our annual Christmas conceit here. 

OFFICERS. P. Watkins, pianist; L. Stine, president; M. Hurst, vice-president; 
G. Neathery, secretary; E. Jamerson, librarian; II. Smith, treasurer 



Tin 1 club has also been responsible for bringing us musical programs by other 
choral groups. Among the visiting choruses were groups from \ I'l, Hampden- 
Sydney, Harvard University, and your own group from the University. Our 
girls took part in the latter two programs by joining in the presentation of several 


With Spring came the annual auditions, which were held this year at 
Mary Washington College. Glee clubs wen- represented then from colleges and 
universities over the entire state. All fifty members of our glee club pitched in 
and did their best, and, as usual, came out on top. 

Other high spots on the Glee Club calendar this year have been participation 
in chapel appearances, assembly programs, and Homecoming (with the chorus 
from U. Va. as the guest group). Among the many honors received by the club, 
probably the most outstanding came in the form of an imitation to represent the 
state of Virginia at the music biennials which were held in Texas in March. 

The credit for these many accomplishments goes to the Glee Club director. 
Miss Edna Shaeffer; to the members who have given their wholehearted co- 
operation and individual interest; and, finally, to the officers of the club. 

Yes, Bill, the Glee Club is an outstanding organization on campus, and we 
are all proud of the reputation it has made for itself and Madison. 

Hope to see you at graduation, 


GLEE (Till. First row: D. Davis, E. Starr. (;. Neathery, M. Purcell, .1. Day, S Rotella, 

A. Dyal, V. Grant, M. Garber, M. Musser, C. I. arson 
Second row. R. Bolen, S. Quinn, J, Granger, S. Rathbone, G. McGrew, M. Kimmerling, 

K. Preston, V Hatchik, E Pierce, A. Coon, M. Farnum, 1. Whitlock 
Third row: Mi>s Shaeffer, director; V. Eason, M. Caulk, I'. Watkins, A. Carter, X. Fravel, 
E. tamers, m, ( ). Walpole, II Smith, I. Craig, \. Harlin, I). Tillman, 1'. Stuart, E, Craves 
I'ounh row. V. Hundley, 1 1, \ikms. R. Shirkey, J. Poole, V. Branch, I'.. Robinson, \l Hurst, 
1 1. Wainwright, K. Agnor, I.. Stine, J. Cocke, I'. Carter, E. 'filler. A. Hunter, I"-. Savage 



• f • • t t t 



1 . I.I.X 

t * 

ju 1 

J Ut - 


"J4usk, Jfaestro!" 

Dear Bill, 

So you liked the orchestra we had for our dance last week? Well, I'm 
certainly glad, bul I hope you can hear mir Madison ORCHESTRA sometime 
soon. It's one on our prides and joys. 

In September the orchestra started out with only fifteen members. Try- 
outs were held, and from them were collected three violins, a clarinet, a bassoon, 
an oboe, a cello, a drummer, a pianist, and two trumpets. Phylis Binion of 
Clifton Forge was named vocalist. 

In March the orchestra will give its animal concert. They will probably 
work like mad the nighl before, trying to get the stage set up and properly lighted. 



STRINGS. First row: M. Hilton, J. Nutting. Second n>.v : \\. Lehman, I. Willis, P. 

Kabler, reporter; R. Blanchard, J. Coates, D. Rowe. Third row: M. Goode, S. Perkins 

J. McFarland, I >. Dobbs. Fourth row: 1>. Thomas 


You can be sure it will be beautiful and unique Then, in April they arc going 
nn tour of the various high schools throughout the state. I can see thai assembly 
line now forming to load and unload the truck. 

Orchestra means a lot of hard work, but there must be a great deal of satis- 
faction derived from playing in concerts that are such triumphs as theirs always 
have been. 

Enough of my bragging, Bill. You come up in March and judge for your- 
self ; I can't do it justice. 



PIANIST and S< >L< >IST 
|. Bear and P. Binion 

CONDUCTOR. Mr. Marsha 

BRASS. .1. Mohler, J. Dully. L. Dunnavant, 
treasurer; S. Groh, I.. Blanks 

WOODWINDS. First r<m V Cabaniss, president; S. 

Strader, vice-president; .1. Straw w: X. Clen- 

dening, S. Watkins, J. Snedegar, S. Ah, A. Whetzel 


AEOLIAN CLUB. J. Mohler, P. Watkins, president; U. Armistead, V. Dixon, secretary; 

M. Wilson, M. Gore, A. Hatchik, D. Wainwright, F. Wilkins, treasurer; B. Bonneville, 

vice-president; P. Carter, N. Clendening, M. Bradley 

-Ucldbiq tke keus- 

Dear Hill, 

Walking by tin- Recital Room just now, 1 heard the remark, "Have you heard 
thai beautiful piece Betty has been playing? She'll just have to play it for us 

From that I surmised that it was about time for the weekly meeting of the 
AE( )LIAN CLUB, the official piano elect of Madison. To become a full-fledged 
member of Aeolian, one must first pass a tryout. The old members, realizing 
the anxiety present at a tryout, are quite sympathetic and appreciative of the 
novice's interest, even in the face of fear. 

With better musicianship as their goal, these students keep practicing their 
scales and arpeggios as a means to an end. \ have a piano lesson in ten minutes; 
so I'd better run. 




Cft the console- 

Dear Bill, 

You wanted to know about thai queer-sounding club I mentioned in my last 
letter. Well, the DIAPASON CLUB is a club for students of organ, founded 
during the fall semester of 1947 when tryouts were held for anyone studying 
organ. The purpose of the club is to encourage and increase the number of 
organists. This year Dr. Ruth McNeil of Mary Baldwin College has assisted 
Mr. 1 licks in instructing the beginners. Also, a new pipe organ has relieved the 
"practice" problem. 

Last year the club introduced to Madison College Dr. Marshall. T. Bidwell, 
organist at Carnegie Institute; they hope to present a similar program each year. 
They conduct one business and one social meeting each month and present a recital 

once a week. 

Mr. and Airs. Hicks, the sponsors, have been wonderful about entertaining 
the club members in their home, where Mr. Hicks plays a South American congo 
like a true native! 

Now do you know what "Diapason" is, Rill? 

Console-ingly yours, 

DIAPASON CLUB. First row. M. Musser, M. Armistead, B. Stickley 

Second roiv : Mr. Hicks, advisor 

Third row: J. Snedegar, president; E, Tamerson, vice-president; W. Pebworth, E. 

Wool folk, E. Smith, historian 


-moras caw oischoros- 

Hi. Bill— 

Some people certainly do have to boasl about their col- 
lege organizations! So you think that thai frat of yours 
has just about the most wonderful small dance orchestha 
you've heard. Well, let me tell you, you haven't heard any- 
thing till jou've heard the Madison College contribution 
to music at its smoothest namely, the LOST CHORDS. 
I .et me tell you about them. 

Their first appearance on campus this school year was 
on December 4, at one of the regular Saturday dances. 
Phyllis Binion, that strictly out-of-this-world orchestra vo- 
calist, was featured. Honestly, Bill, the kids went wild. 
We hadn't known we had such a group of musicians in our 

Since then we have learned that Lost Chords is an extra-curricular activity — 
that is, the players receive no credit at all for time and effort spent. Yet, they 
have two rehearsals every week, besides their outside practice. Under Mr. 
Marshall's guidance they have furnished music for many clubs, dinners, dances, 
and other social functions in and around Harrisonburg. 

Don't you think that we have a right to boast about our Lost Chords, Hill? 


LOST CHORDS. First row: J. Snedegar, J. Straw, N. Clendening, president; 

S. \\ atkins, librarian 

Second row. L. Blanks, 1. Dunnavant, I'. Rowe 

Third row: I). James 


CONCERT RAND. First row: J. Logan, J. Straw, G. Kellison, A. Garrett, J. McFarland, 
J. (laincs, R. Simmons, B. Beeler, L. Blanks, A. Brenneman 

Second row: .1. Dolly, J. Mohler, M. Rhodes, R. Rosenbaum, S. Watkins, N. Gendening, 

M. Hylton, L. Dunnavant, J. Rhodes, D. Eagle 

Third row: M. Lehman, J. Snedegar, B. James, Mr. Marshall 


a tke bano r>L 



Dear Hill, i 

Gee, I'll bet you look smooth in your new uniform ! I was very happy to hear 
that you had joined the band. I always did say I'd rather hear you play the 
trumpet than Harry James. 

Our CONCERT BAND is right in there on the downbeat, too. Every Tues- 
day and Thursday afternoon, as I come through Wilson, I can hear some mighty 
tine music coming from the direction of the recording studio, where the band holds 
its rehearsals. 

Although it lias just been recently organized, the band has proved a credit 
to the school. It has already given two concerts in assembly. The concerts in- 
cluded marches, overtures, and light classics. The band's arrangement of "Stars 
and Stripes Forever" really stirred my patriotic sense! 

( hie of the nicest things about the band is that it is open to anyone who plays 
a woodwind, brass, or percussion instrument. Jimmy Logan, president of the 
band, really blows a sweet clarinet, anil Mr. Marshall, their director, is just full 
of fun. Just yesterday as I walked by the studio I heard the latter say. "If you 
must play the rests, don't play them so loud!" 

Gee, Bill, 1 wonder if my flute's corrodet 
if I've forgotten how to play. 

I think 

:■( it out and see 






— Cf melons Cf reeks — 

Dear Bill, 

In your last letter you asked me how ac- 
tive our PANHELLENIC C< >UNCIL is. 
My answer is, "Plenty!" It went into ac- 
tion mi the opening clay of school tins war. 
for much Had to be done in the short period 
preceding rush week. Somehow everything 
was ready when the time came. Notices 
went out, and Becky, Wannie, and Mrs. 
Vainer met with the rushees. 

To welcome the rushees to the Greek- 
letter world the Council gave a tea for them. 
REBECCA SETTLE, Chairman Ami( , teacups and polite conver sation the 

girls saw the result of inter-sorority friendliness and co-operation. 

Two weeks before the rush period a new system of rushing was worked Out 

PANHELLENIC COUNCIL. First row: N. Long, recording secretary; B. Broome, 

er; R. Settle, chairman; I Muticrn,, hairman<-i •/.-,/ ; M Kenny, corresponding secretary 

Second row: K. DeHart, C Goodson, S. Quinn, N'. Bowman, J. Snowden, M. Hodgson, 

\. Hunter 
Third row: G. Hoskinson, I. Blair, D. Elliott 


by the council and approved by the sororities. This 
new plan did away with "dating," and from 4:30 to 
5:30 during rush week each sorority entertained in- 
formally at "open house." This plan was a big success, 
and so it will be continued next year. 

Who would not call the Panhellenic dance on De- 
cember 11 the event of the year? You remember that. 
Bill. The Council had planned, winked, and worried 
for three months, but all that was forgotten in the 
glory of the night. The smell of cedar, the soft, 
dreamy music of Jimmy Livingston's orchestra, and 
the Christmas tree figure will make that dance a 
cherished memory for many a Greek-letter girl. 

Inter-sorority friendliness has steadily increased 
this year, and the co-operation received by the Council 
has lightened its task considerably. Becky Settle has 

made a wonderful chairman, and Mrs. Vamer's guiding hand has been an im- 
measurable blessing to them all. 

And now. Hill, 1 must bless you and say "good-night," because there goes 
the eleven o'clock bell. 



THETA SIGMA UPSILON. First row. E. Rinehart, historian; H. Mitchell, .t.-.-n-Mrv ; 

K. DeHart, president; <',. Hoskinson, vice-president; L. Albrittain, treasurer 

Second row. C. Oothoudt, R. Rogers, B. Mover, V. Miller, 1). Dobbs, F. Connock, 

M. Edwards 

Third row: I. Dent, F. Perkinson, 1. Collins, I. Coates, M. Whitney, Dr. Woelfel, advisor; 

M. Cobb, D. Rhodes, N. Long, M. Kidwell, M. Ramsey 



Csketa Siqma Upsilon 

Dear Mill, 

Minerva lias watched over her Thetas oi 
I 'hi Chapter in '4.X-'4°- with benevolent kind- 
ness, guiding them through their best year 
yet at least tiny think so. 

The days flew swiftly from tin 1 first 
September until ( >ctober 25 and the feverish 
activity (if rush week. They welcomed their 
rushees in the best "Dogpatch" style to the 
wedding of l.i'l Aimer and Daisy May and 
to "open house" each afternoon, ( In Satur- 
day they, proudly crowning twenty-six 
pledges with Theta hats, saw them already 
as shining stars in Theta's future. 


Ftrsi row. \. Hawkins, F. Robbins, I >. Lewis, A. Simpson, J. Nutting, A. Carter, 

S. i ioodman 

Second row. A. Bedwell, II. Layne, C Cockrill, M. Bluett, A. Garrett, M. Lester, M. 

Albright, .1. Buckmaster 

Third roic: M. Rhodes, N. Reed, L. Woodyard, C. Blackmore, G. Kellison, D. Knauss, 

J. Joseph, C. Mattox, P. Rogers 

Probably the biggest thrill came one Friday night when Thetas opened The 
Breeze and saw .Mary Edwards as Miss Madison of 1949. .Maty was also honored 
in the annual edition of Wlio's Who. 

December meant the initiation of the pledges and the excitement of the Pan- 
hellenic dance. With true Christmas spirit, they decked their halls in greens, 
threw wide the doors, and welcomed the officers and advisors of the other sororities 
to "open house." "Hoc" and "Doc, Jr." presided at the coffee table against a 
background of candlelight, evergreens, and Christmas carols. The Thetas played 
Santa Clans with boxes of food that they sent to Germany, and with a box of 
toys, clothe-., and food for those here at home who were less fortunate than they. 

In the whirl of college activity, Phi chapter paused to hold its annual bound- 
ers' Day banquet in March, to sponsor the March of Dimes drive in January, 
and to hold their family picnic in May. It was Kitty's efficient leadership and the 
"Docs'" untiring interest that led them through this eventful year. 

Xow those of them who are seniors must lease I'heta. They've waited a long 
time for this moment, but now I wonder if they are really so anxious as they 
so often thought they would lie. They'll miss Madison, and especially Theta, 
but they know they're leaving her ill capable hands and that next year will be' 
even more eventful than this was. for Minerva will ever watch over them. 

Shucks, Bill, there goes the lull, and I haven't said half I wanted to. More 
next time 





Dear Bill, 

"Sure and a fine year it's been for Sigma." I don'1 think a single SIGMA 
SIGMA SIGMA would question that. 

The firsl major cause for exultation was a brand new rug for the living room 
and hall- something much needed and highly prized. But on that fateful after- 
noon in October, Sigmas didn't mind at all the thirty-seven new pairs ol feet 
running happily all over it. No, indeed! Proud and happy thee were to have 
them. It must have been Alice Hunter's display of voodoo magic at the rush 
party that got them. 

Speaking of Hunter, could anyone have asked for a better president than 
she's Keen for the past two years? Her excellent leadership has dune much for 
Tri Sigma. 

Their social service work, under the direction of Marianna Howard, includes 
a twelve-year-old French hoy whom they are helping to clothe and feed through 
CARE. His family's letters of appreciation mean much to Sigma. Marianna 
also did the sorority proud with the annual TB drive on campus and their contri- 
butions to the John Randolph Library at Farmville. 

The Christmas party, combined with the pledge party given by the new in- 
itiates, will long be remembered as one of the best get-togethers they have ever 
had. < )ther affairs Sigma will remember are the evenings at the movies together, 

& o 

A/* A, A £ A <* 'A A A £] 
<* A A A ft O | 

SIGMA SIGMA SIGMA. First row: B. Spaulding, B. Moses, W. Munson, 0, Walpole, 

.1. Cocke, M. Wesson 
Second row: M. Mays, I!. Steele, X. Thompson, B Brown, M. Gore, K. Hale, 1). Nichols, 

I \\ .M,M, R Harris, L. Gordon, I. Whitlock, M. i'oling 

Third row: W. Darby, V Bowman, J, Dovel, P. Shomo, J. Kelly, E, Peters, \ Harlin, 

I. Bailey, \. Powell, I. Pugh, R, Agnor, C. Lucy, E. Pinching, S. Hobbs, M. Cooke, 

13. Maifeld 


informal Sunday nighl suppers, and mock 
wedding rehearsals for Hunter and Danny 
at Sprinkel House. 

Sigma knees were really knocking the day 
Betty McKenrick, their national inspector, 
arrived. All it took was one of her warm 
friendly smiles to let the girls know thai 
she had the same Tri Sigma spirit that 
they have, and they all relaxed and looked 
upon her stay more as a friendly visit than 
as an inspection. 

Yes, Bill, it has been a marvelous year 
for the Tri Sigmas, and, as much as they're 
looking forward to going home, they'll hate 
in leave, for I know they'll miss the other 
Tri Sigmas and Barca and Miss Hudson, 
their advisors. 

As the time draws near to leave Madison, 
I'm not any too anxious myself, Bill. 




ALICE HUNTER, President 

1-irsi row: M. Parrotta, corresponding secretary; X. Carter, secretary; !'■. Pamplin, vice- 
president; M., treasurer; G. Gander 
Second row: J. Slaughter, S. Seay, B. Lewis, M. Howard, S. Taylor, T. Hutton, G. 

Kemp, F. Garfinkel, V. Caton, E. Miller, I.. Dorrington, I. Craig, M. < larke, II Laniei 

Third row. J. While. I >. Herbert, .1. Tysinger, S. Pickrel, J. Parker, P. Byrd, I,. Foster, 

B Broome, .1. Lucy, A. Starling, I. Hartsook, I. Munson, 1".. Thornhill, R. Monahan, 

M. Thi imas, I Bowman 

Fourth row: X. Bowman, 1 >. Sherman. H, Holloway, \. Sibert, M. Hurst. I. Reynolds, 

B. Johnson, C. Harrison, M Bates, E, Mill.., \l Cross, P. Watkins 




I 'I KAPPA SIGMA. First row. J. Kayser, M. S. Alberts, treasurer; A Walter, secretary; 

M. Hodgson, president; A. Curtis, vice-president; J. Peterson, keeper o) archives 

Second row: M. Heppy, M. Julias, E. Copley, N. Powell, J. Grant, (I. Goodson, M. 

Fensterwald, editor; B. Shaw, F. Weir 

Third rnie: (i. Baker, F. Weeks, E. Sampson, sergeant-at-artns; I. Burton, M. Zirkle, E. 

Dixon, S. Dhein, L. Brackett, H. Chappell 


1 w 

w HP 



• ' 

■k ' jHi & 



It J\appa Si 

ppa OLCfma 

MARY HOlHiSOX, President 

Dear Hill, 

Guess whom I saw yesterday? None 
other than your sister. Midge! She came 
up from Farmville to spend the week end 
with her I'l KAPPA SIGMA sisters lure. 
As usual I walked into a room full of 
laughter over at Shenandoah; there, to my 
surprise, sat Midge in the middle of it. I 
know she spent an enjoyable week end be- 
cause there's always fun a-plenty around 
Shenandoah apartments. Those girls are 
always full of enthusiasm. 

They started this year off with a bang by 
renovating their living room and recreation 
room, which have certainly repaid them for 
the effort. Then, the first of < (ctober they 

went to the college earn]) to Spend the week 
end. The weather had no effect on the 
merriment of that bunch. They just packed 
up their good humor in their blanket rolls 


First roii': N. Hartman, I. Arrants, E. Chapman, S. Colbert, A. Ely, S. Stanley 
Second row: V. Mann, P. Weaver, A. Hill, S. Dill, N. Penn, L. Arnold, J. Mottern, 

S. Kaylor 

Third row: B. Owens, M. Bradley, B. Hurdle, K. Poland, .1. McKay, J. Moore, J. Parker, 

L. Peterson, V. Wells 

and scuffed at the cold. 

Tine theme for their rush party again this year was "Arabian Night Club." 
At the end of rush week they pledged fifteen new members. 

Five nf I'i Kap's girls were fortunate enough to lie able to attend the district 
convention held at Farmville State Teachers College in November. There they 
met I'i (Caps from four other eastern colleges. 

Pi Kappa Sigma's fifty-fourth anniversary was celebrated in November with 
a Founders' Day banquet at The Triangle in Staunton. The Christmas season 
approached and gave further excuse for celebration. First of all. the pledges 
played Santa Claus to the old members. Then, the whole sorority entertained the 
children from the Harrisonburg Orphanage at a Christmas party. The adoption 
Hi an overseas orphan and an Easter egg hunt for the orphanage children came 
under the heading of social service work for the year. 

Not (inly were fifteen new members initiated into the sorority this year. 1 nit 
also a new advism - . Miss Elizabeth Patterson, who, along with Mrs. Johnston, has 
helped make this a memorable year fur all I'i (taps. 

See what I mean when I say theirs is an enthusiastic hunch? 




Oflpha Sifjma C^au 

Dear Bill, 

Talk about the "new look"! Lincoln House really has it. (In case you're 
wondering, dial's the home of ALPHA SIGMA TAU, our baby sorority on cam- 
pus.) I was in ihcn- today and was surprised to find the difference wallpaper 

and paint can make. It really looks grand. 

Alpha Sigma Tan may l>c the "baby" on campus, but it surely is wide-awake 
and active Not only do they have new wallpaper and paint, bul also a new radio- 
vie combination which looks very sharp. Sounds good, too! 

To prove how- really clever these girls are, I must tell you about their rush 
party. It was a carnival with popcorn, a house of wonders, and a real honest- 
to-goodness chorus line! Wouldn't you have liked to see that? Rush week was 
climaxed for them with the pledging of twenty new girls. 

Mrs. Staehle, their national president, arrived for a visit in November. A 
week of entertaining followed- a reception, a luncheon, and numerous meetings. 

At Christmas Alpha Sigma Tau members found the real Christmas spirit 
in packing a box for "their" family. Then they had a Christmas party that was 
simple, but loads of fun, 1 hear. 


\ * ' r 

ALPHA SH..M \ TAU. First row: M. Reid, S. Strader, M. P.. .one, F. Waters, E. Remick, 

\ Pinchbeck, J. Funk, F. Hudgins, J. Shallcross 

Second ro-u V Alexander, K. Lucy, V. Davis, J. Lumsden, P. Turner, V. Hundley, N. 

Morrison, A. Stout, D. Rowe, C. Matthews 


All Alpha Sigma Tau members reserve 
special places in their hearts for Dolly 
Elliott, tlu-ir president, Dr. Latimer and 
Miss Frank, their advisors, and Miss Bland, 
their housemother. All four of them are 
just plain swell and have helped make the 
year stand out as a red-letter year for 
Alpha Sigma Tau. 

Well. Bill, I guess I'd better sign off 
for now, as 1 have an appointment with 
the dressmaker at four o'clock. I'm getting 
that "new look !" 

f) ft OJ) AOo AC\CV 

First row. X. Wilson, M. ("rarln-r, chaplain; I. i ;isilcs.. vice-president; J. Shalkross, r< 
cording secretary; I). White, treasurer; 1). Elliott, president; M. Kenny, editor; M. Bowen, 

corresponding secretary; X. Ellis, historian; I'.. Owen, custodian; \ Speight 
Second row: V. Grant, I.. Seibel, S. Snorter, \. Ritenour, C. Moore, M Gilmore, P. Ross, 

I'. Daugherty, F. Bell, I'. Griffith, E. Collins, S. Quinn 
Third row. R. Shirkey, J. Mohler, .1. Snedegar, M. Baker, M. Jett, E. Jamerson, I 
P. Sour~, li. Banish, J. I iaithi i 


ALPHA SIGMA ALPHA, First row: P. Ingram, editor; L. Stine, business manager; 

R. Settle, vice-president; J. Snowden, president; H. Smith, secretary; B. Weller, registrar; 

M. Rudasill, chaplain 

Second raze: E. Pierce, B. Retterer, C. Peters, M. E. Ncthers, B. L. Henshaw, G. 

Neathery, E. Smith, T. Gilbert 

Third row: J. Shelley, H. Smith, E. Bellenot, M. Estes, L. Early, R, Harshbarger, P.. J. 

Smith, L. Dunnavant, K. Collie 

Fourth row: B. G. Scott, I. Blair, M. Dukes, N. Butterworth, E. Savage, M. Eggborn, 

B. Kabler, N. Bryant 

j$ Oflpha Sicpna Oflplia 

fanuary 10, 194 ( J 

Dear Bill, 

You were asking in your last letter a- 
bout Jim's sister's sorority. She belongs to 
ALPHA SIGMA ALPHA, and a grand 
Jmb !■■ jjrnu]> of tdrls they arc, tool 

.1 I Alpha Sigma Alpha has been very busy 

$ this year. The first event on its calendar 

I was the traditional "Cafe Society" rush 

jffiB party which, I understand, was quite a suc- 

jpV - r^ cess - -^" 'I 1 "''"." rilsn w t' i '< the welcome 

mat was mil to all ntshces, and at the close 
of the week twenty-one new girls were 

pledged to Alpha Sigma Alpha amid the 
JENNIE SNOWDEN, President usual excitement and enthusiasm. 


ev<* a A o aft*. 

First roti': A. Hunter, F. Jobson, D. Davis, E. Dickie, G. Temple, J. Smith, M. Mears 
Second row. M. Armistead, J. Young, M. Elliott, B. Bryant, F. Wilkins, B. Almarode, 

D. Gosney 
Third row: M. Dyer, P. Carter, V. Dixon, M, J. Bradley, D. Wainwright, D. Tupper, 

V. D. Eason 

One of the- highlights of the year for the girls in Alpha Sigma Alpha was a 
visit from their national president, Mrs. Fred Sharp, who was present at their 
Founders' Day banquet on November IS. 

Social service work has not been neglected by them either. The girls packed 
a box for a needy family at Christmas, sent Bibles to some Mexican children in 
a school in Texas, and sent clothes to Poland to fulfill their pledge. 

Nor is their social life lacking. The old members were entertained at a 
Christmas party by the new members, and a week etui at the college camp proved 
to he great fun. Now they are planning to give a house party for Alpha Chapter 
i Farmville I next semester. 

It looks as if this will In- a memorable year for Alpha Sigma Alpha, and 
much of it is due, I'm sure, to the capable leadership of Jennie Snowden. presi- 
dent, and Miss Boje, advisor. They really seem to get things done. 

T must close for now. Bill. It's almost time for "lights out." Tell Jim I 
saiil "hello," and I hope you two can come over some week end SOOn. 




SUjma JJeita Jvlio 

November 2?. I'M'' 


I was si i glad to hear from you, 
and especially glad to know that you 
had a good time at the "Melody Club" 
dance. I think SIGMA DELTA 
RHO has a righl to be very proud of 
sponsoring such an affair. You know. 
Bill, T think those hoys deserve a lot 
of credit because Sigma Helta Rho 
hasn't been organized quite two years 
yet. In fact, it's the only fraternity 
on campus. 

SIGMA DELTA RHO First row. D Turner, tecretary; \\ Eye, vice-president; I'.. 

Nichols, president; R. Burton, reporter; D. Driver, sergeant-at-arms 

Second r*>u : R Horn, K. Gambill, D. Carter, I). Fawley, I. Daciek, B. Lamb 

Third row. S. Devier, I.. I I. W. Miller, X. Pascaretti, W. ( aracofe 

Fourth row. M. Rhodes, .1. Rhodes, 'I'. Garner, 1'. Brice, 11. Eartnan, W. Nash 


The activities of the fraternity have been varied and far reaching thi> year. 
The boys started the year off righl with a party for the new men students <>n 
campus. Then they sponsored vespers one Sunday afternoon. Contributions 
have been made to worthy causes, and, of course, the dance is to their credit. 
.Mure importanl than any of these, though, is the spirit of fraternity thai has 
grown tip betwen members of Sigma Delta Rho. That this should have been 
accomplished in such a short time speaks well for our boys. 

Many of the meetings of Sigma Delta Rho have been highlighted by speak- 
ers. Some of them came from the faculty and others from outside. Certainly 
much of the credit for success goes to Sigma Delta Rho president, Nick Nichols, 
ami to the advisors, Dr. Curtis and Mr. Eagle, who have helped Sigma Delta Rho 
construe! a fraternity that is fast becoming as beneficial to the college as it is 
to the members themselves. 

1 tell you, Bill, we have a grand hunch of hoys here at Madison! Jealous.' 




Oader 1 araae 

Mi. Bill, 

Since you mentioned your dance club at the 
University, I think I ought to tell you a little 
about our GERMAN CLUB. 

This year the first decade of the German 
Club's momentous life on campus closed, and 
another eventful era began. It was a year oi 

new things; Jean Minis, their lovely president, 
appeared in September with a new name, 

In early autum German picnicked with Cotillion Club. Incidentally, they 
had a contest to see who could eat the most hot dogs. Hack at work, the German 
girls decorated the gym for Saturday night dances and catered to dancers, by 
installing a coke machine. They featured the Lost Chords for one Saturday 
night dance in December. At Christmas they showed their good will bv fixing 
baskets of food. 


German Club's big day came in April 
when we danced with them to "Easter 
Parade." Remember? Weren't Jean and 

Bob a g l-looking couple at the head 

of the figure? Dr. and Mrs. l'ittman, 
Miss Vandever, and Mr. and Mis. Bosc- 
kev, German sponsors, had a hand in 
thai successful affair, too. 

Anne's waiting to practice the samba 
with me this very minute. By the way. 
Bill, how are your lessons coming along? 




OFFICERS. H. Mitchell, sergeant-at-arms ; C. Walter, vice-president; J. Burton, treasure 
J. Snowden, reporter; E. Copley, business manager; K. Collie, secretary. 


Ruth Agnor 
Mary Alberts 
Mildred Albright 
Ann Alexander 
Martha Armistead 
Marian Bates 
Klise Bellenot 
Irene Blair 
Anna Bowman 
Caroline Bowman 
Joan Bowman 
Martha lane Bradley 
Elizabeth Brady 
Mary Briggs 
Betty Broome 
Betty Brown 

Bess Bryant 
Phyllis Burns 
Jackie Burton 
Nancye Butterworth 

Colleen Calvert 
Glenna Carpenter 
Peggy Carter 

Margaret Chapman 
Hart Chappell 
Jane Chason 
Jeanette I ockl 
Shirley Colbert 
Katherine Collie 
Ebie Copley 
I lot Crowell 
Kitty DeHart 
Emilie Dickie 

Evelyn Dickson 
Virginia Dixon 
Betty Dovel 
Jackie Dovel 
Margaret Duncan 
Laura Dunnavant 
Marjorie Dyer 
Jean Edwards 
Nancy Ellis 
Nancy Fahnestock 
Paige Fentress 
Sarah Ferland 
Jean Gaither 
Nancy Garth 
Jackie Gilbert 
Sally Goodman 
Miriam Gore 
I lean ( ii isney 
Constance Graves 
Carter Harrison 
Ruth Harshbarger 
Betty Hcnshaw 
Anna lliletnan 
Libby Hite 
Jo Hodgson 
Marree rlogan 
Rebecca Holland 

Peggy Hornsby 
Georgia Hoskinson 
Virginia Hundley 
\nn Hunter 
Betty Hurdle 

Pat Ingram 
Mattie Jett 
Margaret Jessup 
Frances Jobson 
Betty Johnson 
Martha Johnson 
Mary Kasey 
Joyce Kelly 
Gladys Kemp 
Jane Lambert 
Henrietta Lanier 
Marilyn Lee 
Beverley Lichliter 
Sue McCormick 
Jackie McKay 
Peggy Madsen 
Jean Manuel 
Mary Mears 
Virginia Millet- 
Helen Mitchell 
Betty Mover 
lane Mover 
Irene Munson 
Winifred Minis. in 
Mary Sue Murdock 
Caroline Peters 
Elizabeth Peters 
Jayne Pierce 
lane Poole 
Margaret Reeder 
Mary Rhodes 
Betty Rinehart 

Reba Rosenbaum 
Peggj Savage 
Betty Scott 
Lenore Seibel 
Rebecca Settle 
Anne Shirley 
Annette Simpson 
Emma Sisson 
Mary Smiley 

Ha/el Smith 
Helen Smith 
Judith Smith 
Jean Sni i 
Jennie Snowden 
Lois Stine 
Hazel Stone 
Margaret Stone 
Bettj Strickland 

Gill Temple 
Martha Thomas 
lean Tysinger 
I tol W ainvi right 
Anna Walter 
Fern W aters 

Phyllis Weaver 
br Wine Webber 
Betty Weller 
Ginger Wells 
I lorothy White 
Jean W hitehouse 
Nancy Wilson 

lean Young 



' ynooulicjlit ana Jvoses 

March. 1949 

Hey there, Bill, 

Mil \ i hi remember how 1 told you all a- 
bout German chili in my last letter.' Well, 
in all fairness, I really ought to tell you 
about our C< >TILL1< >N CLUB. 

Tryouts and "goating" of both freshmen and upperclassmen for Cotillion 
in October brought forth many groans from the "goats" and beams of approval 

from the older members. Later in the fall old and new members joined in 
picnicking in Ashby Gym. This was their first "social;" however, spring found 
them around the bridge table. In the line of work, the girls compiled a handbook, 
and each Cotillion girl now owns one. Their Christmas project was shoes for some 
local school children. 


I ytiess Cotillion's nighl came in Feb- 
ruary, when their president, Barbara 
Pamplin (better known as "Pamp"), led 
the figure at the Southern Colonial Ball. 
My, Cotillion members were proud ol 
her! They were equally proud of their 
sponsors, Miss Hope Vandever, Dr. and 
Mrs. Glenn C. Smith, and Dr. Henry 

You've already agreed with me that 
Cotillion (lub has wonderful dances. 

Mm know, you told me that nighl that 
it was ime of the nicest dances you'd 

ever attended. (Sigh— i Did you really 

mean it ? 



OFFICERS J. Kayser, treasurer; G. Flora, bus 
C. Goodson, sergeant-at-arms ; A. Curtis, 

u manager; F. Antrim, vice-president; 
creiary; M. Parrotta, reporter 

Ann Adams 
Frances Antrim 
Iris Arrants 
Barbara Banish 
Mary Barham 
Betty Batts 
Bette Bosserman 
Dorothy Bland 
X.italic Bowman 
Lois Brackett 
Marx Bradley 
Margaret Byrd 
Nan Carter 
Betty i hapman 
Elsie Chapman 

Mariana ( larke 

foanne Craig 

Martha t'nrran 
\nii ( urtis 

Emma Dopfer 
Mary Dougherty 
Lois Earlj 
Myra Fensterwald 
( harlotte Fleshman 
( Hi .1 1,1 Fli 'i a 
Lorraine Foster 
Marilyn Furnal 

Cary ' > Ison 

Fane * irant 
Kathryn Hale 
Katherine Hamilton 
\mi llarlin 
loan Hartsook 
Mary Hawkins 


Mary Heppy 
Dorothy Herbert 
Wine Hill 
Shirley Hobbs 
Margaret Holland 
Hazel Hollow ay 
Alice Hunter 
Trula Hutton 
Mary Julias 
Susan Kaylor 
Janet Kayser 
Margaret Kenny 
Frances Keyser 
Jackie Leatherbury 
Beverley Lewis 
Jane Lucy 
Mary Mays 
Marian Miller 
Bob Monohan 

Jane Moure 
Martha Moore 
Barbara Moses 
Inanelle Mottern 
Lue Myers 
Dori ithj Nichols 
Patricia O'Flahertj 
Beulah ' >wen 
I ti \ ei ley ' (wens 
Barbara Pamplin 
lean Barker 
Jeanne Parker 
Marie Parrotta 
Nancy Penn 
1 lorem e Perkinsi in 

Jeanne Peterson 
Lucj Peterson 
Shirley Bickrel 
Ellen Pinching 
Mary I'olsue 
Ann Powell 
Nancy Powell 
Jean Bngh 
Freddie Ravenscroft 
Sarah Seay 
Barbara Shaw- 
Betty Shonin 
Peggy Shorn o 
Anne Siberl 
Barbara Spaulding 
Shirley Stanley 
Patricia Stewart 
Wine Taylor 
Shirley Taylor 
Susan Taylor 
Nancy Thompson 
Elsie Thornhill 
Virginia Utz 
Ruth \ aughan 

Polly Walker 

Marjorie Wallace 
Ollie Vee Walpole 
Betty Watlington 
Frances Weeks 
lane W hitlock 
Mary Whitten 
Juanita W illiams 

In \nnc W Mtfll 

Mae Zirkk 



l^ike mother, Like daiKjhler 

Dear Bill, 

Did vim know that Mother went here to school? Well, she did, 
and that entitled me to join the GRANDDAUGHTERS' CLUB. 
This club cherishes the traditions and memories of Madison, as 
passed on from mother to daughter, you know. 

At our initiation service, held in December, twenty-four girls 
were added to the group, and we are finding them full of new ideas. 
( >ur big project this year was Homecoming, when we helped with 
registration and and proudly ushered the alumnae around campus. On February 
14, Saint Valentine prompted us to visit the Children's Home; and, of course, 
we couldn't let a year go by without a week end at the college camp. 

We are convinced that we have been lucky in having Ann Stout for our presi- 
dent and Mrs. Dorothy Garher and Mrs. Althea Johnston as our sponsors. All 
three have done a grand job. 

O-o-oh, there goes tht 

ve got to run. 


GRANDDAUGHTERS' CLUB: First row. F. Moseley, I.. Sacra, E. Shuler, A Bowles, 

J. Leftwich, S. Fisher, J. Liskey, 1'. Black, A. Dyal 
Second row: B. Hiner, 1'. Adams, 1',. Holsingcr, J. Sterne, vice-president; N. Morrison, 

treasurer; A. StOUt, president; 1'.. Heeler, A. Smith, N. Walker 



e o 



oor — 

Hi, Bill — 

This afternoon I was talking w'th a day student who told me all about the 
club they have here on campus for local students. Ii is called the SESAME 
CLUB, and it is really having a big year. 

The group started off last fall with a party and initiation to welcome all the 
new personalities of the day student's room. On December 17 the celebrated 
with a Christmas dance at Massanutten Caverns, and during the holidays they 
prepared a Christmas fond basket. 

This year's mam- activities will be brought to a close with a picnic in the 
spring, quite an important function. Mosl important of all, though, is the progress 
that has been made this year in carrying ou1 one of Sesame's aims: to draw the 
day students into closer relationship with the rest of the college. 

I'm glad we have a Sesame Club on campus, Bill. Sounds like fun, doesn't it i 


SESAME CLUB. First row. I. Sumption, M. Kiser, V Simmons, G. Shull, J. Fauber, 
B. Fauber, S. Landis, president; J. Phalen, secretary; V Dovel, reporter; <.. Garber, chaplain 
Second row: C. Reel, I'.. Gordon, I.. Albrite, J- Garber, V Wheelbarger, \l. Mem 
Tutwiler, A. Vance, L. Echard, M. Mullen, I'. McKenney, M. Birchard, I'.. Bosserman, 

J. Joseph 
Third row. I >. Stover, M. Sites, vice-president; 1'. Wheelbarger, M. Burgess, Mr. Bocskey, 
; I.. Long, B. Williams, J. Strawderman, treasurer; Mr. Shorts, advisor; M. Purcell 



C^lie mail s (lie (III, 



Dear I '.ill, 

NANCY \\ ILS( ).\. /'resident 

Do v<iu remember the Stratford 
production you came over to see in 
the fall? You know it was the Pulit- 
zer Prize winner, "Icebound." Well, I 
just found out that STRATF( >R1 I 
DRAMATIC CLUB is going to presenl 
"The Tainin.L; ut' the Shrew" in tin- spring. 
Thai will be their major production For 
tin- year; so I'm sure it is going to lie 
good. I would love to have you come 
over for it if you can. I'll let you know 
that date later. 

That cluh really works hard, Bill, but its members seem to enjoy it. They 
helped stage the New Girl-Old Girl Wedding and the Christmas pageant and put 
on their own play in between. In February they plan to give three one-act plays 
as laboratory productions. In their laboratory productions they always do a 
little experimentation. Last year it was with expressionism, and 1 understand 
they are going to do something similar this year. They are also going to present 
a little Chinese play which is supposed to lie very humorous. 

Much of the credit for these tine productions goes to the faithful old members 
of Stratford and also to the talented new ones, hut Stratford wouldn't he what it 

Shots from "Icebound," Stratford production . . . 


STRATFORD DRAMATIC CLUB. First row: G. Wells, A. Speight, recorder of points 

Second row: E. King, M. Whitman 

Third row: C. Kennette, M. Elliott, J. Collins, reporter; B. Owen, secretary; H. Flax, 

N. W ilson, president 

is if it were not for director-sponsor, Dr. Mary Latimer, who is so thoroughly 
schooled and interested in theater art. Honestly, Bill, she's good ! 

Stratford members don't work all the time. They really let their hair down 
at social meetings. Anything can happen then and usually does. They always 
go to camp at least mice during the year, too, abandoning grease paint and powder 
fur old dungarees and plaid shirts. A fav- 
orite pastime there is sitting by the fireplace 
with all the lights out while Dr. Latimet 
tells ghost stories. ( >-o-o-h, can she tell a 
ghosl story! 

Nancy Wilson, president of the group, is 
the Serious-minded member of the bunch. 
She holds them all together with some de- 
gree of dignity at business meetings and 
keeps things running smoothly. 

Well. I '.ill. I guess I'd better bring this 
little epistle to a close. I've an exam to 
study for. and I've procrastinated long 

Love, Sue 

21 13 

iW iti 


[INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB. First row: N. Heiber, secretary; J. Lyon, 

president; M. Bowen, treasurer; S. Kodrich, reporter 

Second row. J. Dent, M. Bishop, E. Bowen, (i. Cook, F. Weeks, M. Whitman, E. Melton, 

M. Thomas, E. Wilson, B. Bowen, E. Waters, N. Keyser, R. Settle 

Third row: J. Morrison, M. Robertson, F. Sneed 

1 assbuj 1 araue 

I tear Bill, 

We, too, havean [NTERNATK »NAL 
RELATK »NS CLUB, and it is quite ac- 
tive in examining and discussing matters 
cif national and international importance. 
This year under the leadership of June 
Lyon, president, and Dr. Frederickson, 
sponsor, the club has maintained a bulle- 
tin board, sponsored a speaker in assem- 
bly, attended conferences, and made the 
student body in genera] mine aware of 
international relations and problems. 

I musl stop now 

da\ 's paper. 

QNE LY( )\. President 

for 1 haven'1 read 
etter Ike", 


ir a 


Skaoes of G/i 


Dear Bill, 

I think Mm misunderstood me in my last letter. 
ALPHA RHO DELTA is not a fraternity; it's a class- 
ical club for Latin students. 

Speaking of Alpha Rho Delta, those boys and girls 
have really become steeped in the classics this year, Bill. 
Their sponsors, Dr. and Mrs. Sawhill, have been so 
helpful in making the club interesting and educational. 
At their meetings the members have heard lectures on 
the various cultural and practical aspects connected with 
the study of the Latin language, seen slides made abroad, 
and listened to classical records. 

All activities of Alpha Rho Delta are not so formal, though. Bill. A party 
lor the new members in the fall, a picnic in the spring, and several other informal 
parties and programs contribute to the success and pleasure of these Roman 

Classically yours. 

\M'U \ RHO DELTA. First row: V. Davis, vice-president; V. Griffith, 

I. Harrington, president 

Second row: F. Bethel, treasurer; I. Mills, P. Brookfield 

Third rou : B Viar, M Poteet, M. Shirley 

Fourth rov : F. Weeks, <l. Flora, M. Mears 


' 1 arlez-vous francaisv 

Easter's over ! 
Mon cher Bill, 

LE CERCLE FRANCAIS is certainly one ac- 
tive organization! Willi their vivacious sponsor, 
Dr. Margarete Woelfel, and president, Betty Hip- 
pensteele, they have done so much this year that 
I would have to go hack to their book of minutes 
to remember it all. 

Their meetings this year have Keen enlivened 
liv numerous foreign films, which they discussed 
in order to learn more about their French friends. 
Then, in December Dr. Woelfel invited them to her new home, where they met 
her parents and warmed to their hospitality and the charm of old world customs. 
They have also sent packages overseas, been to camp, presented a lovely pageant 
before Christmas, and the play I told you about while we were home. 

Hill, have you read lingo's l.cs .1/ ist'mblcs? We are reading it in French 
class now. 



I I I ERCLE FR VNCAIS. First row: B. Smith, M. Purcell, I. Eaton, treasurer; E. Waters, 

J. Hosely 

nd row B. Reynolds, K. Mellon, J. Sterne, M. Mnsser, J. Manuel, I'.. Bryant, E. Tubbs 

Third row. M. Warren, S. Shorter, E. Smith, vice-president; J. Brockman, K. Ward, 
M. Edmonds, Dr. Woelfel, advisor 

3 u i 


enors an 

a Senorit 


Dear Bill, 

I was interested to hear aboul your Spanish Club, because we have one here 
at Madison, too. The officers of EL CLUB ESPANOL sel out enthusiatically 
in the fall of this year to revive the club after several years of comparative in- 

First on their calendar was a Spanish Christmas party held in Senior Hall. 
In January the club sponsored an impressive Friday chapel program and in the 
spring carried out a project to increase the funds of the treasury. Later on they 
celebrated at their annual fiesta. 

Dr. Martinez, the club's sponsor, contributes much to tin- spirit of the group 
with his stories of old Spain. And now I must say. 

Hasta manana, 

EL CLUB ESPANOL. Firei row: M. Moore, ent; J Rice, 

Critzer. reporter; P. Newton, president; P. Griffith, treasurer; K Ward. 

I ir Martinez, sponsor 

Second row; E. Graves, \l < ompher, \l Speer, K. Moorefield, X. Hamilton 

Third row: V Simpson, R. Rogers, L Clark, M. Davis 


■ *, H- 

— paints ana palette* -- 

Dear Bill, 

Having just come back from an art exhibit in the library, 
I am thinking how fortunate we are to have an ART CLUB 

here on campus. That club has done a g 1 job this year. 

Tryouts, which were held in October, brought many new and 
talented members into the club. Their tirst job was decorat- 
ing the gym for the Cosmopolitan Ball in November. The 
girls worked and worked on those huge magazine covers that adorned the walls 
of the gym. Remember? They were mighty proud ni them and we were proud 
of the Art Club. 

TIk- cluli's biggest thrill was in sponsoring "Miss Madison of 1949." They 
bought a lovely gold cup for her ami gave her a luncheon in the Tea Room. 

Membership in the Art Club lakes a lol of time and hard work, but they 
tell me it's loads of fun and well worth the trouble. 

Artfully yours. 

ART i I I B First row. J. White, K. Pinching, secretary; J. Leatherbury, J. Eiosely 
Second row: K. Funkhouser, \. Dovel, V. Branch, E. Rinehart, treasurer; E. Dickie 
Third row. G. Flora, Miss Aiken, advisor; S. Ferland, president; I). Herbert, vice- 
president; C. Mattox, Mi" Grove, advisor; Miss Walker, advisor; M. Moore, <i. Landman, 


_>< IS 




( URIE SI Il'.Xt E I LIT, First row: M. Howard, vice-president; B. Groseclose, G. 
Neathery, president; M. Poling, M. Kasey, D. Levine, M. Elliott, treasurer; I. Moffitt, (1. 

Martin, M. Barton, J. White, J. Whitlock, S. Landis, L. Dorrington 

Second rov. : F. Hughes, secretary; I. Mmarode, F. Wilkins, A. Pinchbeck, B. Dudley, G. 

Kellison, 1). Dedrick, A. Dovel, J. Ramsey, X. Shumake, j. Coverston, J. Peatross, 

J. Brockman, M. Dukes 

Third row. I. Bishop, S. hukson, D. Bowman, ('. Gauldin, F. Gouldman, I. Oakham, 

W. Jackson, I!. Calhoon, H. Abrams 

Uri with. S 


Dear Bill, 

Have you noticed .-ill the. articles aboul the CURIE SCIENCE CLUB in the 
papers I've been sending you? This club has gloriously established its motto: 
"< >n with Science." 

This year the members visited Endless Caverns, the University of Virginia 
Observatory, and the Mennonite Observatory. The main event of. the year was 
the joinjl meeting of the science clubs of Bridgewater, Mary Baldwin, Shenan 
doah, and the Eastern Mennonite Colleges, featuring a speaker frnm the Virginia 
Academy of Science. In the sprint; several of the members represented Madison 
al the annual meeting of this Academy. 

One of the foremost responsibilities of members is to present to the club a 
paper on original observations or on some recent developmenl in the field of 
science. This is emphasized by Dr. Cool and Mr. Bocskey, their advisors, and 
Geraldine Neathery, their president. 

It really sounds as it science is coming to the front, doesn't it, Bill? 

Your favorite microbe. 


**" among me pots ana pans ^ 

Dear Bill, 

I'm all inspired aboul home economics since talk- 
ing td Miss Robertson and Mildred Ritchie, sponsor 
and presidenl respectively of the FRANCES SALE 

This club, named for the first teacher of home econo- 
mics at Madison, is really up and coming. In January 
ii sponsored Sail) Steele, an outstanding fashion ex- 
pert, who spoke in Wednesday assembly. The club 
was proud to have Margaret Jessup elected state re- 
presentative to the national convention at Minneapolis 
last summer. They were also very fortunate in having 
two of their members, Nancye Butterworth and Mildred 
Province II Workshop at Carnegie Tech in Pittsburgh. 

1 guess I'll just have to learn how to cook and sew now 
box of cookies any day. 


Ritchie, attend the 

You cari expect a 

'RANCES SALE ( LUB. First ro-a II ^brams, M Barton, X. Butterworth, treasure 

M. Ritchie, president; Miss Robertson, adi'isor; I Blair, vice-president; M. Ramsey, 

i tary ; I >. Bowman 

Second row: J I raig, D. Dedrick, E. Spradlin, I Lucy, V. Starling 

Third row. A. Ragsdale, L. Seibel, F. Gouldman, A. Pinchbeck, J. Dallas 

Fourth row : V. Roller, E. Noel, I. Funk 

Fifth row : C Kegley, E. Hurdle, D. Tupper, M Halej 

Sixth row. B. Armstrong, M. Elliott, M. Cohen 


~~Ln llie business world 

Dear Bill, 



Xdi too much lias been going on around school lately. However, our I'l 
OMEGA I'l, national business fraternity, made the headlines in The Breeze this 
week. Marilyn Lee, president, and Hazel Smith, secretary, will remember the 
Christmas holidays of 1948 for a long time because ii was then that they went to 
the national convention in Detroit. 

On April 6, Pi < )mega Pi will observe its annual fraternity day. .Mr. Milton 
Smith, General Counsel for the Q. S. Chamber of Commerce in Washington, 
D. C, will be the speaker. That night the initiation of new members will 
follow a banquel to end their day. 

Our Curriculm V seniors and business teachers throughout the Shenandoah 
Valley should gain valuable experience when they participate in a shorthand clinic, 
jointly sponsored by the Madison College Department of Business Education 
and the State Board of Education in Richmond. 

By the way, Bill, is it the week end of the 15th that you are going to he in 
Richmond? Aunt Sarah wants to have you out for dinner. 


I'l OMEGA I'l. First row. H. Smith, secretary; M. Lee, president; J. Rainey, treasurer; 

K. Collie, vice-president 
Second roii : F. Weir, M. Alberts, C. Peters, I. Havdon, G. Gander, N. Ellis, I. Shallcross, 

B. Steele 

Third row. S. Strader, I Walter, M. Bradley, M. Eggborn, E. Spivey, 1. Seidman, C. Moore, 

M. Goodwin, M. Baker, J. Cleveland 



mixincf business ana pleasure 

a Die 

Dear Bill, 

Your Business club may be active, but have you heard of the MADIS< )N BUS- 
l.Xl'.SS CLUB? The members made an early start this year by giving a tea for 
all college students taking one or more business subjects. As a result oi a drive 
for membership they now have eighty active members. 

During the year they have had several guest speakers, as well as short movies 
on business subjects. In the spring they presented a fashion show,^*-and, Bill, 
you should have watched those models mix beauty and business! 

The Business Club will end its year with the annual banquet, at which time 

the new officers will be tapped. To Miss Brady, their sponsor, goes much credit; 
her inspiration must have been abounding. Look what they have accomplished ! 

In a very businesslike manner, I remain 

Your Sue 

IFFK ERS. C. Moore, president; Miss Brady, advisor; M. Baker, vice 
\. Ritenour, secretary; G. Arthur, treasurer 


~- slLv&i belts ana cocklemells ~~ 

Dear Bill, 

Well, I'm learning something new ever} day. After attending one of the 
DOLLY MADISON GARDEN CLUB programs, I feel as if I could go right 
out and plain one of the prettiesl gardens you've ever seen. 

The girls in the club really do seem to have a lol of fun; for, besides all 
their helpful programs on arrangemenl of flowers and tips for gardening, they help 
to beautify the buildings in the spring liv placing cut flowers there. 

Tlu* social ami business meetings of this club are held in Senior Hall, but 
the secrets of the flowers, the shared joys of gardening, and the watching of 
nature's ways are all found out-of-doors. In all these activities, they are very 
lucky in having Dr. and Mrs. Showalter, avid gardeners themselves, as their 

Oh, Bill, 1 almost forgot! I must run along now and water my ivy. 


GARDEN ' 1. 1 B First row: D. Bland, J. Bruce, secretary; L. King, X. Ellis 
Second row. M Baker, id president; I-'. Lilly, M. Goodwin, treasurer; V. Ritenour, 





■■■■■ » ■ 

Oi/r courts (iiid /tools are full of activity when students and instruc- 
tors meet in [day. (.lasses keep the dust up and the water splashing 
during the day. but some sports are on the courts before breakfast and 
in Heed pool after dark. . . 


IAXK GRANT, President 

^Jrom the ararwstarw — 

Dear Bill, 

has been as busy as ever this year. Our 
campus colleagues have come to know 
thai wherever A. A. goes, success is sure 
to follow. 

Under the leadership of Jane Grant, 
A. A. has participated in a number of 
activities, leading dt'f with the Freshman 
picnic in September and ending with May 
Day exercises last week end. Remember? 
Between these two dates have come such 

I 01 Mil. First row; II. Lanier, G. Kemp, J. Shelley, M. ( hapman, treasurer; M. 

Hodgson, B. Moyer, business manager; B. Monohan, Miss Shaffer 

Second row: M. Nethers, F. Garfinkel, N. Bowman, B. Johnson, K. Blak 


things as entertainment for the visiting hockey and basketball teams, extramural 
trips, and the hockey tournament at William and Mary. Then, when Miss Apple- 
bee, the famous English hockey coach, came to Madison this year, A. A. almost 
turned cartwheels. 

As in the past, A. A. sponsored all in- 
tramural spurts, beginning with hockey in 
tin- tall and ending with softball in the 
spring. The intramural basketball tourna- 
menl was a big evenl fur everybody, even 
tin.- losers. I should know because we Inst! 

Miss Janette Shaffer, sponsor of A. A., 
tin- physical education staff, tin- members of 
A. A. council, and many others have worked 
fur A. A. this year. You've heard me talk 
of all of them so often. 

By the way. Bill, did you make the 
baseball tram? I'm taking exercises ever) 
nighl ! 



IK.W SHELLEY, President 

r ( jYon i ijou come over 
ana plaij/ 

Dear Bill, 

You've heard me speak of all the phy- 
sical education majors and minors here 
on campus, but have I ever told you 
of their club? They have one all their 
nun. which they call MERCURY CLUB. 
'Theirs has been among the mosl active 
clubs this year. < Ine of their new pro- 
jects has been keeping the bulletin hoard 
in Reed Hall up-to-date. They really 
did, too. Another big project was back- 
ing the sophomores in their recreation 
program on campus, along with drawing 
up plans for a recreation council. 

\IKK( I'kY ( I. IK First row: M Chapman, reporter; I- Dickson, treasurer; J. Shelley, 

president; R. Monohan, secretary; F. Garfinkel, vice-president 
Second row: .1. Kayser, A. Stout, M. Kiser, M. 1 1 aim. M, Powell, H. Lamer. B. Furr, J. 

Hodgson, B. Bosserman, I. Bowman 

Third row: G. Kemp, M. Nethers, N. Bowman, B. fohnson, I Reynolds, B. Scott, .1. Grant, 

I-'. Water-. I. Ihte. B. Banish, L. Early, K. Lewis, K. Travers, K. Blakemore 


The Mercury Club has had worthwhile meetings this year. Early 
in the fall they welcomed new members with a picnic supper, fol- 
lowed by planned recreation. Dr. Rodgers brought the- first get-to- 
gether in a climax with a talk. Mrs. Johnston, sponsor, entertained 
the officers nf the cluh in her apartment, where they considered 
suggestions and plans for improvements. 

The cluli was divided into teams of Purple and Gold for hockey, 
basketball, and Softball. Mercury members also helped officiate at 
the intramural basketball games. 

In May a fun-tilled week end was spent at the college camp. All through 
the spring we've seen the Mercury Clubbers hiking hack-campus, heard them 
sinking new college pep songs written by their members, and watched them 
having a wonderful time with one another. They really have the spirit! 

See you soon, 


First row: D. Krmuss, C Cockrill, M Bluett, I'. Savage, J. McKay, M. Moon 
Second row. 1'.. Spaulding, M. House, C. Sanderson, I'. Kilduff, .1. Wenzel, X. Birch, 

V. Gouldin, A. Bossieux, I'.. Ramsey, D. Webb 

Third row: M. Riddleberger, J. Cauley, K. Long, I . Graves, V Pond, L Woodyard, V 

Bowles, li. High, K. Sorensen, C. Carmen, C. Quesenberrj 



Jnake mat cjoau 


■ i. 

Remember tin- exciting HOCKEY game I told you about last winter? That 
was one of the intramural games in which Johnston Hall remained undefeated. 
From the group of a hundred or nunc students who participated in intramural 
hockey, a squad of thirty players was selected to play in extramural games. 

In the extramural program Madison played the Alumnae and two games 
each with Sweet Briar and Westhampton and attended the annual State Hockey 
Tournament in Williamsburg. The team was justly proud of Catherine Cockrill 
and Henrietta Lanier, who were chosen for the Virginia Reserve Team, which 
played in the Southeastern District Tournament held in Baltimore, Maryland. 

At the end of the season, the hockey team gave a banquet in honor of their 
coach and leader, Miss Janette Shaffer. I hope next year's team does as well 
as this year's. But, just think. Bill, 1 won't he here to see them. 



nd row. 


w: M Howard, C. Cockrill, M. Bluett, .1. Shelley, 
H. Lanier, M. Nethers 
urr. M. Powell, K. Blakemore, M. Chapman, l< Monohan, K. Lewis 
K. Travers, X. Kirch. I), Knauss, II. Johnson 


*1 1 **# 

+41 A. ijfcrt^.: 

RA( QUET CLUB. I). Lewis, H. Lanier, N. Powell, N. Siviter, B. Strickland, J. Shelley 

Mrs. Hewett, K. Monohan, president; M. Chapman, M. Cohen, L. Peterson, B. Ramsey, M. 

Nethers, vice-president; N. Clendening, J. Coates, M, (.'ritzer, J. Gram 




May 22, L949 

Iliva, Bill, 

The tenuis club has ended the 1949 season with twenty-one new members 
and a brand new name, RACQUET CLUB. Ten new members joined in the fall 
and helped in making the spring closed-cup tournament a great event. 

Jane Grant, title-holder when we were freshmen, captured the cup again 
in last fall's tournament — this time from finalist Mac Critzer. The club presented 
the champion with an engraved silver bracelet at a special get-together, 

You know. Bill, Mrs. Hewett has steered that club through a great year. 
The Racquet-eers have attempted "to encourage and foster interest in tennis on 
the campus," and as far as I'm concerned, they've succeeded. I challenge you 

i" i -lift yame of tennis as soon as 1 gel home! 

Love (ami not the tennis kind), 


\K< IIKRY CLUB. B. Scott, E. Copley, secretary; I. Morrison, vice-president; L. Early, 
president; .1. Shelley 

--from tke bowsir'iYKj 

Hi, Bill, 

I had an apple shot from my head today — not by William Tell, hut l>y a mem- 
ber of the ARCHERY CLUB! In the spring and with the first blades of grass, 
the Madison archers come with their hows and arrows to practice so thai they will 
be read) for the annual spring archery tournament. 

Never lei it be said thai Archery Club girls are selfish, because the joj of 

hitting bull's-eyes is nol limited In members alone. All interested students are 
invited to learn to shunt, and the club me'mbers contribute their skill and know 
ledge in teaching the beginners the fundamentals of archery. That's how 1 
came to try my skill today. 1 didn't do /«" had. Bill, just missed my aim once and 
hit nne of the library windows -and just when I was beginning to think 1 was 
a true daughter of William Till, too! 

( )h, well, 



Ljials of the l^eoiara 

Dear I '.ill. 

I was so pleased to hear the nice compliment from 
Jim aboul our MODERN DANCE CLUB. Ii has 
been very active this year, you know, The members practice an hour or more 
each week t" develop technique and control, in addition to working oul their 
own choreography. Isn't that a good word! 

()n December 1 Charles Weidman, who performed with bis professional 
group for the whole school, conducted a master class <>\ technique for' club mem- 
bers. The girls, accompanied by their sponsor, Mrs. Hewett, went to Washing- 
ton, I'. G, on February 2, to see Martha Graham and her dance group. You've 
heard of her, haven't you? 

The big dance recital that you spoke of in your letter was given on February 
24 and featured such dances as "At the Art Gallery," "Hindu Dance," "Dance 
of the Rag Dolls," and Green Grow the Rushes." The recital will he repeated in 
March for Homecoming week end. Perhaps you could come up for it then? 


MODERN DANCE « LI B, First row: I.. Early, B. Bosserman 

Second row: S, White, A, McKechnie 

Third ro i S Si iy, I. Peterson, (1. Albera, C. Fleshman, E, ( hapman 


Cscile of a cjisk 

Dear Bill, 


Nun should have been with me last 
nighl at 9:00! I went l>\ our swimming 
)ool and saw the I '' >RP< USE CLUB in 

Natalie Bowman, the president, and 
Miss Savage, the sponsor, said that the 
<4 iris had been working on advanced 
swimming and life saving. I know, 
though, thai they have taken time out for 
fun at initiation and parties. 

Mow they're practicing For their water 
pageant to be held May 13. Wouldn't 
yon like to see it : 



PORPOISE < LUB. First row: E, Pinching, F. fabson, G. Kellison, I Graves, B. Hur 
J. McKay, M. Moore, L, Fostei 

Second rou : K. Travers, S. Hobbs, N, Rennie, M. Clark, X. Bowman, president; 
\ Lanier, reporter; D, Levine, N. Phillips 


M\I>ISON DUCHESSES. First row: T. Cauley, E. Long, B. Ramsey, K. Blakemore, 

J. Shelley, C. Cockrill, M. Bluett, H. Lanier 

Second row. R. Sorenson, L. Early, M. Reddout, S. Pickrel, J. Grant, M. Nethers, co-captain; 

B. Johnson, co-captain; I. Reynolds, L. W'oodyartl 

^TZz'/ //z«/ basket! 

Dear Hill, 

You asked me about our girls' basketball team. Well, league play in the 
girls' intramural basketball tournament got under way mi January 4 and continu- 
ed in a round-robin tournament. An elimnation tournament to determine the 
dormitory champions of the school followed. Irene Reynolds, a senior, along 
with .Miss LTlrich, one of our physical education instructors, organized and 
scheduled the intramural program. 

The extramural team was chosen from fifty-five play- f7\\ 
its at several tryoutS. From these players sixteen were 
selected to play on the squad. 

The MADISON DUCHESSES played through a 
successful season with Betsy Johnson as captain and 
Miss Ulrich as coach. The girls played Roanoke, West- 
hampton, and Sweetbriar Colleges. A game with the 
Alumnae during Homecoming week end climaxed the 
season for the Duchesses. 

Have I told you all you wanted to know, Hill? You 
might he interested to know that I throw a "mean" 
basketball myself! 


Sue w V rt2SU\** 


1 1 


Jn'inor sports 

am major 

Henry really serves a 
mean ball. See that look 
in her eye? 

We made the goal, 
with a half dozen aching 
shins and a lueky drive. 

The birdie seems to 
just dwaddle in the air, 
so up we go after it . . . 


qames for some 

of lis " 

The thrill of a taut 
how makes (lipids of US 

all . . . 

Our dorm trams Ace/* the basketballs dribbling 

■ H 




C^keii re our bousl 



Hello, Bill, 

The MADISi ).\ DUKES (the hoys' 
basketball team i have just completed 
their schedule for this season. I am 
sending you a copy of it in case you can 

make any of tin- games : 

II Shenandoah College .Ian. <> 

H Washington ami Lee Ian. X 

'I" Bluefield College Jan. 12 

II RP1 Jan. 15 

T W ashington and Lee Ian. 21 

T RP1 Feb. S 

II Bridgewater (allege I'd'. Hi 

T Bridgewater College Feb. 17 

T Shenandoah College Feb. 28 

H Bluefield College March 4 

1 turriedly, 

P. S. Tn case you can't understand my notation, "II" means here and "T" means 

MADISON hi KES: First row: II Woolf, I'.. Nash, B. Home, C. Bobrick, B. Leak* 
Second row. \\ . Eye, W. Miller, B. Showalter, R. Weekley, W. Denton, (tiayei 
in)/ pictured, 1 1. Earman 


"Being together*' means so many things at Madison. ) ou haven't 
been to Madison unless yon have . . . 


I ■ 

dreaded that 6:15 alarm. 

exchanged a friendly word around Joan in the library 


stood in the booh line for hours 

rushed to lunch after H ednesday chapel. 


known a rare special for Wednesday lunch — steak. . 

climbed to knowledge up Wilson steps. . . 


gone to the Tea Room after class for a quick pick-up. 

wondered what the hoys find to talk about in the spring 



escaped the doily humdrum with a stroll hack campus . . 

sunned and chatted on The Rock . 


voted and wondered who our next campus leaders would be 

kept up with our sports and cheered our teams to victory . . 


been initiated into our social world over a cup of tea . . . 

eaten your fish and read your Breeze on Friday night . . 


been through the routine of signing out for a date 

played that last hand of bridge before lights out 



learned to knit — and made man-sized socks . 

Stumbled outside in your sleep for a fire drill 


played hobo for a week end at college camp 

puffed '«' blowed 're' climbed each year to reach the Peak . . . 



taken part in Sunday church services . . . 

been a\ Big Sister to a Little Sister . 


gained inspiration from a VIF candlelight ceremony 

/c// //h j unity symbolized by the 

OW Girl—Netv G 

irl \\ Cdding . . . 

f ft 



^-Tfezik' ij 


ti\ * 

#"■/ t 


Hatched Reed gym become a ballroom — and then the dance . . 

dashed for a seat on the }>ns for home. 


Here are the '49 pin-up personalities of Madison — Seniors and Jun- 
iors and Sophomores and Freshmen — and lovely reminders of manor 
able Madison traditions . . . 


Ida Hart Chappell I Biddy Fensterwald 



Betty Weller 

: 'V*,.' 

Mancha Holland 

Mary Wyth Porter 


tons . . . . 


Jibs Jiadi 

UOYl . . . . 

1 « 




tR 1 ^'* H '^ .r tf. */jMs >•? '^ ''1 

H :-' ■■■-■■'■ 

5 5Vra 'V 

/.J 3k -C f 1 


B - 


Uhrislynas 1 1 



i • • • • 


Ofpple JjLossom 1 rincess .... 

I M 


1 1 ' i 



Jnaij \duem . . . . 



Z/rances (JJeeks 


MAY COURT. Top: First row: V Walter, M. Rudasill, .1. Snowden, B. Weller, II. 
Chappell, M. Edwards. Second row: I. Hodgson, M. Fensterwald, S. Ferland, X Long, 

G. Kemp IV Miller, A. Hunter, J. Grant, I'.. K Collie, E Dickson, .1. Denl 

Bottom: First row: B. Pamplin, B. Armstrong, F. Antrim, M. Zirkle, .1. Tysinger, \. 

Curtis. Second >•,.;>■: X. Bryant, R. Settle, \ Starling, B Broome, M. Nethers, C. 

Goodson, K. Savage, M. Heppy, B Johnson, X I arter, B I ewis, F Garfinkel 


Queen Ebie ri-ifins . 






CLASSES 15-129 

Seniors 16-86 

Who's Who 87 

Senior Biographies 88-95 

juniors 96-107 

Soph6mores 108-119 

Freshmen 120 1-"' 


( >RGANIZATI< INS 145-214 

Alumnae 1 47 

Student Service 148-155 

Publications 156-1 ; '' 

Religious t60 169 

Honorary. Scholastic 170-173 

Music . 174-181 

Social 182-201 

1 )ramatics 202-203 

International Relations 204-207 

Vocational 208-214 

ATHLETICS 215-228 

51 H LIFE 229-242 

FEATURES 24.^ 254 

Class Features 244 147 

New-Girl Bride and Maid-of-Honor 248 

Miss Madison 249 

Madonna and First Angel, Y. W. C A. Pageant 250 

Apple Blossom Festival Princess 251 

May Day 2^Z-2?A 

DIR ECT( >R I ES 256-276 

Student 256-273 

Faculty 274-275 

Alumnae Chapters 276 



Student dsirectoYif 

Abrams, Claire S 65 fudwin Vvenue, New Haven, ( onn. 

Vbrams, Hannah Helene 120 Brown Avenue, Hopewell, Va. 

Vdams, \im llill <<«lo Martin Avenue, Richmond, Va. 

Vdams, Phyllis Lee c o Stanolind Oil Co., Star Route, Odessa, Tex. 

Vgnor, Kmii \iiin Elizabeth 509 Jackson Vvenue, Lexington, Va. 

Albera, Eugenia Margherita 315 Monastery Place, Union City, N. J 

Alberts, Mary Sheppard 1 to Brewer Wenue, Suffolk, Va. 

Albright, Mildred Garden -Chase City, Va. 

Albrite, Lena Virginia Fulks Run, Va, 

Albrittain, Marj Louise Bel Alton, Md, 

Aldhizer, Martha Stuart Windsor Hills. Route 4, Roanoke, Va. 

Alexander, Ann Elizabeth 3228 West Grace Street, Richmond, Va. 

Allebaugh, Juan Evans Rcute 2, Box 106, Harrisonburg, Va. 

Alley, Gloria Mildred Box -lid, Grundy, Va. 

Allman, Mildred Ann 1110 College Street, Rockj Mount, Va. 

Almarode, Betty Jo Mt, Sidney, Va. 

Alt, Sue Ann Box 207, Franklin, \\ \ i 

\ine>, Greta Louise 2626 Maryland Avenue, Marmet, W. Va 

Andrews. Mildred Jane Phenix, Va. 

Antrim, Frances Imogene Groometown Road, Greensboro, X. C. 

Appleton, Jacqueline Page 21 Elm Avenue, Hilton Village, Va. 

Armistead, Grace Mae 43 Gillis Road, Portsmouth, Va. 

\nmstead, Martha Olivia $3 Gillis Road, Portsmouth, Va. 

Armstrong. Betty Jo Mt. Crawford, Va. 

Armstrong. Theima Jane Headwaters, Va. 

Arnold, Doris Lee 344 Day Avenue, S. W., Roanoke, Va. 

Arrants, Iris Nancy 200 Westmoreland Road, Falls Church, Va. 

Arthur. Gyneth Geo I Curt, Va. 

Ashburn, Judith Hill Route 3, Suffolk, Va. 

Atkins, Doris Louise 1852 Fairfax Avenue, Petersburg, Va. 

Atkins, June Lee 510 Franklin Street, Portsmouth, Va 

Bailey, Jeanne I leFord Route 1, Bristol, Va. 

Bain, Evelyn ( iay I )inwiddie, Va, 

Baker, Ellen Genevieve Route 2, Box 33, Woodford, \ a. 

Baker, Martha Elizabeth Strasburg, \ a. 

Baker, Mary Virginia Pamplin, Va. 

Banish, Barbara Webb 1032 Rcdgate Avenue, Norfolk, Va. 

Banner, Mary Ruth Castlewood, Va. 

Barbier, Elaine Dawn 6905 Woodland Avenue, Takoma Park, Md. 

I^arger, Dorothy Eunice Main Street. Buchanan, Va. 

Barham, Mary Evelvn 309 Rockbridge Avenue, Portsmouth, Va. 

Barksdale, Charlotte" Haynie 1213 Holly Street, South Norfolk, Va. 

Barnes, Betty Carolyn 1717 LaSalle Avenue, Norfolk, Va. 

Barnes, Virginia Lee 440 Chapel Street, Hampton. Va. 

Barnhill, Peggy Harrell 149 S. Saratoga Street, Suffolk, Va. 

Barrett, Katherine Estelle Route 1, Box 76, Franklin, Va. 

Bartley, Gloria Jacqueline I leerfield, Va. 

Barton, Barbara. Box 100, Rcute 2, Lost (reek. West Va. 

Barton, Mamie Frances Hardy, Va. 

Bales, Man. hi Helms 300 Glenloch Road, Ridley Park, Pa 

Batts, Betty Jo 402 Colonial Drive, Roanoke, Va. 

Batts, Elizabeth Louise 56-A Elizabeth Road, Hampton, Va 

Baxter, lean Adelaide 1770 Brandon \venue, Petersburg, Va 

Beahm, Rosa Lee Nokesville, Va. 

Bear, Jean Anne 544 N. High Street, Harriscnburg, Va. 

Beckwith, Theima Patricia 1300 South Barton Street, Apt. .'>.'■?. \rlington.Ya. 

Beducian, Margaret 2527 Stuart Wenue, Richmond, Va. 

Bedwell, Alma < Ha 9o Paul Jones Street, Portsmouth, Va. 

Beeler, Beverlj Virginia 107 Holliday Street, Strasburg, Va. 

Begoon, Betty Wilberger (Nurse) Penn Laird, Va. 

Bell, G. Faye 112 Kingsboro Street, Suffolk, Va. 

Bell, Lee Hayden (Mr.) 310 W. Noble Street, Louisburg, X. C. 

Bellenot, Anne Elise 222 Roseneath Road, Richmond, Va. 

Rentier, Joan 1302 Orange Wenue, Roanoke, Va. 

Bentz, Bettj lane 131 E. Washington Street, Petersburg, Va. 

Berger, Lucille Price R. F. D. 1, Gretna, Va. 

B rndt, Ralph (Mr.) Woodland Avenue, Wyckoff, X. I. 

Bethel, Dorothy lane Massies Mill, Va. 

Bethel, Frances (lark Massies Mill, Va. 

Beville, Frances Averil I leWitt, Va. 


Biddlecomb, Maria Elizabeth Fair Port, Va. 

Bihgham, Jerry Jo Ann 28 N. Oakland Street, Arlington, Va. 

Binion, Phyllis Doretha 005 Prospect Walk, Clifton Forge, Va. 

Birch, Nancy Fee 187 X. Columbus Street, Arlington, Va. 

Birchard, Marjorie Fee Oil Virginia Avenue, Harrisonburg, Va. 

Birckhead, Anna Mae Earlysville, Va. 

Bishop, I lelen Anne McKenncy, Va. 

Bishop, Jane Mustoe, Va, 

Bishop, Mary Catherine 505 Prince Henry Avenue, Hopewell, Va. 

Bishop, Mary Frances Mustoe, Va. 

Bishop, Peggy Anne 523 Cameron Avenue, Colonial Heights, Petersburg, Va. 

Black, Mary Elizabeth Route 1, Lexington, Va. 

Flack, Patricia Elaine 1017 12th Street, Waynesboro, Ya. 

Black, Ruby Fee Quinton, Va. 

Blacktnore, Cora Marie Route 2, Box 392, Norfolk, Va. 

Blair, 1 reue Frances Wellville, Va. 

Blakemore, ECittie Jean 518 E. Quarry Street, Manassas, Va, 

Blalock, Jane 1 [erndon Baskerville, Va. 

Blanchard, Rena Route 2, Savona, X.Y. 

Bland, Dorothy Ann Shanghai, Va. 

Blankenship, Martha Corinne Green Bay, Va. 

Blank-., Lucille Mable Drakes Branch, Va. 

I '.Ian ton, Nancy Jean Cartersville, Va. 

Blasser, Joanne 1500 Main Street. South Boston, Va. 

Bluett, Mildred Mac 3811 Hillsdale Road, Baltimore. Md. 

Bobrick, Charles Basil (Mr.) 252 Fairfield Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 

Boice, Charlotte Mathews 15 Riverview Place, Lynchburg, Va. 

Bolen, Roberta Virginia Shreve Road, Falls Church, Va. 

Bonneville, Betty Jean 1(124 X. Frederick Street, Arlington, Va. 

Boone, Mary Ann 1126 College Street, Rocky Mount, Va. 

Bosserman, Bette Wise 291 Grattan Street, Harrisonburg, Va. 

Bossieux, Sylvia Anne Route 1, Box 403, Richmond, Va. 

Bosworth, Yirgilia Glazebrook 2201 Broadway, Roanoke, Va. 

Bott, Joy Arlene 4 Oak Street, Brunswick, Maine 

Bowen, Annie Met lain Warsaw, Va. 

Bowen, Barbara Route 2, Lawrenceville, Va. 

Bowen, Easter belle Route 2, Lawrenceville, Va. 

Bowen, Lucy I. Xan Eagle Oak Farms, Bland, Ya. 

I '.i iu m, Martha Ann Eagle Oak Farms, Bland, Va. 

Bowie, Joyce Eleanor 1523 . King Street, Alexandria, Ya. 

Bow Ks, Ann Arlington Goochland, Ya. 

Bowman, Anna Lee Box 138, Edinburg, Va. 

Bowman, Audrey Phyllis (Nurse) W'eyers Cave, Ya. 

Bowman, Betty Ann Mt. Jackson, Va. 

Bowman, Betty Ellen High Street, Edinburg. Ya. 

Bowman, Caroline Jay High Street, Edinburg, Va. 

Bowman. Moris Jean Route 1, Mt. Jackson, Va. 

Bowman. Marjorie Joan Edinburg, Va. 

Bowman, Xatalie Louise 430 Quackenbos Street. Washington, D. C. 

Bowman, William Joseph (Mrs.) Route 1, Box 31, Harrisonburg, Va. 

Bowyer, Audrey I leane 856 College Street, Bedford, Va. 

Boyd, Bettj Vlice 110 Grace Street, Roanoke, Va. 

Boyer, Charles William (Mr.) Woodstock, Va. 

Boyer, Richard Landes (Mr.) Woodstock, Va. 

Brackett, Lois lane 313 W. 28 Street. Norfolk, Va. 

Bradley. Mar, ha lane 1032 McCormick Blvd.. Clifton Forge, Va. 

Bradley, Man Jane 3123 W. Franklin, Richmond, Va. 

Brady, (Catherine Elizabeth 1213 Hawks Street, Petersburg, Va. 

Branch, Virginia Lee Back Bay. Va. 

Breen, Elizabeth Gregory (Mr-.) Willowbank, Route 2, Harrisonburg Va. 

Brecn. Robert M. (Mr.) Route 1. Harrisonburg, Va. 

Brcnncman. Jacob \llen, Jr. (Mr.) ...9KU Cape View Avenue. Norfolk, Va. 

Brice, Judith Ellen Basye, Va 

I'.ricc. Paul Benedict, Jr. (Mr.) Bayse, Va 

Brittingham, Barbara Ann 315 Glenburn Wenue, Cambridf 

Britton, Iran Carolyn 1212 Ohio Street. South Norfolk, Va. 

Brockman. Kan I lavies Sandidges, Va. 

Broglin, Millicenl \nn 711 Seventh Wenue, Bristol, Tenn 

Brookfield, Phyllis Jane 607 Little Street. Vlexandria, Va. 

Brooking, Ellen Scott R, F D., Orange, Va. 

Brooks, Beverley Vnn 3101 Gay Vvenue, Gilberl (..miens, Richmond, Va 

Brooks, Clara Rehekah Soulh Hill, Va. 

Broome, Dorothy Elizabeth "Slingshot". Dry Fork, Ya. 

Browder, Floisc Forcne Lawren© ville, Va 

Brown, Bettj Leigh Baskersville, Va. 


Brown, Billie Belle 115 E. Darlington Avenue, Phoebus, Va. 

Brown, Jem Marie Route I, Box 484, Salem, Va. 

Brown, Kami ma Elizabeth Raphine, Va. 

Brown, Virginia Ann (Nurse) Route 4, Harrisonburg, Va. 

Bruce, Jeanne 11 1100 16th Street, Lynchburg, Va 

Bruce, Richard Theodore, Jr. (Mr.) Route 1, Box 29(>, Harrisonburg, Va. 

Bryant, Bess Copeland Route 1, Courtland, Va. 

Bryant, Nancy Rose 110 Morningside Drive, Wilmington, N. C. 

Buchanan, Mary Sue 136 S. Grandview Avenue, Daytona Beach, Fla 

Buchanan, Nancy Louise Saltville, Va. 

Buck, Frances 2X03 Hancs \venue, Richmond, \ a. 

Buckmaster, Jean Evelyn 2i>09 N*. Lexington Street, Arlington, Va. 

Bumbaugh, Arlene Anna Route 1. Box 119, Chambersburg, Pa. 

Bunch, Shirley May 2(>13 Jefferson Park Wenue, Charlottesville, Va. 

Buracker, Dorothy Elaine 36 Cave Street, Luray, Va. 

Burgess, Man Elizabeth 221 Grace Street, Harrisonburg, Va. 

Burkholder, Mrs. John 1) Route 4, Harrisonburg, Va. 

Burkholder, Nancy Virginia Route, 4, Harrisonburg, Va. 

Burnett, Peggy Langston 204 (.lenient Avenue, Danville, Va. 

Burns, Barbara Ellen 2120 S. 2nd Street, Arlington, Va. 

Burns, Phyllis Ann 32 Walnut Street, Newington, Conn. 

Burruss, Helen Lenor Box -to, I'enola, Va. 

Burton, Jacquelin Marie 217 Pinner Street, Suffolk, Ya. 

Burton, Ronald I lean (Mr.) 910 William Street, Fredericksburg. Ya. 

Butler, Hazel Barnes Carrsville Va. 

Butler, Jane Boston, Ya. 

Butler, Mildred Alice Inwood, W. Ya. 

Butler, Roy Gordon (Mr.) 1111 Prince Edward, Fredericksburg, Va. 

Butterworth, Nancye Jane Wilson, Va. 

Byrd, Margaret Campbell Kerr Street, Oanacock, Va. 

Cabaniss, Edith Lee Route 3, Yienna, Ya. 

Caldwell, Joanne R. F. D. 1, Box 10, Falls Mills, Va. 

Calhoon, Betty Elva 4 S. Colin 1 irive, Portsmouth, Va. 

Calhoon, Pollyanna I >ale Enterprise, Va. 

Callender, Ann Elizabeth Rockingham, Ya. 

Calvert, Colleen Elizabeth 207 S. Muhlenberg Street, Woodstock, Va. 

Campbell, Christine Louise 300 W. Main Street, Luray, Ya. 

Campbell, Weston Richard (Mr) 5 S. DeFord Avenue, Luray, Ya. 

Camper, Lois Marie Route 1, Covington, Va. 

Caracofe, Wesley Lynnwood (Mr.) Box 68, Dayton, Va. 

Carmen, Claudenia Ruth 65 Oak Grove Drive, Baltimore 20, Md. 

Carpenter, Glenna Mae Box 2S, Hot Springs, Va. 

Carpenter, Miriam Virginia 122 Wythe Crescent 1 irive, Hampton, Ya. 

Carratt, Clco 437 3rd Street, X. E., Charlottesville, Ya. 

Carter, Ann Esther North ( iardcn, Ya. 

Carter, David Alvin (Mr.) 109 Franklin Street, Harrisonburg, Va. 

Carter, Hazel Lorraine Route 1, Clinchport, Va. 

Carter, Julia Anne 3719 Crutchfield Street, Richmond, Va. 

Carter, Margaret Ann Ridgeway Va. 

Carter, Nan Coker 203 Cameron Avenue, Petersburg, Va. 

Carter, Robbie Cay Route 2, Amherst, Va. 

Cassada, Doris Anne Route 1, South Boston, Va 

Castles. Jane Elizabeth 505 Dinwiddle Avenue, Blackstone, Ya. 

Caton, Virginia Lee Shepherdstown, W. Va. 

Cauley, lean Audrey Hot Springs, Va. 

Caulk. Mary Lee 1596 Bay View Blvd., Norfolk. Va. 

Chambers, Manuella P. ( ). Pox 95, 14th & Baltic St., Virginia Peach. Va. 

( hapmaii, Petty Jane 1305 I linwiddie Avenue, Richmond, Va. 

Chapman, Elsie May 306 N. Second Avenu :, Hopewell, Va. 

Chapman, Margaret Stine Shenandoah Caverns, Ya. 

Chapman, Shirley Mac 1010 Main Street, AltaVista, Ya. 

Chappell, Ida Hart Sedley, Ya. 

Chason, lane Lee ; ..Route l, Box 650, Annandale, Ya. 

Chauncey, Kathryn Elizabeth 2406 Page Terrace, Alexandria, Y'a. 

Clark, Emma Lou Route 1, Box 157. l.utz, Fla. 

Clark, Emma Lou 119 West High Street, \\ istock, Ya. 

Clark, Margaret Marion Aylett, Va. 

Clarke. Mariana Pastor Box 37. Churchland, Va. 

Clatterbuck, Donald Baker (Mr.) Route 1. Harrisonburg, Va. 

Clatterbuck, Robert Franklin (Mr.) Rome 1. Box 286, Harrisonburg, Va. 

Claxton, Janet Burlingame .^2 Lindbergh Avenue, Needham Heights, Mass. 

i leaver, Pauline Virginia Rough Run, W. Ya 

Clegg, William Glen (Mr.) Route 2. Harrisonburg, Va. 

ClendeniiiK, Nadine 227 S. Maple Avenue, Martinsburg, W. Ya. 


Cleveland. Betty Lawson Craigsville, Va. 

Cleveland, Jane W arren Millboro, Va. 

Cline, Nell Marie Route 1. Waynesboro, Va. 

Coates, Carrie Jane Route 1. Halifax, Ya. 

i oates, Charlotte Ruth ■ Woodville, Va. 

( loates, Mercer Jane Banco, Va. 

Cobb, Marj Louise Route 3. Fairfax, Va. 

Cocke, Jeanette Rose Route, 3, Gretna, Va. 

Cockrill, Mary Catherine Route 3, Herndon, Va. 

Cohen, Mary Frances 117 S. Colonial Wenue, Richmond, Va. 

Colbert, Shirley Anne Gretna. Va. 

( ollie, (Catherine Vnn Route 2, Ringgold, Va. 

Collie, Mary Beth Rural Retreat, Va. 

Collins, Elizabeth Anne Box 196, Clinchco, Ya. 

Collins, Jean Katherine 201 Madison Avenue, Cape Charles, Ya. 

Collins, June Marie (Nurse) Timberville, Va. 

Cblonna, Marion Anne 116 Pine Street, Cape Charles, Va. 

Combs, Nancy Browning 4(H) Altamont Circle, Charlottesville. Ya. 

Compher, Margaret Ann 1679 N. Longfellow Street. Arlington, Va. 

Connock, Frances May 110 Todd Avenue. Charlottesville, Va, 

Conrad, Betty Ruth.. Arbovale, W. Va. 

Cook, Mazie Gwendolyn Yancey Mills, Ya. 

Cooke, Mary Anne 632 Graydon Park, Norfolk, Va. 

Cooke, Mary Yirginia Box 27, Orange, Va. 

Coolikoff, Virginia Louise 2830 S. Columbus Street, Arlington, Va. 

Coon, Alice Elizabeth 13 Highland Place, Needham 92, Mass. 

Confer, Mildred Ramoaa 1224 N. Main Street, Danville, Ya. 

Copley, Khie Holloway Meadow Springs Farm, Oley, Pa. 

Copley, Mary Carolyn 5113 Evelyn Byrd Road, Richmond, Ya. 

Cosby, Martha Lou Route 3, Box 43, Glen Allen, Va. 

( * isby, Peggy May Route 3, Box 43, Glen Allen, Ya. 

Coverston, Jean Elizabeth Box 126, Elkton, Va. 

i !< i\ ey, Martha Dotte Snowville, Va. 

Craddock, Ruby Elizabeth. ' Route 2, Box 84, Chatham, Va. 

Craig, Joanne Shumate Axton, Ya. 

Cramer, Joyce Eleanor Boston Road, Sutton, Mass. 

Craun, Helen Rebecca (Nurse) Grottoes, Va. 

Crider, Betty Elizabeth ( Nurse) Mt. Jackson, Ya. 

Critzer, JoAnne 2527 Key Boulevard, Arlington, Va. 

Critzer, Margaret Anne 1437 Mulberry Street, Waynesboro, Ya. 

Cross, Mildred Hobson 703' • W. Washington Street," Suffolk. Va. 

Crowder, Dorothy Elaine 118 N. Royal Street, Alexandria, Va. 

Crowell, Dorothy Eloise 16 Fourth Street, S.E., Pulaski, Va. 

Culpepper, Betty Sue Route 2, Box 369AA, Portsmouth. Va. 

Cupp, Hiwana Route 1, Bridgewater, Ya. 

Curl, Evelyn Elaine 10 E. Bond Street, Winchester, Ya. 

Curran, Mary Martha 20 Temple Court, Portsmouth, Ya. 

Curtis, Ann Rush 424 New York Avenue, Norfolk. \'a 

Curtis, Mary Franklin 3024 Grove Avenue, Richmond, Ya. 

Cutler, Peggy Ann Tasley, Ya. 

Daciek, Joseph Robert (Mr.) 9 Freeman Street, West Orange, N. J. 

Dallas, Alice Joyce Route 2, Nathalie, Va. 

Dalton, Katherine Yernclle Box 45. Hurt. Va. 

Daniels, Anna 305 Main Street. Alta vista, \ a 

Darby, Clara Wailes 200 Oakmonl Road, Washington Grove, Md. 

1 >arrar, Jean Katharine ( Nurse) Box ''3. Ver< ma, Va. 

Daugherty, Patricia Elizabeth Maple Avenue, Crisfield, Md. 

1 (avis, Anne Carolyn Quinton, Va. 

Davis, Doris Jane 711 Washington Street. Cumberland, Md. 

1 lavis, Elma Yvonne Route 3. Box 474. Alexandria, Ya. 

Davis, Janet I lugger 94 Hopkins Street, Hilton Village, Ya. 

1 lavis, lean ( ion, 1 133 Pocahontas Place, Hampton, Va. 

I lavis, luanita Parker Whaleyville, Ya. 

Davis, Mary Eleanor 38 Emmons Place. Portsmouth, Va. 

Davis, Mildred lacqucliiic Id] K Street. Copeland Park. Newport New*. Va 

I i.u I-. Sliirle\ I r, Route 1 1, Box 171. Richmond, Va 

Day, Mary Jane White Oak Road. Dover. Del 

I lean, Norman Smith (Mr.) Route 2, Box 199. Harrisonburg, Va. 

I leane. 1 d rn ithy \ arine Stanardsville, Va. 

Deaton, Eleanor Marie 337 Roxbury Street. Clifton Forge, Va 

Dedriek. I lolly Louis,' 237 Florence \\cnue. Waynesboro, Va 

1 'el lot. Mary Kathcryn X. Main Street, Chatham, Ya. 

Delarnette. Rebecca Anne ( 'larktnn. Va. 

Dent, JoAnn Ft, Defiance, Va. 


Denton, Edgar Warren, Jr. (Mr.) Harrisonburg, Va. 

Devier, Sheffey Lewis, Jr. (Mr.) 332 Franklin Street, Harrisonburg, Va. 

Dexter, Nancj Lee 4443 S. 34th Street, Arlington, Va. 

Dhein, Shirley Ann 114 E. Greenwaj Blvd., Falls Church, Va. 

I lickie, Emilie Louise Roseland, Va. 

Dickson, Evelyn Lois 909 X. Edgewood Strict. Arlington, Va. 

Diehl, Callie fohn (Mr.) Mt. Crawford, Va 

i lill, Sarah Jane 5405 Willow Lawn, Richmond, Va. 

Dinzes, Robin Ellen 918 Suburban Parkway, Portsmouth, Va. 

Dishman, Bernice Love 163 Chesterfield Wenue, Petersburg, Va. 

I lixon, Virginia Elizabeth Pungo, Va. 

Dobbs, I liana Shenandoah, Va. 

Dofflemoyer, Jean Carter 620 Rugby Road. Charlottesville, Va. 

I lolly, Elinor June Franklin, W. Ya. 

Donovan, Barbara Ann 610 W. Main Street. Covington, Va. 

Donovan, Elva Maxiue (Nurse) Linville, Va. 

I lonovan, Sally Newton 2410 N. Glebe Road, Arlington, Va. 

Dopfer, Emma Mary 637 — 33rd Street. Newport News, Va, 

I lorrington, Lorraine ( irace 75 W. 5th Street, Oswego. X. Y. 

Doughterty, Mary Clare 176 Third Street, Pulaski, Ya. 

Doughton, Nancy Elizabeth Route 1, Box 391, Alexandria, Ya. 

1 louglas, Jean Sanderson Lovettsville, \'a. 

1 lovel, Anne Hundley I linkel Avenue, Bridgewatcr, Ya. 

1 1. ivel, Hetty Stanley, Va. 

Dovel, Jacqueline Virginia 1508 — 19th Avenue, Beaver Heights, Md, 

1 (owns, Suzanne Bruguiere 25 Inwood Road, Chatham, N. J. 

Draper, Nancy Francis 125 N. Saratoga Street, Suffolk, Va. 

Driver, Dorilas Jacob (Mr.) Route <\ Cumberland, Md. 

I (river, Everette Franklin (Mr.) Timberville, Va. 

I ludley, Betty Jean 5114 — N. 15th Street, Arlington, Va. 

1 iuer son, Ann Virginia Bumpass, Va. 

1 hike, Hetty I'age 412 Glendale Road, Hampton, Ya. 

Dukes, Margaret Fstelle Laurel, Va. 

Dukes, Norma Jane 112 Liberty Heights, Federalshurg, Md. 

1 lunnavant, Laura Belle Charlotte Court House, Va. 

1 itmthorne. Marjorie 22 Pennroad Avenue, Trenton, N. I. 

Dyal, Anne Vivian 47-27 45th Street, Wbodside, Long Island, N". Y. 

Dyer, Marjorie Anne Raines Avenue, Sandston, Ya. 

Eagle, Donald Paul (Mr.) 624 Collicello Street, Harrisonburg, Va. 

Early, Lois Loraine 216 — 3rd Street, Harrisonburg, Va 

Earman, Harry Canter (Mr.) 194 E. Market Street, Harrisonburg, Va, 

Eason, Virginia I >are Carrsville, Ya. 

Eaton, June Kinzer Route 1, Bedford, Ya. 

Eavey, Basil Lorrain (Mr.) W'eyers Cave, Va. 

Eavey, James William (Mr.) Ylt. Sidney, Va. 

Echard, Lew Ann Keezletown, Va. 

Edens, Virginia Pearl (Mrs.) (Special) Copper Hill, Va. 

Edmonds, Marion Owen 86 Hewlett, Street, Roslindale 31, Mass, 

Edwards, Audrey Jean 419 Highland Avenue, Suffolk, Va. 

Edwards, Edsel E. (Mr.) 394 \Y. Water Strut, Harrisonburg. Ya. 

Edwards, Mary Pierce Route 1. Ettrick, Va. 

Eggborn, Margaret Swan Rixeyville, Va. 

Eisenberg, Dorothy Marie 931 N. Augusta Street, Staunton, Ya. 

Elder, Sylvia Mae.' 1KM 7th Street, Altavista, Va. 

Elliott, Dorothy Cassen 7oo Botetourt Street, Norfolk, Va. 

Elliott, Margaret Elizabeth Route 3, Farmville, Va. 

Ellis, Nancy R Route 2, Hopewell, Va. 

Ely, Anne Claire 3548 S. Stafford Street, Arlington, Ya. 

Emswiller, Helen Paige Mt. Jackson, Ya. 

Epperson, Augusta Henrietta Clark ton, Va. 

Epperson, Marjorie Hall Lawreneev ille, Va. 

Eppling, Petty Jane Jefferson Wenue, Covington, Ya. 

Ervin, Bruce Leon (Mr.) 159 E. Elizabeth Street. Harrisonburg, Ya. 

Eshleman, Velma Mae (Nurse) Route 4, Pox 34, Harrisonburg, Va. 

Estes. Mildred Bushong ( Mrs.) 2718 N. Loroom Lane, Arlington. \"a. 

Evans, John Burke (Mr. I Edinburg, Ya. 

Eye, Doretha Mae Route 1. Waynesboro, Va. 

Eye, Walter Lahman (Mr.) 130 S. Brook Avenue, Harrisonburg, Va. 

Fahnestock, Nancy Lorraine 518 S. Broad Street, Lititz, Pa. 

Farnum, Marline Joyce 4803 Washington Blvd., Arlington, Va. 

Fauber, Betty Faye Mt. Sidney, Va. 

Fauber, fanice Ann Mt. Sidney, Ya. 

Eawlcy, I ). W. (Mr.) Broadway, Va. 


Fendley, Jitnmie Lou 1908 Elm Avenue, Portsmouth, Va. 

Fensterwald, Myra 1337 Graydon Avenue, Norfolk, Va. 

Fenstress, [Catherine Paige Fentress, \ a. 

Ferguson, Charlotte Marie 1211 — 13th Street, S. W., Roanoke, Va. 

Ferland, Sarah Mae 10K Woodrow Street, Charlottesville, Va. 

Fisher, Shirlej Ann Quinton, Va. 

Fitzhugh, Kdvthc Eugenia 101 Tazewell Avenue, (ape Charles, Va. 

Flax, Harriet Jean 714 Shirley Avenue, Norfolk, Va. 

Fleshman, Charlotte Ann 109 Sykes Avenue, Simonsdale, Portsmouth, Va. 

Flora, Gloria Irene 0706 Hillandalc Road, Chevy Chase, Md. 

Foley, John Gibson (Mr.) Kimball, Ya. 

Ford, Betty Jane 54 Arden Road, \\ aterbury, Conn. 

Forrest, lean Carol Jeffs, \ a 

Foster, M. Lorraine 6 Sunset Drive, Alexandria, Va. 

Fowlkes, Beverly Ann 2908 Grayland Avenue, Richmond, Va. 

Fox, Rebecca Frances '. .Aqua, Va, 

Fravel, Nancy Lee 129 S. Main Street, Woodstock, Va. 

French, Nancy Louisa Roseville, Va. 

Fritsch, Thelrna Jacquelyn 509 Greenwood Drive, Portsmouth, Ya. 

Funk, Jane Elizabeth Berry ville, Ya. 

Funkhouser, Nellie Elizabeth McGaheysville, Va. 

Funkhouser, Patsy Jane New Market, Va, 

Funkhouser, Ruth Kathleen McGaheysville, Va. 

Furnal, Marilyn Anne Box 152, Oceana, Ya. 

Furniss, 1 )iane Lee Saxis, Va. 

Furr, Barbara Worth 334 Byrd Street, Hopewell, Va. 

Caines, Jack Allen (Mr.) Route 3, Box 176, Harrisonhurg, Va. 

Gai ther, Norma lean (>27 Columbia Avenue, Cumberland, Md 

Gallup, Jacqueline Elizabeth 811 FYeeman Avenue, Norfolk 6, Va. 

Gambill, Joseph Foch ( Mr.) 301 Monument Avenue, Harrisonhurg, Va. 

Gambill, Kenton Filler (Mr.) 515 S. Mason Street, Harrisonhurg, \ a. 

Gambill, Victor Persons (Mr.) ,717 S. Mason Street, Harrisonhurg, Va. 

Gander, Gena Ellen Luray, Va. 

Garber, Greta Yvonne 37 Shenandoah Avenue, Harrisonhurg, Ya. 

Garher, Joyce Lillie 1308 S. Main Street, Harrisonhurg, Va. 

Garber, Marie Virginia 204 Parkway, Winchester, Ya. 

Garfinkel, Frances Louise 508 Brown Avenue, Hopewell, Ya. 

Garner, Thomas Edward ( Mr. ) Matewan, West Ya. 

Garett. Ann Box 291, Paw Paw, West Va. 

Garth, Nancy Coleman Nellysford, Va. 

Garwood, Margaret Virginia \fton, Va. 

Gatling, Mary Estelle 734 Graydon Pk., Norfolk, Va. 

Gauldin, Christine 23(1 Gray Street, I lanville, Va. 

Gehman, Huldah Harriet Route, 4, Harrisonhurg, Va. 

Geiger, Caroline Watson 2271 Wrightshoro Road, Augusta, Ga. 

Gemill, Elizabeth A 4656-B S. 36th Street, Arlington, Ya. 

Gentry, Peggy Louise Galax, Ya 

George, Sally Vaughn 124 Pine Street, Cape Charles, Va. 

Georges, Constance Locust Avenue, Charlottesville, Ya. 

Gibson, Beverley Louise Route 1, Charlottesville, Va. 

Gibson, Nancy Annette 1114 Kanawha Blvd., E., Charleston, W. V;.. 

Gilbert, Ann McCaulcy Churchville, Ya. 

Gilbert. Marie Jackson Stanardsville, Va. 

Gill, Charlotte Elizabeth Miskimon, Va. 

Gillenwater, Mary Edna Box 1080. Staunton, Ya. 

Gilmore, Mary Marshall Box 562, Culpeper, Ya. 

Gilpin, Myrtle Elizabeth 164 Valley Street. Abington, Va. 

Gimbert, Evelyn Marguerite Box 108, Oceana, Va, 

Glenn, Hazel Pearl Route 1, Box 2031'., Elkton, Va. 

Glunt, Laura M 236 S. Main Street, Woodstock, Va. 

Good, Lynwood Harry (Mr.) Route 1. Rileyville, Ya. 

Good. Margaret Alice Route 1, Broadway, Va. 

Good, Virginia Maxine McGaheysville, Va. 

Goodall, lane Lillian Star Route. Gordonsville, \ a 

Goode, Irene Novella Moselcy, Va. 

Goode, Lois Mae Flint Hill. Ya. 

Goodman, Sally Ann 134 Abernethy Drive, Trenton. N. J. 

Goodson, Frances Carv Box 251. Chester, Va. 

Goodwin. Mary Catherine Route 1. Afton, Va. 

Gordon, I '.■mu lie l'aye Timbersville. Va, 

Gordon, Ellen Louise Middleburg, Va. 

Gordon, Josephine 7 F'redonia Avenue, Lynchburg, Va. 

Gore. Mirian Evelyn i22 S. Fairfax Street. Alexandria. Va, 

I iosney, Eleanore I lean Keeling. Va. 


Gouldin, Virginia Lane 1513 Young Street, Richmond, Va. 

Gouldman, Freda Charlesworth 1409 Winchester Street, Fredericksburg, Va. 

Grandle. William Edward (Mr.) 384 E. Wolfe Street, Harrisonburg, Va. 

Granger. Mary Julia 1913 Washington Street, Bluefield, W. Va. 

Grant, Jane Vugusta 402 Princeton Road, Suffolk, Va. 

Grant, Virginia 376 Graj Avenue, Winchester, Va. 

Graveley, Roberta Tredway 1211 Washington Avenue, Smith Boston, Ya. 

Gravely, Anne Tarter 1211 Washington Avenue, South Boston, Va. 

i rraves, Betty Jean Greenwood, \ a. 

Graves, Constance Mm 90S Woodberry Road, Richmond, Va. 

Graves Elizabeth Carolyn Madison, Ya. 

Craves, Margaret Erie Sleeks Tavern, Ya. 

Green, Lena Mae Amissville, Va. 

Griffin, Marjorie Marie Buckhorn, Va. 

Griffith, Bessie Louise Pocahontas, Va. 

Griffith, Patricia Carolyn Route 3, Gaithersburg, Md 

Grim, Betty Ann 375 National Avenue, Winchester, Ya. 

Groh, Shirley Frances 220 Lyon Blvd., Poland, Ohio 

Groseclose, Barbara Ann Route 3, \\ ytheville, Va. 

Groseclose, Margaret Ann Route 1, Marion, Va. 

Gross, Grace Elizabeth (Nurse) Eastern Mennonite College, Harrisonburg, Va. 

Grove, Janet Nell Route 3, Fishersville, Va. 

Grubb, Laila Mae Route 4, Chatham, Ya. 

Grubb, Mary Emma Route 4, Chatham, Va. 

Gunnell, Lynette Kathleen 2107 Leckie Street, Portsmouth, Va. 

Gurley, Margaret Elaine 945 N. Livingston Street, Arlington, Va. 

Haddad, Jeanette Zaheada 3733 Warren Street. N. \\ ., Washington, I). C. 

Haga, Isabelle Leetta Middletown, Va. 

Halm. Mary Lea Brandy wine, W. Ya. 

Hale, Kathryn Strother Pearisburg, Ya. 

Haley, Mildred Marie 1118 Main Street, Danville, Va. 

Hall. Louise Hohson 4528 E. Seminary Avenue, Richmond, Va. 

Hall, Maudleene E Box 425, ( ialax, Va. 

Hall, Virginia Mae Route 3, Lexington, Va. 

Ham. Marcia Cathleen Stone Ridge, N. Y. 

Ham. Patricia Kaith Stone Ridge, Marbletown, N. Y. 

Hamilton, Mary (Catherine Box 103, Burkeville, Va. 

Hamilton, Nancy Lynn Nassawadox, Va. 

Hammons, Patricia Mary 65 Centre Avenue, Abington, Mass. 

Hanback, Betty lane East Main Street. \\ arrenton, Va. 

Hannabass, Virginia ( ioodview, Ya. 

Harlin, Ann Vernon 211 Paul Street, Harrisonburg, Ya. 

Harlowe, Shirley Ann Ivy Road, Charlottesville, Ya. 

Harman, Anne Lee Bridgcwater, Va. 

Harpine, Casper Allen (Mr) Route 3, Box 16, Harrisonburg, Va. 

Harrington, L. M. Inctt Lindsay, Va 

Harris, Mary Yaughan Courtland, Ya. 

Harris, Ruth Loraine 2606-36 Street, N. W., Washington, D. C. 

Harris, Wanda Jane Eastham Route. Charlottesville, Va. 

Harrison, Mildred Carter Eclipse, Ya. 

Harshbarger, Helen Ruth 1606. Citj Point Road. Hopewell, Va. 

Hartman, Charlotte Roberta '. Fishersville, Va. 

Hartman, Nancy Melfa, Va. 

Hartsook, Margaret Joan 2215 Davis Lam-, Richmond, Ya. 

Hatch, Lawrence- Worth 28 E. Linden Street, Alexandria, Ya. 

Hatchik, Araxy McLean, Va, 

Hawkins, Audrey Louise New Market, Va. 

Hawkins. Dorothy Jean New Market, Va. 

Hawkins, Joan Lind 525 S. Sycamore Street, Petersburg, Va. 

Hawkins, Mary Ferguson (Mrs.) Clifton, Va. 

Haydon, Marion Joyce Main Street, Kilmarnock, Va. 

HeatWOle, Sarah Margaret Mt. Clinton, Ya. 

Heavner, Betty Lou Deer Run. W. Va. 

Heiber, Norma Eda 16 Swift Road, Framingham, Mass. 

Heishman, Betty Lou Route 2, Harrisonburg, Va. 

Heishman, lri- Maxine (Nurse) Route 2, Harrisonburg, Va. 

Heishman, Robert Franklin ( Mr.) Woodstock, Va, 

Helbig, roan Louise 5708 Park Avenue, Richmond, Va. 

Hen-haw, Bettj Lou Charles Town, W . Va. 

Heppy, Mary Ann 1320 Lake Street, Elmira, N. Y. 

1 lerbert, Dorothy Ann Waverly, Va. 

High, Dorothj Eleanor 210 Chatsworth Avenue, Reisterstown, Md. 

Hileman, Anna Louise 518 Taylor Street, Lexington, Ya. 


Hill, Anne Roane 553 Delphine Avenue, Waynesboro, Va. 

Hill. Joseph Cecil, Jr. (Mr.) Bridgewater, Va. 

Hilton, Sophie 1). (Mrs.) S. Main Street, Woodstock, Va. 

Himelright, Rebecca Lois 005 S. Raleigh Street, Martinsburg, W. Va. 

Hiner, Betty Jean Route 1, Waynesboro, Va. 

Hines, Ruth Elizabeth Gladys, Va. 

rlinson, Dorothy ( ireen Paris, Va. 

Hippensteele, Hetty Ann 7522 Kenleigh Avenue, Baltimore 6, Mil. 

I lite. Libby Anne Timberville, \ a. 

Hobbs, Shirley Virginia 127 Severn Road, Norfolk, Va. 

Hobson, Joan Dallas 1(16 High Street, Salisbury, Md. 

1 [ockman, Phyllis Alphin Fairfield, Va. 

Hodges. Burdeane 71i> West H Street, Elizabethton, Term. 

Hodgson, Man- FitzRandolph 22 S. Boulevard, Richmond, Va. 

Hoffman, Pansy (Jldene 68 Franklin Street. Martinsville, Va. 

Hogan, Eleanore Marree 27 Bainbridge Avenue, Portsmouth, Va. 

Holcomb, Betty Louise Box 84, Fries, \'a. 

Holland, Manclia Thomasina 803 Pace Court, F'ranklin, Va. 

Holland, Margaret Ann 282 N. Lewis Street, Staunton, Va. 

Holland. Sue Rebecca Moneta, Va. 

Holliday, Eleanor Bonn Box 141, Elkins, W. Va. 

H olloman, Juanita Lynn P. O. Box 241, Victoria, Va. 

Holloway, Betty Ann (Nurse) Bridge-water, Va. 

Holloway, Hazel Barbara 703 Wloolfolk Street, Macon, C-a. 

Holsinger, Betty Lee Broadway, Va. 

Hooker, Bernice May Nokesville, Va. 

Hooker, Mary Elizabeth Nokesville, Va. 

Hooper, Virginia Rebecca 209 — 24 Street, Virginia Beach, Ya. 

Hoover, Ernest M ah Ion (Mr) 130 S. Brook Avenue, Harrisonburg, Va. 

Hoover, Florence Fae 1550 N. I lanville, Arlington, Ya. 

Hoover, Janet Elizabeth Route 1, Harrisonburg, Va. 

Horn, [Catherine Ann Mt. Solon, Va. 

Horn, Mary Virginia Mt. Solon, Va. 

Horn, Raymond Waugh ( Mr.) Clinton Avenue, Wyckoff, N. I. 

Home, William Charles (Mr.) 340 E. Elizabeth, Harrisonburg, Ya. 

Hornsby. Peggy Jean Route 11. Box 968, Radford, Ya. 

Hosely, Mary Jean Box 412, 6 Kupper 1 )rive. Mantoloking, N. J. 

Hoskinson, Georgia Winifred 916 S. Washington, Falls Church, Va. 

Hostetter, Abram Martin (Mr.) Route 1, Gap, Pa. 

Hostetter, Gladys Louise Eastern Mennonite, Harrisonburg, Va. 

Hotinger, Mildred Alice Route 2, Lexington. Va. 

Hotinger, Ruby Ann Route 2, Lexington. Va. 

Hounchell, Martha Ford 630 Ott Street, Harrisonburg, Va. 

House, Frances Marie Route 2, Box 34, Nokesville, Va. 

Howard, Bessie Hawk (Mrs.) 4 Vista Avenue, Lynchburg, Va. 

Howard, Marianna Virginia 1617 Confederate, Richmond, Va. 

Hoy, Matilda Belle Route 1, Box 273, Harrisonburg, Va. 

Hubbard, Maggie Star Route, Chatham, Va. 

Hudgins, Florence Evelyn Tabb, Va. 

Huffman, Rachel Marie (Nurse) 429-4tb Street, Shenandoah, Ya. 

Hughes, Frances Lee Box 212, Staunton, Va. 

Humphries, Audrey Lee Route 2, Box 483, Norfolk, Ya. 

Hundley. Virginia I tare Fieldale, Va. 

Hunter, Alice Carolyn 3008 Lamb Avenue, Richmond, Ya. 

Hunter, Anne Howard LaCrosse. Va. 

Hunter, Elizabeth Hess (Mrs.) 218 S. Main Street, Lexington, Ya. 

Hunter, lames llain (Mr.) 1445 Valley Street, Harrisonburg. Ya. 

Hurdle. Barbara Win Riverside Drive, Salisbury, Md. 

Hurdle, Betty Riverside Drive, Salisbury, Md. 

Hurst, Margarel Benjamin 1 > itch ley, Va. 

Hutton, Trula [Catherine Route 2, Bristol, Ya. 

Hylton, Mary Ellen Hampton Ridge, Bedford, Va. 

Ingram, Patricia fill Rives Road, Martinsville, Va. 

Inskeep, Thelma Grace Box 5(1*'. Culpeper, Va. 

Ives, Patricia Vnne 1417 X. Fillmore, Arlington, Va. 

Jackson, Maribess 855 D. Street. Harrisonburg, Va 

Jackson, Sylvia Jean Imburg, Va 

Jackson, Virginia 160 Warsaw Avenue, Harrisonburg, Va. 

Jackson, Wanda 1325 W. 38th Street. Norfolk, Va 

Jamerson, Cornelia Pamplin, Ya. 

Jamerson, Mary Elizabeth Route 5, Bedford, Va. 


James, Barbara Virginia Star Route 3, Culpeper, Va. 

tames, Florence Irene *9oo W. Broad Street, Richmond, Va, 

James, Jacqueline Louise 212 S. Irving Street, Arlington, Va 

James, Mildred Elizabeth Korea, \ a, 

Jamison, Russell Henry (Mr.) Covington, Va 

I .ir\ is, Rita Dunton Machipongo, Va 

Jennings, Edna Miller 1210 N. Barton Street, Arlington, Va. 

Jennings, Sue Estelle 1135 S. Main Street, Harrisonburg, Va. 

[essup, Margaret Fair South Hill, Va. 

Jett, Mattie Janette .Floyd, \ a, 

Jobson, Frances Lee 615 Roseneath Road, Richmond, Va. 

Johnson, Barbara Lee Route 12. Dickens Road, Richmond, Va. 

Johnson, Betsy Lee 712 Riverside lime, Lynchburg, Va, 

Johnson, Betty Frances 90<> Beach Road, Hampton, Va 

fohnson, Clinton Ann Falmouth, Va. 

li.hiiM.ii, Martha Gray 13.5 Sutherlin Avenue, Danville, Va. 

Johns..,,, Phyllis Ruth 1031 Sylvan Drive, Falls Church. Va. 

Jones, Anna Elizabeth Middletown, Va. 

Jones, Doris Mac 227 Cherry Avenue, Hampton, Va. 

Jones, Lucy Elvin 701 Franklin Street, Lynchburg, Va. 

Jones, Roberta 315 Brightwood Wenue, Hampton, Va. 

Joseph, lean Elinor 162 N. High Street, Harrisonburg, Va. 

Joyce. (Catherine Anne 4523 Fitzhugh Avenue, Richmond, Va. 

Judd, Hetty Louise 2305-38th Street, X. \\ ., Washington, D. G. 

Julias, Mar] Catherine 251 Newman Avenue, Harrisonburg, Va. 

Kabler, Betty Joyce 407 Westmoreland Place, Lynchburg, Va. 

Kackley, \\ ilia Mae Berryville, Va. 

Karnes, ( ieneva Frances Route 2, Buchanan, Va. 

Kasey. Mary Elizabeth 404 Forest Street. Martinsville, Va, 

Kaylor, Margaret Susan 261 I'ark Place, Harrisonburg, Va. 

Kayser, Janet Walton Columbia, Va. 

KefTer, Betty Sue New Castle, Va. 

Kegley, Sarah Catherine Route 4, Staunton, Va. 

Keller, Arthur Steven (Mr) Box 207A, R..utc 1, Vienna, Va. 

Kellison, ( ireta Jo Virginia Avenue, Glen Allen, Va. 

Kelly, Joyce Anne 3913 Fauquier Avenue, Richmond, Va, 

Kemp, Gladys Elnora Luray, Va. 

Kennette, ti. Carrol 1828 Watchung Avenue, Plainfield, N. J. 

Kenny, Margaret Ann 811 Commercial Street, Clifton Forge, Va. 

Kernan, Rosemary 210-38th Street, \ irginia Beach, Va. 

Kesner, Hetty Joy Route 2, Dayton, Va. 

Keyser, Frances Le Vier 421 S. Lexington Street, Covington, Va. 

Keyser, Norma Nell Luray. Va. 

Kil.ler, Janice Grey Quicksburg, Va. 

Kibler, Janice Jar.e (Nurse) Luray, Va. 

Kidwell, Mary Ann 1208 S. Oakcrest Road, Arlington, Va. 

Kilduff, Patricia Mary 51 Muliord Gardens, Yonkers 3, X. Y. 

Kimble, Hide Phyllis Uppertract, \\ Va. 

Kimmerling, Marilyn Joyce 3298 Avenham Avenue, Roanoke, \ a. 

King. Betty Lee Mel lowell, Va. 

King, Edna Lee 319 Fugate Road, Roanoke 12, Va. 

King, Louise Fletcher "The Shade", Washington, I). C. 

King, Patricia Lynn Bolton Street, Romncy, W. Va. 

Kirl.v, Elizabeth Jean The Plains, Va. 

Kiser. Helen Louise Route 2, Dayton, Va. 

Kiser. Mary Frances 290 Green Street, Harrisonburg, Va 

Kite, James Kenneth (Mr.) 340 E. Market Street. Harrisonburg, Va. 

Kite. Violet Marie( Nurse) $20-3rd Street, Shenandoah, Va. 

Kivlan, Alice May 26 Peak Hill Road, Roslindale 31, Mass. 

Knauss, Dariel Delis 2 Marion Avenue, McLean, Va. 

Knight, Jewell Olyn Stanardsville, Va. 

KniSS, Mark Mian (Mr.) • Route 2, F.lida, Ohio 

Knox, Mary Elizabeth 1601 Tyler Wenue, Falls Church, Va 

Knupp, Gerald Pasco (Mr.) Timberville, Va. 

Knupp, Joyce Elizabeth New Market, Va. 

Koch, Jeannette Lining Route 8, Box 81, Richmond, Va. 

Kodrich, Shirley Mane (iiki Colonial Avenue, Petersburg, Va. 

Koogler, Melvin Morrison (Mr.) Route 1, Raphine, Va. 

Koons, Dorothy Chenoweth 58 Middle Street, Taneytown, Md. 

Koontz, Frances Ann Route 1. Box 35, Elkton, Va. 

Krassner, Myrna Yvette 17 Anthony Street, New Haven, Conn. 

I. add, Alice I.enard 309 Virginia Avenue, Alexandria, Va. 


Lamb, Bynum Albion (Mr.) 34* W. Lee Street, Greensboro, N. C 

Lambert, Jean Alice- 101 S. Church Street, Woodstock, Ya. 

Lambeth, Jane Burton Ridgeway, Va. 

Lamm, Margaret Elizabeth Rune- 2. Church Road, \'a. 

Lancaster, Douglas (Mr.) X. Court Street, Luray, Va. 

Landes, Betty Ruth (Nurse) Franklin, \V. Va. 

Landes, 1 1 1 >mer \\ arren (Mr.) Weyers l "ave, Va. 

Landis, Marj Sue 480 E Market Street, Harrisonburg, Va. 

Landman, Leah Geraldine 220 W. Main Street. Richmond, Va 

Lanier, Henrietta Rebecca 1120 S. Boulevard, Petersburg, Ya. 

Lantz, Nellie Bly Route 3, Box 17. Edinburg, Va 

Larsen, Carolyn Virginia 228-49th Street, Newport News, Va si m, Betty Mae Lucketts, Va. 

Lay, Patricia Ann 1300 Virginia Street, Johnson City, Tenn. 

Layman, Edith Virginia Keezletown, \ a. 

Layne, Harriet Lee Bremd Bluff, Va. 

Layton, F.ulah Lee 107 Muir Street, Cambridge, Ml 

Leake, Robert Ellis (Mr.) 201 S. Liberty Street, Harrisonburg, Va 

Leathi rlmry, Jacquelyn Shady Side, Md. 

Lee, Marilyn Virginia 101 Maple Avenue, Highland Springs, Ya. 

Leftwich, Dorothy Jeanne Route 5, Box 85, Lynchburg, Ya. 

Lehman, Marjorie Ann 2242 Berwyn Street, Union, N. J. 

Lehman, Robert Chester (Mr.) Eastern Mennonite College, Harrisonburg, Ya. 

LeMoine, Eula P 600 S. Main Street, Harrisonhurg, Va. 

Leonard, lean Rosamond Gainesville, Ya. 

Lester, Mary A Spruce 402, Appalachia, Va. 

Level, Rohert Leon [Mr.i S. Bank Ex., Luray. Va. 

Levine, Doralee Rosalind 299 Beverley Road, Chestnut Hill, Mass. 

Levister, Peggy Ann 1610 N. Roosevelt Street, Falls Church, Va. 

Lewis, Anna (Catherine Weatherby Avenue, Clarksboro, X. J. 

Lewis, Beverley Hope 160 Carroll Avenue, Petersburg, Ya. 

Lewis, Dorothy Quinn...... 267 Gray Street, Danville, Va. 

Lichliter, Beverley Ann Muhlenhurg Street, Woodstock, Ya. 

Lilley, Frances Louise Earlysville, Va. 

Lindamood, Phyllis Irene Mt. Jackson, Ya. 

Lipsky, Evelyn Roosevelt, X. J. 

Liskey, Eva Jo Route 1, Harrisonhurg, Ya. 

Lockard, II. William Abram (Mr.) 201 Ohio Avenue, Harrisonhurg, Va. 

Lockhart, Geraldine 338 Fudge Street, Covington, Ya. 

Logan, Harold LeRoy (Mr.) 119 E. Market Street, Harrisonburg, Ya. 

Logan, James Tharpe (Mr.) Luray, Ya. 

Lohr, Joan (Nurse) Route 1, Box 94, Broadwax . Va. 

Long, Emily Jean 423 W. Market Street, Harrisonhurg, Ya. 

Long, Lois Eileen 423 W. Market Street, Harrisonburg, Ya. 

Long, Nancy Jane Middletown, Va. 

Long, Paul Richard (Mr.) Route 1. Box 34, Harrisonhurg, Ya. 

Long, Pauline Cassell (Mr-.) 423 W. Market Street, Harrisonhurg, Ya. 

Looney, Audrey Anne Box 155, Grundy, Va. 

Lough, Betty Dyche Box 158, Elkton, Va. 

Love, Frances Adeline Sydnorsville, Va. 

Loy, Marie McCormick Route 1-A, Winchester, \ a 

Luck, Betty Ruth 1608 National Street, Richmond, Ya. 

Luck, Carey Lee Route 1 , Richmond, Ya. 

Lucy, Alice Christine Lawrenceville, Ya. 

Lucy, I lorothy lane Lawrencevville, Va. 

Lucy, Ruth Bennett 309 X. High Street. Blackstone, Va. 

Luke. Edith Farle Ill Fugate Road. Roanoke, Va. 

Lumsden, Edith Redwood. \ a. 

Lumsden, Joyce Redwood, Ya. 

Lyon, Frances Kstelle 2S13 Lee Blvd. Arlington, Ya. 

Lyon, June 013 Rockbridge Road. Portsmouth, Va. 

McCleary, Marx- Frances New Castle, Va 

McConchie, Betty Ann 2113 Jefferson Park Avenue, Charlottesville, Ya. 

McCormick, Mary Sue Fishcrsville, Ya. 

McCrory, Mae Odell Route 1. Staunton. Ya. 

McFarland, Jacie Lucille 207 Sharp Street. Strasburg, Ya. 

McGraw, Patricia Ann Mountain Falls, Va. 

McGrew, Esther Gertrude 634-23rd Street. Arlington, Ya. 

McKay. Jacqueline Virginia 3300 Colonial Avenue, Norfolk, \'a. 

McKechnie, Harriel \nn c o F. P. ().. U. S. X. \. !■'.. Nav> 2". San Francisco, Calif. 

McKenney, Phyllis Mo,. re Shenandoah Avenue, Harrisonburg, Ya. 

McXamara. Ruth Ramey l'.erry\ die, Ya. 


McNulty, Virginia Rose Ill Bonair Avenue, Waterbury, 

Madsen, Peggy Anne Norge, Va. 

Maguire, Marjorie E 701S Boyer Street, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Mahone, Margaret Elizabeth Massies Mill, \'a. 

Maier, Ruth Virginia 712 Fourteenth Street, Waynesboro, Va. 

Mail' lid. Bernadine Elaine Waverly, Va. 

Main. Martha Ann 1928 Westover Avenue, Roanoke, Ya. 

Mann. Patricia. Louise $514 Hanover Wenue, Richmond, Va. 

Manuel, Jean Maxine Route 1-A, Winchester, \ .1 

Manuel. June Elizabeth Box 123, Route 2, Nokesville. Va. 

Mapp, Sallie Hell Nassawadox, Va. 

Markham, Beulah Mae Buena Vista, Va. 

Marshall, Jean Louise 1(> Mountainview Road, Verona, N. J. 

Marshall, Margaret Scott 116-C Cromwell Pkwy., Norfolk, Va. 

Marshall, Marian Carey 3719 Granby Street, Norfolk. Va. 

Martin, Geraldine Callands, Va. 

Martin, Margaret Rose Route 4, Harrisonhurg, Va. 

Massie, Florence Elizabeth Bryant, Ya. 

Matacia, Rose Marie 608 E. Jefferson Street, Charlottesville, Ya. 

Mathews, Naoma Joanne 915 Bedford Street, Cumberland, Md. 

Matthews, Caroline Elizabeth Naval Mine Depot, Yorktown, Va. 

Matthews, Jewel Pauline 504 School Street, Cambridge, Md. 

Matthews, Mary Joyce 128 Floraland Drive, Roanoke, Ya. 

Mattox, Charlyne Haden Gretna, Va. 

Mattox, Miriam Boatwright Gretna, Va. 

Mattox, Robert Edward (Mr.) Gretna, Ya. 

May, Bonnie Lou Singers Glen, Ya. 

Mayo, Billie Jean 1128 Elm Avenue, Portsmouth, Ya. 

Mays, Elizabeth Anne Roseland, Va. 

Mays, Mary Ella 431 N. Peyton Street, Alexandria, Va. 

Mears, Margaret Virginia Benjamin Franklin Hotel, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Mears, Mary Upshur Exmore, Va. 

Melton, Eunice Ann Star Route, Ashland, Va. 

Melton, Mary Carolyn Ashland, Va. 

Menache, Suzanne Falmouth, Va. 

Menefee, Mary Jane 21S X. High Street, Harrisonburg, Va. 

Meredith, Alice Sherman 503 School Street, Cambridge, Md. 

Meredith, Jean Fults (Mrs.) Swoope, Va. 

Messick, Julia Helene Midland, Ya. 

Michie, Winifred Allean R. F. I). 1, Box 149, Hilton Village, Va. 

Miles, Betty Catherine 1751 Wilson Road, South Norfolk, Va. 

Mill, Barbara Joan Route 1, Box 83. l.uray, Va. 

Millar, Betty Lou 509;.. Riverview Road, Colonial Heights, Petersburg, Va. 

Millard, Evelyn Margaret 1800 N. 13th Street, Arlington, Va. 

Miller, Eleanor Jean \mherst, Ya. 

Miller, Elizabeth Cameron Paw Paw, W. Va. 

Miller, Eloise Gordon Paw Paw, W. Va. 

Miller, Luciclare Paw Paw, W. Va. 

Miller, Marilyn Joyce 722 Rose Street, Clifton Forge, Va. 

Miller, Marion C. M Route 2. Fox Chapel Road. Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Miller, Vera Emily ( Nurse ) Ml. Jackson, Va. 

Miller, Virginia Lee Timberville, Va, 

Miller, Waldo Glenn (Mr.) 134(1 S. Main Street, Harrisonburg, Va. 

Miller, Wanda June Edinburg, Va. 

Mills. Joanne 102 Randolph Avenue, Cape Charles, Va. 

Minor, Frances Ann Owenton, Va. 

Misner, Mary Lie (Nurse) Route 1, Harrisonburg, Ya. 

Mitchell, Arleta Mae Franklin, W. Va. 

Mitchell, Helen Esther 1103 Toledo Avenue, Lynchburg, Va. 

Mitchell, Norene 1 )are ( Nurse) Sugar ( irove, W. Va. 

Moffitt, Irene Ann 10t> S. Street. Smyrna, Del. 

Mohler, Jane Jones Route 1, Ml. Solon, Va. 

Monahan, Mary Roberta Blackstone, Va. 

Moore, Carrie White Jeflfs, Va. 

Moore, Helen Edith Route 2, Covington, Ya. 

Moore, Jane McCorkle Route 1. Lexington. Va. 

Moon, Margaret Alice Route 1, Buena Vista, Va. 

Mr, ore, Margaret Ann Flint Hill, Va. 

Moore, Martha Hughes 26 Elkhorn Street. Welch, W. Ya. 

Moorefield, (Catherine Ann 525 N. Monroe Street, Arlington, Va. 

Morris, Elsie Mae Proffit, Va. 

Morris, Shirley Ann \lbetene, Va. 

Morrison, Lura June 4121 Crestwood Road, Richmond, Va. 


Morrison, Mary Jean 4121 Crestwood Road, Richmond, Va 

Morrison. Xancy Walker 2526 Westover Avenue, Roanoke, Ya. 

Mi. solo-. Fiances Lucile 514 Walnut Avenue, S. W .. Roanoke, Ya. 

Moses, Barbara Burks 2720 Guilford Avenue, Roanoke, Va. 

Moss, Aurelia Page • Star Route, Emporia, Va. 

Mottern, Jane Juanelle 745 Country Qub Drive, Pittsburg 16, Pa. 

Moyer, Betty Catherine Middlelmrg, \'a. 

Moyer, lane Larue Middlelmrg, Va. 

Movers, Joyce Catherine Broadway, Va. 

Mullen, Malinda Jane Harpers Ferry, Va. 

Mullin. Jimmie Faye P. O. Box 36, Annandale, \'a. 

Munson, Irene Florence Franklin Park, Route 2, Falls Church, Ya. 

Munson. Winifred Lillian Franklin Park, Route 2, Falls Church, Va. 

Murdock, Mary Sue Woodstock, Va. 

Murray, Hetty Ann 438 King George Avenue, Roanoke, Va. 

Musser, Mary Louise Route 3, Box 1 10, Roanoke, Ya. 

Myers, Betty Lue 2236 Windsor Avenue, Roanoke, Va. 

Nalle, Boiling H. (Mr.) 3212 W. Grace Street, Richmond, Va. 

Nash, Frances Bowers (Mrs.) Timberville, Ya. 

Nash, William Nelson (Mr.) 31 Cantrell Avenue, Harrisonburg, Ya. 

Xeal, Behe Avernell Mustoe, Ya. 

Neal, Guyneth Yesta Braddoch Heights, Md. 

Neathery, Geraidine Brooks 216 Owens Street, Portsmouth, Va. 

Neff, Ann Richard Rural Retreat, Ya. 

Nelson, Angela Ruth Frank, W. Ya. 

Nelson, Xancy Belle 815 8th Street, Altavista, Ya. 

Nethers, Mary Kllen Route 2, Winchester, Ya. 

Neville, Margaret Ann 539 Monroe Avenue, Cape Charles, Ya. 

Newman, Lucille Audrey St. Charles, Va. 

Newman, Mary Elizabeth Baskerville, Va. 

Newton, Patricia Ann. Luketts, Ya. 

Ney, Maxine Irma 3636 Brandywine St., X. W., Washington, D. C. 

Nichols, Baylor Erdman (Mr.) Keller, Ya. 

Nichols, Dorothy Lou College Street, Bedford, Ya. 

Noel, Elise Virginia Hylas, Ya. 

Noel, Yirginia Earle Mineral. Ya. 

Xutting, Judith Anne 150 Devonshire Court, Rochester, N. Y. 

Oakes, I 'oris Jean Gretna, Ya. 

Oakham, June Elizabeth 1904 Deep Creek Blvd., Portsmouth, Va. 

Obaugh, William Rogers Elkton, Va, 

Oberholtzer, Erla Marie Bird-in-Hand, Pa. 

O'Brien, Nelwyn Antholene Appomattox, Ya. 

O'Flaherty, Barbara Jean 727 Timber Branch Drive, Alexandria, Ya. 

O'Flaherty, Patricia Ann Route 4, B >x 565, Alexandria, Va. 

O'Leary, Constance Patricia 548 Arlington Village, Arlington, Ya. 

Olenchak, Frank Richard ( Mr.) 825 Alder Street, Scranton, Pa. 

Olinger, Frances Loraine New Market. Va. 

Oliver, Reginald Ardelle (Mr.) Bridgewater, Va. 

Olivieri, Julia Elvira Bentances Street, Box i2^. San Sabastian, P. R. 

Oothondt, Charlotte Marie Manassas, Va 

Orcutt, Cecile Grace Route 8, Box 535. Richmond, Va. 

Orebaugb, Paul L. I.Mr.l Timbervville. Va. 

Overstreet, Betty Jane 2240 Maiden Lane, Roanoke, Ya. 

Overton, Patricia Ann 73 Hopkins Street, Hilton Village, Va 

Owen, Adelene Davis 118 Broad Street. Martinsville, Va, 

Owen, Beulah Hunter Skipwith, Ya. 

Owens, Frances Beverley 5514 Monroe Place, Norfolk, Ya. 

Owens, Mary Yirginia (Xurse) Hematite, Ya. 

Painter, Ruth Tutwiler (Mrs.) 1420 S. Main Street. Harrisonburg, Ya. 

Palmer, Evelyn Mae Box 116, Winston, Va. 

Pamplin, Barbara Marie 28 E. Washington Street, Petersburg, Va. 

Parker. Alice Anne 107 Virginia Avenue, Shenandoah, Va 

Parker, Jean Marie 1424 Elm Avenue, Portsmouth Ya. 

Parker, Jeanne Barbara 2104 S. Randolph Street. Arlington, Ya. 

Parker, Jeannette Ivor, Va 

Parrisb, Mary Elizabeth Rents Store, Va 

Parrotta, Mane Eleanor 314 Park Hill Avenue, Yonkers, X. Y. 

Partlow, lane Courtney 739 Mason Street. Harrisonburg, Ya. 

Pascarctti. Nicholas Thomas (Mr.) 84-22 S2 Avenue, Elmhurst, X. Y. 

Pate, Eunice Beatrice 1314-22 Street. South Norfolk, Va. 

Patterson, Ellen Elizabeth Bridgewater. Va. 


Paxton, Lawrenci Edward (Mr.) Mi. Solon, Va. 

Peachey, Ruth Spring -, I '. 

reus,,!,. Gloria Vnnette 324-3rd Vvenue, Quantico, Va 

Peatross, Jacquelin Box 95, Penola, \ a, 

Pebworth, Otto Wells, Jr. (Mr.) Route 2, Portsmouth, Va. 

Peed, Nancye Louise Owens, Va 

Pence, Elizabeth Ann Box 74. Verona, Va 

Penn, Nancy Ruth 2323 Laburnum Avenue, Roanoke, \ .i 

Perkins, Nancj Katherine Rents Store, \ a 

Perkins, Sara Lee (Cents Stun-, \ a. 

Perkinson, Florence Joyner 3319 Valley Drive, Parkfairfax, Alexandria, Va. 

1 'tiers, E lizabeth Courtney Ippomattox, \ a. 

Peters, Virginia Caroline Catlett, Va. 

Peterson, Jeanne drey 6938 Westwood Terrace, Norfolk, Ya. 

Peterson, Lucy Ellen 510 W. 37th Street, Norfolk, Va. 

Petrey, Nancy Claire 1035 14. Street, Portsmouth, Va. 

Phalen, Anne Elizabeth 105 Queen Street. Strasburg, Va. 

Phalen, feanne Ann 536 Virginia Avenue, Harrisonburg, Va. 

Phalen, John Albert (Mr.) 23* W. Market Street, Harrisonburg, Va 

Philips, JoAnne Rita Box 412, Imperial, Pa. 

Phillips, 1 )oris Jean Bridgewater, Va. 

Phillips, Nancy Ann • 125 E. I hlBois Avenue, DuBois, Pa. 

Phillips, Ruth Elizabeth Route 1, Evington, Va. 

Pickrel, Shirley Mae 901 8th Street, Altavista, Va. 

l'ierce, Emily Baird Box 101 3, Bristol, Va. 

Pierce, Jayne 1102 Owen Avenue, South Boston, Ya. 

Pinchbeck, Audrey Glynn 301 Mann Street, Blackstone, Ya. 

Pinching, Ellen Marie 5405 Carolina Place, N. W ., Washington, I >. C. 

Pinney, Winifred Ann 7 Hillside Road, Claymont, Del. 

Pitsenbarger, Janet Marie (Nurse) Deer Run, W. Ya. 

Poland, Edith Ray Boykins, Va. 

Poling, Margaret Louise Box E. Halifax, Va. 

Polsue, Mary Kathryn 3815 Virginia Avenue, Charleston, \\ . Va. 

Pond, Adelia Page 1322 N. Carolina Avenue, Washington, 1). C. 

Poole, Catherine Jane 2428 Buckingham Avenue, Richmond, Va. 

Poole, Jacqueline Ann 229 Atlantic Avenue, Buckroe Beach, Ya. 

Porter," Mary Wythe 2402 Croydon Road, Charlotte, N. C. 

Porter, Shirley Mae Sunbeam, Ya. 

Poss, Elizabeth Ann 100 W. Mason Avenue, Alexandria, Va. 

Poteet, Mary Ruth lonesville, Ya. 

Powell, Ann Redding 3423 Marshal! Avenue, Newport News, Va. 

Powell, Frances Ann P. O. Box 4, Emporia, Va. 

Powell, Marv Elizabeth Route 2, Box 58, Bridgewater, Va. 

Powell, Mary Frances Route 3, Box 418, Suffolk, Va. 

Powell, Nancy Carol Lester Street, Blackstone, Va. 

Pratt, Geraldine Elizabeth Rosedale, Va. 

Preston, Elizabeth Brown 208 N. Main Street, Woodstock, Va. 

Price, Evelyn Frances St. Charles, Va. 

Price. Mary Ann 607 Stuart I>ri\c, Galax, Ya. 

Prichard, Thomas Bragg (Mr.) 423 Franklin Street, Harrisonburg, Ya. 

Proimos, Ellen Manuel 5009 Newport Avenue, Newport New-., Va. 

Pruett, Mary Evelyn 5411 Carolina Place, N. W., Washington, I). C. 

Pugh, Jean Elizabeth 315-'60th Street, Newport News, Va. 

Pugh, Joyce Elizabeth 1214 Apperson Street. Newport News, Va. 

Pull in. Louise Winnifred Mel lowell, \ a. 

Pun 1 11, Lorene Gray Spencer, Va. 

Purcell, Mary Margaret 120 E. Elizabeth Street, Harrisonburg, Va. 

Purvis, Gloria Frances Covesville, Va. 

Quesenberry, Ruby Colleen Superior, W. Ya. 

Quinn, Shirley Ann Hot Springs, Va. 

Ragsdale, Gertrude Ann DeW in, Va. 

Rainey, Jean Frances 19 Biloxi Place, Newport News, Va. 

Ramey, Alberta Ethel Waterloo Pike, Warren ton, Va, 

Ramsey, Betty George 313 Langhorne Lane, Lynchburg, Va. 

Ramsey, Judith Price Spottswood, Ya. 

Ramsey, Manila Cook 113 Langhorne Lane, Lynchburg, Va. 

Ratclifr, Maxim- 2200 Georgia Avenue, Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Rathbone, Suzanne Elizabeth 4818 25th Road, Arlington, Va. 

Ravenscroft, Freddie Jean Box 408, McLean. Va 

Redd, Margaret Ann Box A, Falls Church, Va. 

Reddout, Martha lean Vine Street. Naples, N. Y 

Reed, Dorothj Gaynelle 498 McMullan Blvd., Howling Green, Cumberland, Md. 


Rccdcr, Margaret Bayard Big Stone Gap, Va. 

Reel, Mrs. Carol Laffargue <>02 S. f 1 i^li Street, Harrisonburg, Va. 

Reel, Joan Welsh -Mil S. East Street, ( lulpeper, \ a. 

Reid, Melba Anderson 334 Maryland Avenue, N. E., Washington, 1). C. 

Keilly, Vincenl D. (Mr.) 65 S. Brook Avenue, Harrisonburg, Va. 

Remick, Edith Elsorn Smithfield, Va 

Kennie. Nannie Cordon $600 Moss-Side Avenue, Richmond, \ a 

Retterer, Betty Carter 1809 duPonl Avenue, Belle, W. Va, 

Reynold'-. Betty Mae Route 4, Chatham, Va. 

Reynolds, Irene Huntingdon 32(\ W. Cedar Wenue, Vinton, Va. 

Reynolds, Phyllis Marquerite 225 Bellevue Street. Danville, Va. 

Revnolds, Reba Ruth Route 4, Chatham, \'a. 

Rhineharl. Alma lean (Nurse) New Market. Va, 

Rhodes. I toris Jean 212 Cantre.ll Avenue, Harrisonburg, Va. 

Rhodes, James E. (Mr.) Route 2, Harrisonburg, Va, 

Rhodes. Mary Stuart Box 154, Broadway. Va. 

Rhodes, Minor Grover, Jr. (Mr.) Route 2, Harrisonburg, Va. 

Rice, June Elizabeth.... 3224 S. 12th Street, Arlington. Va. 

Richardson, Bessie Ellen 245 Franklin Street, Harrisonburg, Ya 

Richardson, George Lee (Mr.) Shenandoah Hills, Front Royal, Va. 

Riddlehcrger, Mary Lou Bridgewater, Ya. 

Ridings, Joan Elizabeth Route 1, Martinsburg, W. Ya 

Riegert, Robert Edward (Mr.) 213 Walnut Avenue, Buena Yista, Va. 

Rinehart, Laura Elizabeth 1005 New Hampshire Avenue, Lynchburg, Va. 

Ring, Carl Ewald (Mr.) 2109 N. Kenmore Street, Arlington, Ya. 

Ritchie, Mildred Ann ...Route 1, Dinwiddle, Ya. 

Ritenour. Vivien May Clark Box 135, Strashurg, Y'a. 

Roach, Constance Isabel 4019 Clinton Avenue, Richmond, Va. 

Robbins, Frances Rebecca Route 2, Hurt, Ya. 

Roberts, Alma Gertrude 2507 N. 11th Street, Arlington, Ya. 

Roberts, George Kieffer (Mr.) 1307 S. Main Street, Harrisonburg, Va. 

Roberts, Norma Jean 600 W. Main Street. Christiansburg, Ya. 

Robertson, Anne Brooks Burkeville, Va. 

Robertson, Mildred Marie '. Monroe, Ya. 

Ri ibertson, Mozelle I ludley Ax ton, Va. 

Robinson, Betty Sue 34 Bainbridge Avenue, Cradock, Portsmouth, Va. 

Rodgers, Mary Anne Langhorn 1025 W|. King Street. Martinsburg, \Y. Va. 

Roe, Jean Carolyn Chatham, Y'a. 

Rogers, Georgia Frances (Mrs.) Swift Run, Ya. 

Rogers, Lucille Patricia 18 Runway, Baltimore 20, Md. 

Rogers, Rebecca IS Runway, Baltimore 20, Md. 

Roller, Yirginia Anne Clover, Ya. 

Rolston, Frankie Bell Route 4, Harrisonburg, Ya. 

Rolston, Margaret Proctor New Hope, Va. 

Rosazza, Edley Marie 616 Vine Street, Bedford, Ya. 

Ri isenbaum, Reba Stickley Jonesville, Va. 

Ross, Martha Adelaide Broad Run, Va. 

Ross, Pollyanna Stuart, Va. 

Rotella, Shirley Anne F.llcrson, Ya. 

Rouvalis, Bess Mix 213-29th Street. Newport News, Ya. 

Rowe, Dorothy Marie Route 2, Williamsport, Md. 

Rowland, Mary Elizabeth Church Road. Va. 

Rudasill, Mary \lpha Wood\ ille, Va. 

Rupard, Betty Will Route 1. Marion, Va. 

Russell. Bessie Joyce Marshall, Ya. 

Russell, Rita Jeanne Route 13, Exmore, Va 

Ryan, Ernest W (Mr.) Monroe Avenue, Wjyckoff, N. J. 

Ryman, Eleanor Elizabeth Route 1. Box is, Mt Jackson, Va. 

Ryman, Hazel Virginia (Nurse) I. may. Va. 

Sacra. Louise Dallas 522 W. Riverside Avenue, Covington, Ya. 

Sampson, M. Eustace "The Orchards". Gordonsville, Va. 

Sanderson, Carolyn Mikesell Route 3. Bon Mi. Vienna, Va. 

Saum. Ellen Wagniere Edinburg, Va. 

Saunders, Charlotte Young 310 Richmond Avenue, Petersburg, V :i 

Savage, Elizabeth Manassas, \ a 

Sa\ age, E ugenia Manassas, Va. 

Savage, Kathleen Manassas, Va. 

Savage, Margaret I Hike IIS Luke Drive, Green Acres. Portsmouth, Va. 

Sa\ ille. Jean I (oris R. F. I ' 2. Fincastle, Ya. 

Scarborough, Mary Rosalyn Carson, Va. 

Scherer, \nm Elizabeth.. R. F. D. 7. Box 412. Richmond, Va. 

Schink. lane Anne Third Street. Niles. Ohio. 

Schneider, Jane Marie Box 456, Winchester, Ya. 


Schulz, Elsie Esther (Nurse) Sugar Grove, W, Va 

Scott, Elizabeth ( iray Route 4, Richmond, Va. 

Scott, Emily Thomas 19 ]■'.. Clay Strict. Salem, Va, 

Scott', Marjorie Ann $05 Allen Avenue, Elizabethton, Tcmi. 

Seay, Sarah Barksdale 1831 Varina Avenue, Petersburg, Va, 

Seibel, Sylvia Lenore Route 1, Box 185, Roanoke, Va. 

Seidman, Irene Rose 24 Woodland Street, Portsmouth, Va. 

Sensenig, Chester Burkholder (Mr. I New Holland, Pa. 

Settle, Rebecca Ann Rawlings, Va 

Shallcross, lean Ermine 110 Bank Street, Suffolk, Va. 

Shallcross, Johanna Lee Ill) Hank Street. Suffolk, Va. 

Shank, Gladys Lorene (Nurse) Route 4. Harrisonburg, Va. 

Shank, Orval Miller (Mr.) Eastern Mennonite College, Harrisonburg, Va. 

Shaver, Gloria Mae Mt. Jackson, Va. 

Shaver, Polly Jean Route 1. Mt. Crawford, Va. 

Shaw, Barbara Jane Bassett, Va. 

Shelley, Jean Louise 3SHX) Gwynn ( )ak Avenue, Baltimore 7, \ld 

Shelor, Janet Lee Evans Street. Christiansburg, Ya. 

Shelton, Margie Ann 627 Berryman Avenue, Danville, Va. 

Shenk, Margaret Mac Route 1, Box 55, Denbigh, Va. 

Sherman, Doris Marie 2314 Chestnul Avenue. Newport News, Va, 

Shiiflett, Ashby Lee, lr. (Mr.) P. O. Box 162, Elkton, Ya. 

Shifflert, Lois Ellen.. Route 2. Box 221. Elkton, Va, 

Shifflett, Rhoda Rae (Nurse) Route 1, Harrisonburg, Va. 

Shiflet, Frances Leth HI 1 S. Main Street, Harrisonburg, Va. 

Shifley, Marv Frances Ewing, Va. 

Shirkcy, Retha Athey 237 Miller Street. Winchester, Va. 

Shirley, Julia Anne Calverton, Va. 

Shomo, Betty Ann 500 Ott Street. Harrisonburg, Va. 

Shomo, Joann Route 3, Harrisonburg, Va. 

Shomo, Peggy Jean Staunton, Va. 

Short, Lois Helen (Nurse) 108 N. Second Street, Shenandoah, Va. 

Shorter, Shirley Mae 301 Henry Street, Cambridge, Md. 

Showalter, 1 loris Jean Broadway, Va. 

Sho waiter. ( irace Irene Broadway, Va. 

Showalter, Walter Raymond, Jr. (Mr.) Route 4, Box 103, Harrisonburg, Va. 

Shower, Nancy Cecilia Broad Street, Taneytown, Md. 

Shuler, Eva Marie Route 1, Box 45, Elkton. Va. 

Shull, Goldie Louise 457 Green Street, Harrisonburg, Ya. 

Shumake, Nellie Louise Route 1, Grottoes, Va. 

Sibert, Anne Preston 520 Ott Street, Harrisonburg, Ya. 

Simmons, Alda Lorraine Franklin, W. Va 

Simmons, Doris Mae (Nurse) Sugar Grove, W. Va. 

Simmons. Evelyn Wise 803 Alleghany Avenue, Staunton, Va. 

Simmons, Ruth Yirginia Eagle Rock, Va. 

Simpkins, Louise Payne Route I, Box 62, Christiansburg. Va. 

Simpkins, Phyllis Anne Box 714, Max Meadows, Ya. 

Simpson, Frances Annette Chatham, Ya. 

Simpson, Margaret June 6420 Cottage Toll Road, Norfolk, Va, 

Simpson, Ruth Lee Purcellville, Ya. 

Sisson, Alice Catherine Remo, \ a. 

Sisson, Emma Jean 2(U Park Street. Box 93, Christiansburg, Ya. 

Sites, Mabel Cunninghan 203 Newman Avenue, Harrisonburg, Va. 

Sites, Mary Margaret Route 3, Staunton. Ya. 

Sivitcr, Norma Fay 12(> East James Street, 1 lanvillc, Ya. 

Slaughter, Helen Jean Box 696, Pulaski, Va. 

Slemp, Barbara Jean Sugar Grove, Ya. 

Slothouber, Alma Elizabeth Route 3, Vienna, Va. 

Smiley, Mary Elizabeth .Glasgow, Ya. 

Smith, Anne Elizabeth North Main. Chatham, Va. 

Smith, Anne Marie 1050 Falmouth Street, Warrentoii, Va. 

Smith, Bessie Madaline Sugar Grove, W. Va. 

Smith, Betty Jean 5(>2 S. High Street, Harrisonburg, Ya. 

Smith, Ellen Love Avenue D, Virginia Beach. Ya. 

Smith, Genevieve Norma Franklin, W. Va. 

Smith, Gladys Ethelene R. I 7 . I >. 1. Crewe. Va 

Smith, Hazel Gertrude 324 McKinney Street. South Boston, Ya. 

Smith. Helen Louise 127 Cumberland Street, Cumberland, Md. 

Smith, leanne Ballard Route 4, Martiiisburg, W. Ya. 

Smith, Judith Glazebrook 203 Clay Street, Suffolk, Va. 

Smith, Theora Jean Mt. Solon, Va. 

Snead, Rachel Victoria Route 3, Basset!, Va. 

Snedegar, Jean Ann 1X15 Westover Avenue, Roanoke. Ya 

Sneed, Frances Lee 509 N. King Street, Hampton, Ya. 


Snellings, Andrew Beryl, Jr. (Mr.) 806 Daniel Street, Fredericksburg, Ya. 

Snowden, Jennie Mcath Box HI, Sharps, Va. 

Snowden, Marie Emma Sharps, Va. 

Somers, Eleanor Mae (Nurse) Route 2, Luray, Va. 

Sorensen, Ruth Elaine 1405 N. Herndon Street, Arlington, Va, 

Sours, Doris Mae Route 3, Luray, Va. 

Sours, Patsy Jane Box 14, Chatham, Va. 

Spangler, Billie Jean 2017 Vaughan Street, South Boston, Va 

Spangler, Richard Edwin Route 4, Harrisonburg, Va 

Spaulding, Barbara Ivanhoe, Va. 

Spcegle, Ethel Ann Back River Road, Hampton, \ a 

Speer, Martha Memory 2o,! Hawthorne Drive, Danville, Va. 

Speer. Mary Jay 263 Hawthorne Drive, Danville, Va. 

Speight, Alice Webster 3231 Kensington Avenue, Richmond, Va. 

Speight, Anne Marshall 3231 Kensington Vvenue, Richmond, Va. 

Spence, Shirley Lee 1906 Montclair Avenue, Norfolk, Va. 

Spivey, Lillian' Estelle Box 445, Smithfield, Va. 

Spradlin, Ethel Ordell Goodview, Va. 

Sprouse, Joan Gordonsville, Va. 

Standin, Ivye 73 Aylwin Road, Cradock, Portsmouth, Va. 

Stanley, Shirley Holmes Appomattox, Va. 

Starling, Anne Maria Leaksville, N. C. 

Starr, Elaine E R. F. I). 4, Airport Road, Slippery Rock, Pa. 

Stauffer, Erma Mae Route 5, Lancaster, Pa. 

Stauffer, Jacob Marvin Route 5, Lancaster, Pa. 

Stauffer, J. Mark Eastern Mennonite College, Harrisonburg, Va 

Steele, Bcttie Marie 3010 Dunleer Road, Baltimore, Md. 

Steele, Mary Virginia Middle-town, Ya. 

Stephens, Clara Pauline High Street, Edinburg, Va. 

Sterne, Judith Taylor Queen Anne. Md. 

Stewart, Patricia Lee Box 877, Mill Street, Waynesboro, Va. 

Stickler, Webster Bradley ( Mr.) Bayard, Va. 

Stine, Elenor Lois .707 Bedford Street, Cumberland, Md. 

Stone, Bessie Hazel Spencer, Va. 

Stone, Margaret Ann 254 Clinton Avenue, Big Stone Cap, Va. 

Stoneburner, Anna Louise Route 1, Box 86, Leesburg, Ya. 

Stout, Ann Louise 104 Aiken Road, Chattanooga 4, Tenn. 

Stover, I (oris Jeannette Dayton, Va. 

Strader, Sarah Elizabeth Pearisburg, Va. 

Straw, Janet Romaine 352 High Street, Highspire, Pa. 

Strawderman, Vera Joan 22 Monroe Street, Harrisonburg, Ya. 

Strickland, Betty Anne 302 Ferguson Avenue, Hilton Village, Va 

Strickler, Charlotte Ann Fordwick, Va. 

Stuteville, Frances Katherine 973 George Washington Highway, Portsmouth, Va. 

Sullenherger, Sue Scott Monterey, Va. 

Sumption, Lois Gaynelle 426 S. High Street, Harrisonburg, Va. 

Sutton , Jeanne Elizabeth Apex, N. C. 

Swaffin, Patricia Anne 1625 Pope Avenue, Richmond, Va. 

Swank, Janice Newton 171 Franklin Street. Harrisonburg, Ya. 

Swinson, Nadine Emilia Route 1, Maple Hill, N. C. 

Swi irtzel, Anna Virginia Stuart^ I Iraft, Va. 

Talley, Ann Brockman Mineral. Ya. 

Taylor, Anne Sterling Highland Springs, Va. 

Taylor, Shirley Louise Highland Springs, \ .i 

Taylor, Susan Elizabeth 1432 S. Stafford Street, Arlington. Va. 

Temple, Virginia Gill Brodnax, Va. 

Thomas, Mary Elizabeth Shull (Mrs.) 473 W. Water Street, Harrisonburg, Va. 

Thomas, Claudia Parsons Hamilton, Va. 

Thomas, Joyce Jeanerte Mount Fair, Va. 

Tin Unas, Martha Ree 186 Howeland Circle, 1 lanville, Va. 

Thompson, Betty Jo LaFayette Court Apt. 8, Lynchburg, Va. 

Thompson, Dorothy Anne 94 Alleghamy Road. Hampton, Va. 

Thompson, Margaret Evangeline (Nurse) Broadway, Ya. 

Thompson, Nancy Lee 201 Norfolk Wenue, Petersburg, Va. 

Thompson, Richard Grant (Mr.) 812 LaFayette Blvd., Fredericksburg, Va. 

Thompson, Robert Edward (Mr.) Dayton, Va 

Thorn, Robert Shcrrill (Mr.) 925 Wes( End \\enue. Xew York, X. Y. 

Thornhill, Elsie Carson Appomattox, \ a 

Thrasher, Jean LaRue 8903 Georgia Avenue. Silver Spring, Md. 

Tice, Elva Louise (Nurse) Route 1, Dayton, Va 

Tiller, Eleanor Glynn Ridgewood Road, Bassett, Va. 

Tillman, lloris Louise 3318 E. Broad Street, Richmond, Ya. 

Tilson, Virginia Ann 509 Preston Avenue. Blacksburg, Ya. 


Tingle, I.ucyle Carlton 1625 Westbrook Ivenue, Richmond, Va. 

Todd, Jam- 102 Glenburn Avenue, Cambridge, \M 

Towne, Natalie Eastman Main Street, Kennebunk Port, Maine 

Travers, Catherine Childs Stephenson, Va. 

Trinkle, Anne Crawford 2059 Maiden Lane, Roanoke, Va. 

Trobaugh, Kathleen Mae (Nurse) Route 1. Mt. Crawford, Va. 

Tsoleas, Helen Box 632, Amherst, Va. 

Tubbs, Evelyn Jackson Wyoming, I lei. 

Tupper, Dorothy Wrigley 245 \Y. Franklin Street, Morrisville, Pa. 

Turner, David Harold (Mr.) 574 S. Main Street, Harrisonburg, Va. 

Turner, Eunis Kate Route 1, Huddleston, Va 

Turner, Francis Eugene (Mr.) Exmore, Va. 

Turner, George Haywood, Jr. ( Mr. ) Exmore, Va. 

Turner, Peggy Ann Route 3, Bedford, Va, 

Turner, Pollyanna 707 X. Main Street, Blacksburg, \'a. 

Tutwiler, Gene Virginia 557 S. Mason Street, I Earrisonburg, Va. 

Tysinger, Jean Minis (Mrs.) Box 400, Beau-Mar-Jean, Hampton, \'a. 

Umphlette, Betty K. F. 1)., Box 136, Whaleyville, Va. 

Utley, Gloria Lee 217 Piez Avenue, Hilton Village, \ a. 

Utz, Virginia 312 E. Pittsburg Street, Greensburg, Pa. 

Vance, Anne Horn (Mrs.) 85 S. Main Street, Harrisonburg, Ya. 

Yaughan, Ruth Joyce 113 N. 4th Street, Hopewell, Ya. 

Veitch, Alison 1 Poplar Street, I >umont, N. J. 

Yiar, Betty Jane Box 190, Salem, Va. 

Viar, Frances Irene 402 Chestnut Street, Buena Vista, Ya. 

Yirts, Gloria Ann Park Street, Vienna, Va. 

Yolchansky, George 164 R. 1st Street, Conemaugh, Pa. 

Wade, Mary Alice Norfleet Street, Franklin, Va. 

Wainwright, Dorothy Duvall 208 Dinwiddie Avenue, Blackstone, Va. 

Walk, Mavis Josephine Box 85, Bishop, Va. 

Walker, Nancy Howe Mitchellville, Md 

Walker, Pauline Parker Victoria, Va. 

Wallace, Marjorie Ann 4418 — 1th Street, S., Arlington, Va. 

Walpole, Mary OllieYee 2018 Airline Avenue, Portsmouth, Va. 

Walter, Anna Catherine 13 W. Mt. Ida Avenue, Alexandria, Va. 

Walton, lean Ann 3027 Dill Avenue, Richmond, Va. 

Ward, Anna Laura (Mrs.) 630 E. Wolfe Street, Harrisonburg, Ya. 

Ward, (Catherine Virginia 138 Briarfield Road, Hampton, Va. 

Wareham, Mary Ellen 19 McKee Avenue, Hagerstown, Md. 

Warren, Mary Virginia 1041 S. Main Street, Harrisonburg, Va. 

Warren, Nelsina Lorraine Middleburg, Ya. 

Waters, Alice Elaine 106 E. Main Street, Luray, Va. 

Waters, Ellen Fielder Box 5, Dumfries, Va. 

Waters, Fern Elizabeth Route 14, Box 49a, Richmond, Va. 

Watkins, Peggy Jo I linkel (Mrs.) Culpeper, Va. 

Watkins, Shirley Ann 144 Dwight Street, Waterbury 101, Conn. 

Watlington, Mary Elizabeth 512 Washington Square, Hagerstown, Md. 

Watson, Ellen Jeanine 1103 Winchester Avenue, Martinsburg, W. Ya. 

Weakley, Richard Alexandria Warrenton, Va. 

Weaver, Henry David, Jr. (Mr.) Eastern Mennonite College, Harrisonburg, Va. 

Weaver, Kenneth lames (Mr.) 330 — 52nd Street, Newport News, Va 

Weaver, Phyllis Elizabeth 182 Panuebaker Avenue, Levvistown, Pa. 

Webb, Dolores Elaine 5863 N. 15th Road, Arlington, Ya. 

Webber, JoAnne Katherine 2310 Hillcrest Avenue, Roanoke. Va. 

Wed die, Alice Sue 1017 Winona Avenue, S. W., Roanoke. Va. 

Weeks, Frances Louise Windsor Hills. Rt. 4, Box 137. Roanoke. Va. 

Weir, Frances 2i \\". Boscawen Street, Winchester, Va. 

Weller, Betty Kathryn Route 4. Staunton, Va. 

Wells, Ella Lee McKcnnev, Va. 

Wells, Glenn S, (Mr.) 216 E. Fairfax Street. Falls Church, Va. 

Wells, Sara Otelia Terrace View Farm, Forest, Va. 

Wells, Virginia Louise 211 Curwen Road, Rosemont, Pa. 

Welsh, Reeve Rehecca I [aymarket, Va, 

Wenger, Robert Date (Mr.) . Edom, Va. 

Wenzel, Jeanne Elizabeth Route 2. I [erndon, VS. 

Wesson, Martha Anne Box 484, Lawrenceville, Ya. 

West, Alma Joanne 381)0 Noble \venue, Richmond, Ya. 

Weyant, Margaret 34 Spruce Street, Cedarhurst, N. Y. 

Wheelbarger, Audrey Marie Route 2, Dayton, Ya. 

\\ heelbarger, Doris Levene Route 2, Dayton, Ya. 

Wheeler, Katherine Ann Manassas, Ya. 


Wheeler, Phyllis Eugenia Elkton, Md. 

\\ hetzel, Elizabeth Ann Broadway, Va, 

Whisnant, Jackson Cameron (Mr.) 334 Franklin Street, Harrisonburg, Va. 

White, Doris Virginia Route 2, Portsmouth, Va. 

White, Dorothy Scot) 809 S. Wayne Street, Arlington, Va. 

White, Martha" Alice Box 41, Scottsville, Va. 

White, Mary leanettc 108 Lafayette Avenue, Petersburg, Ya. 

White, Sherilvn Lee 757 MacLcan Avenue, Kenilworth, 111. 

Whitehouse, Jean Watt 90S 1 [anover Street, Fredericksburg, Va. 

Whitesell, Ethel Mae Route 1, Staunton, Va. 

Whitlock, Jane Elizabeth 3808 Fauquier Avenue, Richmond, Ya. 

Whitman, Margaret Louise Lovettsville, Va. 

Whit mi. re, Helen Josephine Route 1. Box 2, Edom, Va. 

Whitney, Margaret Brown (Mrs.) 1036 N. Nelson Street, Arlington. Ya. 

Whitten, Mary Anne 223 LaFayette Wenue, Petefshurg, Va. 

Wiggins, Ella Margaret 1316 Boiling Avenue, Norfolk 8, Va. 

Wiglesworth, Doris Margaret Route 10, Richmond, Va. 

Wilkins, Anna Yirginia Edinburg, Va. 

Wilkins, Frances Amory 332 James River Drive, Hilton Tillage. Va. 

Wilkins, fosephine Elizabeth Edinburg, Va. 

Wilkins, "Mary Ann R. F. I). 4, Box 136, Roanoke, Va. 

Wilkinson, Betty Gwyn .-. 2002 Evelyn Byrd Road, Richmond, Va. 

Williams, Beth 291 Campbell Street, Harrisonburg, Va. 

Williams I lolores Marie 207 E. Marshall Street, Falls Church, Va. 

Williams, Elizabeth I.ael 216 Hough Avenue, Norfolk 6, Va. 

Williams, Miriam luanita 1139 — 25th Street, Newport News, Ya. 

Williams, Stuart Ware (Mr.) 375 Mountain Avenue, S. W., Roanoke, Va. 

Williams. Virginia Anne 1212 Fillman I )rive, Reidsville, N. C. 

Willis, Ida Mae 1601 Washington Street, Hollywood, Fla. 

Wills, Marv Lyle R. F. I). 1, Box 74. Gladstone, Va. 

Wilmoth, Margaret Katherine P. O. Box 87, Chase City, Ya. 

Wilson, Betty Rae , Middleburg, Va. 

Wilson, Elizabeth Ann Rockbridge Baths, Ya. 

Wilson, Nancy Ruth 3020 Stuart Avenue, Richmond, Va. 

Wilson, Norma day 1711 Carlisle Avenue, Richmond ,Va 

Wilson, Shirley Marguerite 2906 Henrico Street, Norfolk 2, Ya. 

Wimberley, Shirley Mae 7 Barney Place. Portsmouth, Va. 

W ine, Marv Louise Manassas, \ a 

Wiseman. Mary Madeline Route 1, Staunton. Ya. 

Withers. Christine Janet 2112 Huidckoper Place, N. W., Washington 7. I). ('. 

Witten, Jo Anne Tazewell, Ya. 

Wohlford, William Thomas, III Dante, Va. 

Wolfe, Eugene Elwood (Mr.) 547 Lavman Avenue, Harrisonburg, Ya. 

W I, Doris Jean 2509 Tillett Road, Roanoke, Va 

Wood, lean Lois Columbia, Ya. 

Wood, Lou farter 90S Broad Street. Altavista, Va. 

Woodford, Emily Ann Huddleston, Va. 

Woodson, Dilcie I l.eane Earlysville, Va. 

Woodyard, Alma Lorraine 2616 Key Blvd., Arlington, Va. 

Woolf. Harry ( iassaway Harrisonburg, Ya. 

Wi m il folk, Ella Elizabeth Mineral, Va. 

Wrenn. Ellen Joyce Tabb, Va. 

Wright. Josephine Lawrence 916 Airport Road. Blacksburg, Va. 

Wright, foye Mice Comers Rock. Va. 

Wright, Mary Ethel Route 2, Bridgcwater, Ya. 

WVneS, Charles l-.ldridge The Plains, Va, 

Wysong, Joanne Miller (N'urse) Shenandoah, Va. 

Yeakle, Mcrvil Harris, Jr. (Mr.) 71 Broad Street, Harrisonburg, Va 

Yeary, Mary Lynn Jonesville, Va. 

Yeatts, Elizabeth Ann Route 3," Chatham. Ya. 

Yoder, Katie Maurine W cilman. Iowa 

Yost, Oscar Perry (Mr.) 329 Main Street, Conemaugh, Pa. 

Young, Jean Constance Route 3, Staunton, Va. 

Young, Mabel Elizabeth Elkton, Va. 

Yow, i rrace Carolyn Jeffs, Va, 

Zigler, lolm Edgar (Mr.) Route 1, Box 2S0. Harrisonburg, Va 

Zirkle, Louie Claudia Xew Market, Va. 

Zirkle, Mae Bostick 775 S Mason Street, Harrisonburg, Va, 

Zirkle. Mary Anne 11 S. Broad Street. I.urav. Va. 

Zollman, Petty Tucker 216 W. Washington Street. 1 exingl 

Zoulis, Bessie 909 E. Market Street. Charlottesville. Va. 


Zjacultu Jskech 


Aiken. Alice Mary, B.S., VM 967 S Main Street, Harrisonburg, Va. 

Vnderson, I. Edgar, B.M., MM Dayton, Va. 

Anthony, [Catherine, B.S., M \ JS Maplehursl Wenue, Harrisonburg, \'a. 

Armentrout, Marj 'I'., B.S., VM., Ph.D 261 Grattan Street, Harrisonburg, Va, 

Bell, M. H., A.B., M.A 1416 S. Main Street, Harrisonburg, \ a 

Beyrer, Mary K., B.A., M.S 623 S. Main Street, Harrisonburg, \'a. 

Boaz, Martha, B.S., B.S. in L. S Madison College, Harrisonburg, Va. 

Bocskey, S. C, B.S., M.S 535 Long Wenue, Harrisonburg, Va. 

Boje, Marie Louise, A.B., VM 967 S. Mam Street, Harrisonburg, Va. 

Blackwell, Adele R., B.S., M \ Madison College. Harrisonburg, \'a. 

Blackwell, Rev. 11. C., M.A., Ph.B 250 Franklin Street. Harrisonburg, Ya. 

Bland, Beatrice, B.S., M.A Harrisonburg, Ya. 

Blosser, Sallie H., B.S., M.A Route 4, Harrisonburg. Va. 

Bolen, Virginia, B.S 204 N. I Ugh Street, 1 larrisonburg, Va, 

Brady, Mary M., VI'.., M.A Madison College, Harrisonburg, Va 

Burau, Gertrude, B.S., M.A 293 Newman Avenue, Harrisonburg, Va. 

Chappeli; Wilbert, B.S., A.M., Ph.D 85 N. Brooke Avenue, Harrisonburg, Va. 

Coffman, Mona I... A.B., M.A 241 Paul Street. Harrisonburg, Ya. 

Comer, W'ilda, B.A., U.S. in I..S 357 S. Main Street. Harrisonburg. Va. 

Cool, R. I )., B.S., M.S., Ph.D 700 Ott Street, Harrisonburg, Va. 

Cooper, Ruth, B.S., M.A 265 S. Mason Street, Harrisonburg, Ya. 

Craig. Gladys, B.S., M.A 212 Newman Avenue. Harrisonburg, Ya. 

Cundiff, Ruby E., A.B., M.S i?7 S. Main Street. Harrisonburg, Va 

Curtis. J. I.. A. I',., A.M., Ph.D S. Main Street. Harrisonburg, Va. 

Dinglcdinc, Raymond C, B.A., M.A., Ph. I) S. Mason Street. Harrisonburg, Va. 

I hike, S. P, A.B., A.M.. 1.I..H Hillcrest, Harrisonburg, Va. 

Eagle, Alfred K., U.S., M.A 231 Campbell Street, Harrisonburg, Va. 

Frank, Helen M.. A.B., AM Madison College, Harrisonburg, Va. 

Frederickson, Otto F., B.S., KM., Ph.D 130 Campbell Street. Harrisonburg, Va. 

Garber, Dorothy S., B.S 208 Franklin Street. Harrisonburg, \'a. 

i i.n\ er, Helen B., A.B., M.A t irace Street. I larrisonburg, Va 

Gibbons, H.A., B.l 610 Otl Street. Harrisonburg. \'a. 

Gifford, W. I., All.. A.M., Ph.D 7IKI Ott Street. Harrisonburg. Va. 

Gildersleeve, Glenn, \ B., M V, D.M 1409 Valley Street, Harrisonburg, Va, 

Gildersleeve, Hazel W.. B.F.A 1409 Valley Street. Harrisonburg, Va. 

Gladin, Mabel I'... B.S Madison College, Harrisonburg, Va 

Grove, Frances, B.S., M.A 85 Campbell Street, Harrisonburg, Ya. 

Hamrick, C. R., B.S., M.S., Ph. D 651 S. Mason Sheet. Harrisonburg, Va. 

Hanson, Rails M , B.S., AM 759 S. Mason Street. Harrisonburg, Ya. 

Hardest v, Vnne, B.S., M.A 21S Newman Street. Harrisonburg. Ya. 

Harris, Elizabeth 1 967 S. Main Street, Harrisonburg, Va. 

Herr, Grace E., B.S., M.A 1110 S. Main Street, Harrisonburg. Va. 

Hewett, Luellen I',. B.E., \1 \ 457 E. Wolfe Street. Harrisonburg, Va. 

Hicks, Eleanor Reed, VI',, M.A 53 Weaver Avenue. Harrisonburg. Ya. 

Hicks, George R., \l'.. B.M., \M, \ V.G.0 53 Weaver Wenue, Harrisonburg. Va. 

Hoffman, Margaret \ . I'. \ . M \ 967 S. Main Street, Harrisonburg, Va. 

Hoover. Feme, VI'... M.A 869 S. Main Street, Harrisonburg, Va. 

Hounchell, Paul, B.A., M \ . Ph.D 630 Otl Street, Harrisonburg, Va 

Huffman, C. 11.. VI',, A.M., Ph. D 271 Grattan Street. Harrisonburg, Ya. 

Ikenberry, J. F.nimett, A I',, M.A., Ph.D 510 W. View Street, Harrisonburg, Va. 


[ohnston, Ah lua I... A.B., M . \ Wellingtoii Apts., Harrisonbui g, Va. 

Kid.l, Joel T., B.A., MA Mt. Crawford, \ a 

Lanier, Bessie, \.B., V.M (>23 S. Main Street, Harrisonburg, Va. 

Latimer, Mary E., B.A., M.A., J 'hi > 477 E. Market Street, Harrisonburg, Va. 

Lockard, M. Jeannette S., B.S., MS 201 Ohio Avenue, Harrisonburg, Va. 

Mcllwraith, John N., U.S.. A.M 1408 S. Main Street, Harrisonburg, Va. 

McMullen, Haynes, A.B., MS 537 E. Long Avenue, Harrisonburg, Va. 

Marshall, Clifford T., B.M., M.M 591 S. Mason Street, Harrisonburg, Va. 

Martinez, F. Q., All, M.A., Ph.D Grottoes, Va. 

Matthews, Edith, U.S., M.S 218 Newman Avenue, Harrisonburg, Va. 

Mecks, Lydia P., A.B., M.A 85 Campbell Street, Harrisonburg, Va 

Miller, E. D., A. II., M.A., Ph.D 2()() Monument Avenue, Harrisonburg, Va. 

Monger, Unity, B.S., M.D 264 S. High Street, Harrisonburg, Va. 

I'artluw, Benjamin \\ '., B.S., M.S South Main Street, Harrisonburg, V 

Patterson, Elizabeth, U.S., M.A 1110 S. Main Street. Harrisonburg, V 

Pittman, Melvin A., B.S., M.S., Ph.D 100 Reservoir Street, Harrisonburg, V 

Raine, Sue, U.S.. A.M 570 S. Mason Street, Harrisonburg, Va 

Richardson, Bessie, A.I'.., A.M., l'h.D 245 Franklin Street, Harrisonburg, Va 

Robertson, Julia, B.S., M.A 335 Grace Street, Harrisonburg, Va 

Rodgers, Elizabeth G., B.S., M.A., Ph.D 277 Newman Avenue, Harrisonburg. V 

Rucker, Ruth, B.S., M.A 811 S. Main Street, Harrisonburg, Va 

Ryan, Violetta Davis, B.S., M.A 473 S. Mason Street, Harrisonburg, Va 

Sanders, London A., B.S., M.S., M.Ed 242 Cantrell Avenue, 

Sands, Elbe, B.S., M.S 212 Newman Avenue, 

Sanger, Marguerite C, B.S., l'.M 

Savage, Dorothy L., B.S., M.A 537 S. Mason Street, 

Sawhill, John A., A.B., A.M., Ph.D 178 S. Mason Street, 

Schneider, Edvthe, B.M Campbell Street, 

Schubert, Leland, 11. A.. M.F.A., Ph.D 211 Dixie \venue, 

Schuster, Doris Dodd, B.M 741 S. Main Street, 

Seeger, Mary Louise, B.S., A.M Wellington Apts., 

Seig, Martha D.. B.A., M.A 

Shael'fer, Edna T 212 Newman Avenue, 

Shaffer, lanette. B.S., M.A 305 Liberty Street, 

Shawver. M. ('.. B.S.Ed., M.Ed 714 S. Main Street, 

Shorts, Clyde 1'., A.B., A.M 473 S. Mason Street. 

Sbovvalter, A. M.. B.A., M.A., Ph.D 310 Paul Street, 

Smith, Glenn Curtiss, B.S., M.S., Ph.D Campbell Court Apts,, 

Spilman, Ethel, A.B Vt>7 S. Main Street. 

. Bridgewater, 
I [arrisonburg, 
. Bridgewater. 
I [arrisonburg, 
I [arrisonburg, 
1 [arrisonburg, 

Trent, Rosalind, A.B., M.A 

Tunlle, S. J., A.B., M.A., Ed.D. 

.623 S, Main Street, Harrisonburg. Va 

loo Weaver Avenue. Harrisonburg, Va. 

Ulrich, Celeste, B.S., M. V. 

.Madison College. Harrisonburg. Y; 

Vandever, Hope, A.B., M.A Madison College. Harrisonburg, Va 

Yarner, Bernice Reaney, B.S., M.A M) Maplehurst Avenue, Harrisonburg, Va 

Walker. Glada B., A.B., M.A 29i Newman Avenue, Harrisonburg, Va 

Warren, Percy lb, B.S., M.A 1041 S. Main Street, I [arrisonburg, \ a 

Watkins, Evelyn 317 S. Main Street, Harrisonburg, Va 

Watkins, Lowell M., B.S., M.A 109 Campbell Street. Harrisonburg, Va 

Wells, John C, A.B., M.A 690 S Mason Street, Harrisonburg, \ a 

WSgley, Elsie, B.S \\7 S. Main Street, Harrisonburg, \ a 

Woelfel, Margarete. B.A., M.A., Ph.D lb. Port Republic Rd., Harrisonburg, Va. 


CjLumnae (ykapiets 

Charleston, Wes1 Virginia, Chapter 

President: Mrs. Annie Cox Ward, 620 I). Street, N. W. 

Secretary: Mrs. Ruth Peterson Stephenson, 1558 Quarrier Street 

Covington Chapter 

President: Mrs. Mildred Williamson Crush, Fairlawn 

Secretary. Miss Margaret Martz, 434 Riverside Avenue 

Culpeper Chapter 

President: Mrs. Mary McNeil Willis, Culpeper, Virginia 

Secretary: Miss Edmina Carley, Culpeper, Virginia 

Harrisonburg Chapter 

President: Mrs. Edith Fultz Bryan, 751 South Mason Street 

Secretary: Miss Catherine Shank, Mt. Crawford, Virginia 

Norfolk Chapter 

President: Miss Hope Simpson, 1615 LaSalle Avenue 

Secretary: Miss June King, 7910 Granby Street 

Petersburg Chapter 

President: Mrs. Peggy Tallcy Singer, 115 Central Park 

Secretary: Miss Sue Jolly, 1602 Brandon Avenue 

Peninsula Chapter 

President: Mrs. Sally Face Carleton, 2403 Chesapeake Avenue, Hampton, Va. 

Secretary: Mrs. Shirley Elliott Moberg, 210 Armstrong Drive, Hampton, Va. 

Portsmouth Chapter 

President : Miss Emily Leitner, 900 Holliday Street 

Secretary: Miss Lorraine Eason, 332 Mt. Vernon Avenue 

Richmond Chapter 

President: Miss Sue Quinn, 4210 Kensington Avenue 

Secretary: Miss Corbin Harwood, 1125 West Avenue 

Staunton Chapter 

President: Mrs. Kathleen Thacker McChesney, 640 Alleghany Avenue 

Secretary: Miss Sarah Jeffries, 107 Oakenwald Street 

Surry-Sussex Chapter 

President: Mrs. Nancy Faison Threewitts, Dendron, Virginia 

Secretary: Mrs. Helen Peck Loehr, Box ''7, Waverly, Virginia 

Waynesboro Chapter 

President: Mrs. Margaret lilack Fox, 504 Maple Avenue 

Secretary: Mrs. Margaret Thomas Ellington, 404 Cherry Avenue 

Winchester Chapter 

President: Mrs. Lola Brumback 1'etrie, 625 National Avenue 

Secretary: Mrs. Belle Krieger Hockman, 302 Amherst Street 


// you will watch under the trees on South Main, you it ill soon see 
ns on our nay downtown. Around tin 1 Square we'll wish together, and, 
ij the letter from home came today, we'll shop together . . . 


''That our daughters may be as cornerstones, polished after the 
similitude of a palace." 


Harrisonburg, Virginia 



Member Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools 

Member American issociation of Teachers Colleges 

Member issociation of American Colleges 

For The Best In Dairy 







Phone 575 


/ Safe Ride iu All 

39 W. Wolfe St. 

Harrisonburg, \ irginia 

Phone 1455 

Complete Food Market 

\ isit Our Modern Bakery 



Harrisonburg. Virginia 



The Place That Satisfies 

Those Who Are Fussy 

About Their Food 

"The House of Good Food" 


and Soda Fountain Service 

M. K. Shirkey, Owner 

25 East Gerrard Street 
Winchester, Va. 

All American 

Breakfasts served 6:30 A. M. to 

11 A. M. 

Dinners 11 A. M. to 9 P.M. 
— Free Parking — 




Harrisonburg, \ irginia 

Safely Service Com fori 


2 1 Hour Service 

Phone 655 

''Every Driver an Escort" 

"Let's Go To" 


Everything For The College 

Make This Your Buying Place 



"\<>/ the most advertised . . . 

just the most patronized!" 

C. R. Cody 


The LATEST in 



A Complete Optical Service 



State Theatre Building 
Phone 143 

. . . Saw It At Mar key's . . . 

By-fl ord for the Latest and 




91 South Main Street 



"Known for I dines" 

" S E L B Y " 

In Feminine Footwear 

"Pedo-Graph" and 
"X-Ray" Service 

Brown Calf F. BARTH GARBER. 

"Sleek" INC. 

Beautiful Shoes and Hosiery 

124 South Main St. 








t>.~i East Market Street 



New Market, Ya. 

Why You Should See 
Shenandoah Caverns 
Nearest large Caverns to U. S. 11 
No delay— Visitors are conducted 
through the Caverns upon arrival 
Caverns are open dail) throughout 

Modern illuminating system ade 
quate for lighting town of 2000 

Accessibility wide granite walks, 
no tiresome steps 
Formations- an incomparable var 
iations of formations an ever 
changing, never — to — be— forgotten 
jenandoah Caverns is studded with 

nn ire formations than any 
other cavern. 
'rite for Free Illustrated Literature 






Kingsport, Tennessee 


121 South Main Street 

Open 6 to 11 Week Days 

Neat Jobs on Niee Clothes 


Free Delivery 
165 N. Main St. Phone 274 






By U edge wood 








twelve at $24; six at si3. on or- 
ders for less than six plates the 
price is $2. 50 per plate. 

(Carriage Charges From Boston Extra i 
Produced Under the Direction of 

Jones, McDuffee. & Stratton 

(Makers of the Harvard. Yale, and Smith 

Plates i 

Place Orders Through Alumnae Office. 

Madison College 

. . . DENTON'S . . . 

On the Square 




Official Discount to Students 

O teinway Pianos are built not only for to- 
day but for the years to come. Their styling 
takes into consideration only design which 
time will confirm. Their quality, in materi- 
als and craftmanship, has remained con- 
stant for almost a century. Exclusive build- 
ing techniques, perfected by Steinway re- 
search, assure a lifetime of service and sus- 
tained value through the years. 

Instrument ot the Immortal* 

The Oldest Music House in Virginia and North Cc; m 


The Hammond Organ 


"Shenandoah I alley's Largest and 
Most Popular Furniture 





135 South Main Street 
Harrisonburg, Virginia 

Harrisonburg, Virginia 
Lynchburg, Virginia 
Aha Vista, Virginia 

Lexington, Virginia 
Danville, Virginia 
I.urav, Virginia 


State Theatre Building 



Harrisonburg, Virginia 




Harrisonburg Telephone Company 

Pauline's Beauty Shop 
& School 

Kavanaugh Hotel 

23 years experience in all 
types of beauty service 

Phone 777 


A Drug Store 11 ith a Service 

That Serves 

Harrisonburg, Virginia 

Visit the Beautiful 


'The Largest Cave in Virginia- 

The Most Beautiful Cave 

in the W orld" 

Only 32 Miles From 

Madison College 






Harrisonburg, Virginia 






North Main Street 
Harrisonburg, Va. 

For Recreation 





Frozen Fresh 

Full of Flavor 



Crozet, Virginia 

Day Phone Wilkins 2431 
Night Phone Forest 9174 


1907-11 Rosedale St. 
Baltimore 16, Md. 

Roy Stone Transfer Corporation 

Phones 3473 and 3474 
Martinsville, Virginia 


Overnight Service, Direct Delivery, All Points 
No Interchange 


All Shenandoah's Pride Milk and Cream Distributed in Harrisonhurg 

are Produced hy Farms Especially Equipped. Meeting the Most 

Rigid Sanitary Regulations of City and State 

We Imite Your Inspection of Our Farms and Plant 


For Better Dairy Products Phone 328 



Packed To Order Quality 

Canned Foods 

Full To The Brim 

60 Years Serving Particular 



Philadelphia Pittshurgh 


The Place for Your Homemade 



The Most Delicious Sandwiclies 

and Drinks 

Ask Your Seniors! 


J. S. Beeler. Owner 

Gas & Electric Home Appliances 

Youngstown Kitchen:- bj Mullens 

107 S. Holiday St. 

Strashurg. \ a. 

Phone 73 


East Market Street 
Harrisonburg, Virginia 

BY D. B. Chandlef 

The picture schedule finally nets Danny and Harry all the way doun 


Official Photographer 



201 Imlu-I Loan Bids 

2.")() Williams St. 

N. on.- I960 STAUNTON, VIRGINIA Phone 1<>17 

Virginia Craftsmen Reproductions 

212 South Main Street 
Harrisonburg, Virginia 


Cotton Gin 

Emporia, Virginia 


S. Washington & Wilkes Sts. 
Alexandria, Virginia 


Telephone Al. 3278 









A complete assortment of patterns 
of the following Sterling Silver 


International . . Heirloom 
Oneida . . Lunt . . Reed and 

Barton . . Frank Smith 

towle . . tuttle . . watson 


Expert Watch and Jewelry 


50 S. Main Street 

Harrisonhnrg. Virginia 





205-207 East Canal Street 
Richmond 19. Virginia 


92 South Main Street 

Harrisonburg. Virginia 

Phone 1445 

We Carry the Largest and most Com- 
plete Line of Nationally Advertised 
Brand Shoes in the Valley 
Shoes For All the Family 
Fitted By X-Ray 

Meet Me At — 



After-Movie Snacks 


All Your College Supplies 

120 South Main Street 
Harrisonburg, Virginia 


Hardware and Electrical 



Fine Meats and Other Food 

Marine Supplies 

Wall Paper Paint 


Cape Charles, Virginia 

Since 1845 

Phone 33-W 

Handcrafted Furniture 

the heirlooms 
of tomorrow . . . 


ti^iif"" 11 



Harrisonburg, Virginia 




327 West Main Street 
Richmond, Virginia 

Woodstock, Virginia 

School and Church Furniture 


Phone 74035 










It's Smart To Buy 





Religious) Books and Supplies 

Stationery and Gifts 

Parker and Shaeffer Pens 

"Catalogs upon Request" 

82 South Main Street 


Cosmetics By 




103 S. Main St. 

Phone 1545 




"On The Square" 


The Home of Good 

Fraternity and Club 

Walter B. Anderson 




Personal Insurance 

Business Insurance 

Complete Analysis 

We Can Solve Your Insurance 

District 3656 
Investment Bldg. 
Washington, D. C. 

John W. Taliaferro, 


Diamonds . . . Watches 

Novelties . . . Silverware . . . China 


5 Court Square 


in business since 1911 
Quiet Sound Conditioning 

Engineers & Contractors 

2513- 15 Chamberlayne Ave. 

Richmond 22, Virginia 

Telephone 6-1561 











Blakemore's Flowers 

Harrisonburg, Virginia 

115 East Market Street 
Phones: Day 627— Night 716 


. . . BRYCE'S . . . 
Mountain Resort 

Basye, Virginia 

1 1 Miles West of Ml. Jackson 

When you need a chartered bus. 
we have it. 

Reliable, Dependable, 


Phone 528 and 564 

Sometimes it is the nature of a craft to create an unbreakable tie between 
itst-lf and the worker in that field, a heart attachment equal to lifetime devotion. 
One familiar example is PRINTING. Once editor, once compositor, or press- 
man catches the spirit of the shop, the spell is seldom broken. Like the odor 
of a camp fire, or a whiff of salt air, the beloved tang of printer's ink, symboli- 
cal of a great profession, gets into your heart and soul. School Annuals, 
Magazines, Newspapers and Special Printing, all smack of it. It is an invisible 
link that binds all intelligence together. It is the stimulus for creation in 
business or romance. This craftsmanship, this devotion to service and alert- 
ness to business needs, has nourished and developed an enormous industrial 
vitality, and whichever way the course of the future runs, the printer will 
always find himself able to adapt his helpfulness to new opportunity. 

Years of experience have taught us! Printing Pays Us Only When It Pays You! 

McClure Printing Company 


19 West Frederick St. Phone 605 Staunton, Virginia 

• i Ui.